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The Pink Clouds – Episode 8

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Around 12 am, Prof. Grace woke up from sleeping and went to the dining room to take some water. She was so surprised to find Rebecca still studying. She had been studying for the past 3 hours. Prof. Grace had never seen Rebecca studying, for that reason, it seemed like a miracle to her.


She walked to her daughter and found her battling with mathematical problems. Prof. Grace smiled and watched her daughter with excitement. Rebecca had never impressed her like she did that day.




“Good work dear,” Prof. Grace complimented. “Thank you mum,” Rebecca turned with a smiled.




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“Were you given some assignments at school?” Prof. Grace asked.




“Actually not, I’m practising what Richard taught me,” Rebecca responded.




“I see. If you study really hard, I promise will give you a surprise you have never expected,” Prof. Grace mentioned.




“I will try my very best mum,” Rebecca assured her mother.




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“Alright, see you in the morning,” Pro. Grace said. “Goodnight mum,” Rebecca replied. After her mum was gone, she stood up and went to the kitchen and had some fried chips of plantain before going back to study. About 10 minutes later, she started feeling sleepy. She packed her books and went to her room with them.









In the morning, Janet visited her friend Riskat while was cooking breakfast.




“Hello baby girl,” Janet said as she entered the room.




“How are you doing dear?” Riskat answered.




“I’m well,” Janet replied as she sat on Riskat’s bed.


Riskat was cooking her breakfast on a kerosene stove at the extreme of the room.


The aroma of the food filled the entire room.




“What are you cooking for us today?” Janet asked.




“Is just spaghetti, and I’m tired of eating it,” Riskat replied.


“You could have come to me, I would have given you something to cook,” Janet replied.




“Maybe I will come tomorrow,” Riskat said.




“I will be waiting for you,” Janet replied.




“It seems to me like you don’t really cook,” Riskat noticed.



“I do cook, but not that much. Sometimes, I spend 3 days without cooking,” Janet told.




“Well, that’s because you are rich,” Riskat replied.




“Rich? I am just a daughter of a poor man like you. I just feel lazy to cook,” Janet replied.




“So how is your cute Engineer?” Riskat asked. “Do you mean Richard?” Janet asked.




“Yes him,” Riskat replied.




“He is total jerk. I had a fight with him last night,” Janet revealed.




“Really? What happened?” Riskat asked surprisingly.




“He is too childish. He saw me playing snooker at the club with Daniel and claimed that he was mad about it,” Janet explained.




“What did you say to him?” Riskat asked.




“I told him that if he can’t stand my male friends, then we won’t be friends,” Janet replied.




“It seem like he is jealous,” Riskat replied.



“That’s what I thought, but he declared that he is not,” Janet responded.




“You behaving as if you don’t know boys,” Riskat replied.




“Well, he’s quite different. He is so unpredictable,” Janet replied.


“It is obvious that he is interested in you,” Riskat stated.


“I don’t think so, besides, I don’t want to be in serious relation with him,” Janet responded.




“I am your best friend, you can’t lie to me,” Riskat laughed.







After about 10 minutes, Riskat fished cooking her breakfast. She put some of the food on plate and handed it Janet .


“Oh my God, this food is too spicy,” Janet shouted after she took the first spoon.




“Maybe your mouth is injured, because I don’t see anything wrong with this food,” Riskat laughed.


“Whoever the hell marries you will have a hard time coping with your food. It taste like fire and yet you don’t feel it?” Janet asked.




“Well, I’m used to my foods like this. Before a man marries me, I have to make sure that he can eat my food first,” Riskat said.




“You are not serious,” Janet replied.



Riskat asked Janet to wait for her while she went to the bathroom to take a bath. About 20 minutes later, Riskat returned from the bathroom. She was in the middle of dressing herself when Janet asked her.




“Are you