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[Blinks House]



Li Sugar


Phone crashes on the floor.


Yes it was mine and I smashed it!


I screamed out in fierce..

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This was too much for me.


Michel and that bastard! How dare she mess around with my boyfriend!


I can’t take this, I can’t stand this! I’m going to silver House.


I’m not going to keep calm and let that nobody have her way with Michel. I can’t do this.


Michel is mine!


I hurried to my wardrobe for a change of dress.


I’m going to put a stop to all this! No idiot can take Michel from me.! I can’t stand back and watch one bastard do that!


Michel and I shared so much together. We had the best memory together.


We had the best relationship and was defined with every sweet words.


We are meant for each other! We are… Nobody else!


No I can’t let that happen!


Taking out a dress and shoes and dropping them on the bed, I picked another of my phone and made a call to my private driver, Eric.



I want you here in ten minutes! I said


Okay ma’am


I called the next person, Becca – Blinks private makeup artist. She’s lives in here.



Come to my room in five minutes


Yes ma


I dropped the phone and started dressing.


Minutes later, a knock came on my door.


I knew it was Angel with her way of knocking.


I opened the door using the door remote and she walked in.


She saw the smashed phone and gasped. “Oh my God. What is this!”


She picked it up. “Why is your phone smashed?”


“Where’s Becca?” I asked, ignoring her own question.


“Behind me,” she answered and just then I saw Becca through the mirror.


“I’m here ma,” Becca said and walked to the dressing table.


“Where are you going Sugar?” Angel asked.


“Somewhere I need to be right now,” I said. “Get it done fast Becca.” I told Becca.


“Yes ma.”


“You don’t have any schedule today so?” Angel asked.


“You wanna know right?” I asked.


“Yes I do,” she answered.


“I’m going to Silver House, to my Michel,” I said.


“What?!” She exclaimed and the next thing she was on a call with Babé.



Babé you need to come to Sugar’s room now.



The call ended and I bursted into laughter.


“Do you think you two are gonna stop me really?” I asked.


“Come on Sugar you can’t keep doing this-”


“Doing what?” I snapped.


“Going to Michel.. Just let it go and you’ll get through with it in just a little time,” Angel said.


“But I don’t want to get through with it. How can you tell me to stop seeing my boyfriend? Why don’t you just get yourself one and stop meddling into my relationship,” I said.


“What relationship are you talking about Sugar? You and I, everyone knows that you and Michel broke up a year and nine months now. So what other relationship, you mean you and Leo?”


I glared at her and she chuckled.


“Oh sorry I forgot that you and him also had broken up. Isn’t that even disturbing to you? You and Michel, you and Leo. Why don’t you just stay back and plan on your next relationship so you both don’t break up so soon,” Angel said.


The door opened and Babé walked in.


“Wow, what’s going on in here,” Babé asked.


I chuckled at Angel. “What relationship do you think I’m planning about already? Of course you should know that I have Michel and we are going to be in a relationship again soon. It’s not gonna take much time if you think it will. I just need a chance close to him and you would be surprised when the news breaks out.”


Angel smiled. “And what do you think you’d do to make him fall for you again? Oh are you talking about your body. The last time I checked that Mona Lisa’s



pictures, she’s not really a rough skin. She’s tall and beautiful too. You might be a different but she’s not bad and Michel would brush her up to his taste.”


I got angered thereby kicking Becca’s hand off my face and standing up to Angel’s face.


“No girl would be able to beat me in this.. No one can be matched with me. I’m the queen of beauty, I’m the queen of music, I’m the queen of rape and the queen of dance. Have you forgotten? Michel would come running to me once he realize that but I don’t have to wait for him to. I’m going to let him realize that soon enough,”


“You are going because you are having the doubt that he might not come running to you after all. You are deceiving yourself Sugar. You need to calm down and see the reality.”


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“Don’t you dare tell me what to do Angel. Don’t you dare talk about relationships when you’ve never been in one all your life!” I barked at her.


“Well you can say that but if you must know, I’m being careful not to fall into a relationship like yours that ends up getting you frustrated and greedy!”


“What the heck did you just say!?” I fumed.


Babé rushed in between us.


“Okay okay, that’s enough… No more taking back. No more… Let’s cut it out here!” she shouted.


“Leave Becca!” she told Becca.


“Don’t move out of here,” I told Becca.


“Come on Sugar, what’s wrong..” Babé asked me.


“I’m going out. You both should leave my room,” I said referring to Babé and Angel. I sat back on the dressing stool and called on Becca to resume her work.


“Sugar is making a big mistake and we need to let her know that!” Angel said.



“It’s fine Angel.. Come with me,” Babé said and pulled Angel along. They walked out of my room.


“Get me my phone!” I told Becca and she did.


I called Eric again.



Where the hell are you!?


I’m right at the gate ma’am


I dropped the phone noisily on the dressing table.


“Be quick with this!” I hurled at Becca.


“Yes ma.”







[Dr Kim Hospital]





I walked into the Hospital Lobby with Bryan behind me.


There were two receptionists at the counter, a woman who looked to be in her early fifties and a young lady who should be in her early twenties.


Without wasting time, I rushed to the older woman with Bryan rushing behind me.


“Hello,” I called and she looked up from the computer. The other lady also looked up and gasped.


“Oh my goodness… It’s Actor Leo Bethel!”



“Hello Mr, welcome to Dr Kim Hospital how, can I be of help?” The older woman asked after a quick glare at the younger woman who immediately shut her mouth but didn’t stop smiling at me.


“I’m.. I’m here to see a patient. She got admitted into this hospital a while ago,” I told the older one.


“Okay, may I know the patient’s names and what relationship you have with her?” she said.


“Her names are Choi Luna and I’m..I’m her brother,” I said with a little stutter.


“Oh my gawd… You have a sister and she’s here? I had no idea..” The younger lady asked not unveiling her smile.


I exhaled.


“Nurse Rina!” The older woman snapped at her.


“Yes ma!” The Nurse Rina answered.


“Go get me the file from Doctor Jang.”


“I thought I should do that in two hours time?” Nurse Rina asked.


“Go now.”


“Yes ma!” Rina hurried off not but not after giving me a smile.


“I’m so sorry for that sir,” she said.


“That’s fine. Just take me to my sister,” I said.


“Sorry, what’s your name?” she asked.


“Leo Bethel,” I answered and she typed for few seconds in her computer before looking up at me.


“Sorry Mr Bethel but only her husband and her sister-In-law is filled here to see her. I’m sorry but you can’t see her,” she said.


I exhaled.


“It’s fine,” I said and turning, I saw people taking pictures of me and mumbling among themselves. It always happen.


I could hear them all.



Oh my God.. It’s Leo Bethel



Why’s he in Dr Kim’s Hospital when he’s in bad terms with Kim Michel?



Who’s he here for?



It can’t be him cos he’s totally looking fine



Let’s take more pictures. He doesn’t look happy



What might be happening to him? I’m so curious to know



I sighed and didn’t try to stop them or act like everything is alright. The usual camera pretence.


I just headed towards the exit door and I could hear them following behind me while Bryan tried to stop them but it was in vain.


The exit door got opened and I walked out and then I saw her thus halting me.


Jennie. Choi William’s sister.


She halted too on seeing me.


People gathered around us, even the sick ones and those in wheelchairs want to take pictures and videos.


I wondered where the damn securities in this hospital were.


My manager was trying to get them far from me but that wasn’t working.


Jennie took a three steps closer to me but she was still a bit away from me.


“Hello brother-In-Law,” she called with a broad smile which I could clearly see as a mocking smile. “Have you been doing well, it’s been such a long time.”


Mutterings arose around us.



What? Brother in law? Do Leo Bethel have a sister?



Brother in law?



What’s she talking about?



I exhaled and took five steps to her which made me come very close to her that she’d hear any whisper that I say.


“I don’t know you to be a lady who causes scene,” I said in a very inaudible voice.


She smiled. “I’ve not known you to be a person who’d be in a hospital for whatever reason, do you love causing scenes so much?”


“No, I’m here to see my sister but you and your brother is refusing me of that, why?” I asked.


She chuckled. “Oh Leo you are so funny, really funny. Do you really have a sister like you just said? No, I don’t think you do. Maybe you do but she can’t be in this hospital. Your sister can’t be in a hospital owned by the father of your enemy.”


“It doesn’t matter which hospital she is. I want to see my sister. Take me to her,” I said.


“You know one thing about you Leo, you suck! You have no remorse inside of you, no conscience. If I was Luna I’d say a hundred time a day how I regret having your ass as a damn brother but Luna is such a sweetheart that she still defend you each day and night.. You got no idea how much I disdain you Leo Bethel, get off my way!” she said and walked away.


I sighed.


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Are you alright Oppa!



You look unhappy. Do you want to tell us about it?



I love you Oppa!



Why are you here?



Who’s she?


Bryan walked to me.


“Come on… Let’s leave here,” he said.


“Sir?” he called when I took no step.


I put on a smile and turned to the crowd.


“Thank you all for your concern. I’m fine. I love you all,” I told them and with that, I headed to the car.


Bryan opened the door and I went into the backseat. He closed the door, got into the driver’s seat and zoomed off.


“That wasn’t a good a scene sir,” Bryan said.


“Just drive me home,” I said.


“Yes sir.”







[Silver House]





“Xspark is fixing a talent hunt from tomorrow?” TedyA said.


“I’m just seeing that too. An anonymous singer sends her audio to Xspark and they are looking for the singer,” Best said.


“The audio wasn’t published even to us.. This is serious,” J guy said.


“This sound interesting..” J guy said.


“Why would whoever it is make an anonymous post if she really need to get in touch with Xspark,” I said.


“I guess because she’s a female but somehow must have heard that Xspark is planning on creating a female band.” TedyA said.


The gate bell rang and TedyA goes for it. He gets there and turns to us with wide eyes.


“Li Sugar is here,” he said.


“Why the f**k is she here?” J guy said.


“Don’t open that gate for that bitch!” Best said.


“No, let her in. Michel isn’t here anyways. We should know what she has to give,” I said.


“Really?” J guy said.


“I will open the gate then,” TedyA said and did.


Soon her car drove in and pulled up. Her driver came out and opened the door and she walked out, looking dazzling like always.


Her driver led the way and soon they were at the door and the next seconds, she walked in.


The four of us turned to her.


Her driver didn’t come in with her.


She took off the dark glasses on her eyes and her face formed into a smile. She wore blue eye lenses.


She’s always trying to be more beautiful than everyone.


“Hello flower boys. Have you all been well?” she asked not wearing off the smile on her face.


“Why are you here Li Sugar?” J guy asked.


“Of course you should know why. I’m here for my Michel,” she said.


We bursted into laughter but J guy and TedyA laughed the most.


Sugar rolled her eyes.


“Your Michel?” J guy asked.


Just then Ms Oh came out.. She seem both shocked and annoyed to see Li Sugar.


“Yes my Michel. Where is he?” Li Sugar asked then turned to Ms Oh. “Take me to him.”


Ms Oh gave no answer and just stared at us.


“Well I don’t know if you are aware of this but Michel is longer yours..” I said. “..and right now, he’s with someone who has his heart.”


She chuckled.


“Someone who has his heart? And who’s that? I should guess it’s someone who might be a little like me and not some riffraff?” she asked.


“Does it matter? What matters is that they are together right,” I said.


“They are what! where?” she asked.


“Ma’am, Mr Kim Michel isn’t home now… I suggest you leave…” Ms Oh glanced at me before turning back to Li Sugar and completed, “..and never come back. Thank you.”


Li Sugar raised her brows fiercely at her. “What!”


“You heard her Li Sugar, you should leave now or the securities would be called and you won’t like the embarrassment,” TedyA said.


Li Sugar scoffed. “What the heck”





Li Sugar



Soon I was back in my car and heading back to Blinks House but suddenly I didn’t feel like going to Blinks House.


“Drive to Pil Nan.” I told him.


“Yes ma’am.”


Maybe going to my home would ease this burning anger in me.


I can’t stand the burn. It’s too much for me.


I’m going crazy…


I felt so much itchiness on my body, my feet hurt and I found myself taking off my shoes then my ear rings and necklace too.


My hair was too disturbing so I found a bangle in my bag and used it to pack up my hair in a bun.


“Are you alright ma’am?” Eric asked.


“Stop staring at me and just drive!” I barked at him.


“Sorry ma’am”







[Michel’s House]








I opened my eyes and realized that I just woke up from a sleep and everywhere was actually dark in the room I was but dim lights that made the darkness a little less and those lights seemed like candle lights which I haven’t seen the candles yet.


I knew immediately that I was on Michel’s bed and in his room.


I rubbed sleep off my eyes, wondering how long I’ve slept ’cause the last thing I recalled was watching a movie with Michel, then he pulls me to him making me lay my head on his shoulder.


God, I must have slept off after that.


Did he carry me up here and cover me up?


I wondered where he is now. Is he here too.


I struggled my head off the bed and immediately I sat up, I saw the candles.


They were lighted white candles inside glasses all lined in two sides thereby making a walkway straight to the door and there were beautifully littered rose


petals on the walkway making it appear more fascinating.


“What’s this? It look so amazing..” I muttered. I looked around and there was no


one in the room with me.


Where’s Michel?


“Michel?” I called but there was no answer.


I rolled off the duvet on my body, slowly and gently I brought down my legs, slid my feet into my slippers and got off the bed.


Somehow I knew this was all Michel’s doing but it still felt like I was in a dream. Why’s he doing this and what surprise lies at the end of this candle lights road?


I was about following the candles when I saw a dress and shoes on the bed.


It was a golden dress with red shoes and a red bag.


Even at the dark, the three of them glittered.


Then I found a piece of paper on top the dress.


I picked it and read.



Wear these and follow the candle lights. Your boyfriend. I couldn’t help the big smile that engulfed my face.

“He’s handwriting is just as perfect as he is,” I muttered.


I dropped back the paper to change into the dress and shoes.


In few minutes I was done.


It was the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen.


I word the shoes too and it fitted so perfectly.


I unpacked my hair and let it fall to my shoulders. I found a comb on the table and took my time in combing it into good looking.


I felt like applying lip gloss but there was none.


I felt like applying foundation but there was none.


I felt like applying perfume but there was none.


I sighed and that made me wonder what exactly he like about me.


I don’t care about all that.


Why did he like me?


I moved off the mirror and breathing out, I picked my phone on the table and followed the candles and soon I was out of his room to the corridor. It didn’t stop there but led me on and I followed, curious about where this was leading me to.


To Michel? Obviously.



I got to a staircase which obviously look like it leads to the rooftop. The candle lights were also lined up through the staircase and I followed.


I followed it all way to the last riser and in a seconds, I was on the rooftop of the house and that was when I saw the most beautiful sight ever.


The candle lines curved into a very big Heart Shape and at the center of that Heart is a table covered with a white table cloth and there were drinks and different types of meals on it. There are two chairs opposite each other and you guess what? Michel sat at the right chair.


He looked like the exact description of a Greek god.


He always do.


He was on a black tuxedo and his pink hair wasn’t packed.


He had a white glasses on which made him look more handsome.


He smiled on seeing me and stood up.


“Hi Mona,” he said.


“Hi Michel,” I said and slowly I walked over to the table.


“You look beautiful,” he said.


I blushed. “Thank you.” I said and sat down on the chair.


“Is this the Date?” I asked.


“Yeah. It’s not good enough?” he asked.


I shook my head. “Of course it is, I like it. It’s beautiful.” I said.


He smiled.







Michel and I were having our First Date and It was one of the most beautiful moment I’ve ever had in my life.


We ate, drink and he stroke a conversation.


“I wanna know more about you Mona. What you love doing, what you dream of becoming and your previous relationships too,” he said.


“Ohh…Okay,” I said.


He stared at me and I stared back.


‘Where do I start?’


“Okay, I love.. I love..” I was stammering.


“And I want the truth okay. I will be truthful too,” he said.


“Oh okay..” I said and looked down.

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“The truth…is that I love…I’ve always loved to..to be on the TV since I was little. It was my dream but that dream faded after my dad went bankrupt and we became poor.. Then my parents died and I realized that there things I need to take care of than dreaming to become a TV star,” I said.


“What kind of TV star are you talking about. You mean to be an actress?” he asked.


I exhaled.


I can’t lie to him anymore.


“No, I’ve never thought of becoming an actress,” I said.


“Then why did Leo talk about helping you into the movie industry and you also said it yourself,” he said.



“That was a lie. I hate acting but I love writing which means he was trying to help me get buyers for my stories,” I told him.


“Really? So what TV star are you talking about because Novelists are literally not TV stars,” he said, looking straight into my eyes.


I looked down.


“I..I mean.. It’s…” I was stuttering again.


“I know what it is,” he suddenly said.


I looked at him, shocked and confused.


“Why is it so hard for you to say?” he asked me.


“What?” I asked, with raised brows.


“Why are you hiding it?”


“How..how did you know?” I asked not even sure if he really knows.


“I found out from a high school crush named Zan..” he said with a smile.


The spoon on my hand fell off.


“Do you know Mona, that you are someone that the whole world is waiting for?” he asked.


“The whole world?” he asked.


“The whole world is waiting for you, girlfriend” he said.


“I think I can’t be someone whom the world is waiting for,” I said.


“You are and unless you better start believing right now,” he said.


I stared at him and he stared back with a smile.



“You have beautiful eyes,” he said.


My sank heart but my phone began ringing at that moment.


It was Tenten.


Why’s he calling right now?


“My brother,” I told Michel and then picked the call.



Hello Tenten



Sis I forgot to tell you that Xspark has offered me a job to work in Xspark and I accepted. My works starts tomorrow.


Really? I asked, not really comfortable with that.



Yes Sis.. but there’s something I’m really curious about.. he said.



What’s that?



About the talent hunt that Xspark is hosting from tomorrow looking for the


anonymous singer. I walked in to the song playing at the media board and I was sure that voice sounded like yours.. he said.


I raised my brows.


Like mine? What talent hunt? Who’s anonymous singer?


Just then I saw Michel’s expression. It felt like he knew about it.



You haven’t heard it sis? Wow… The talent hunt starts tomorrow and even though I don’t know that song but the voice sounded exactly like yours and I was curious to know if you did that but I doubt that you would. he said.


A talent hunt and a voice like mine? I muttered.



Yes sis. Even Rose confirmed it.


I ended the call and looked at Michel.


He smiled and said, “There’s no doubt. It’s yours and this is what I meant by the world is waiting for you, Miss Mona Lisa Silver.”


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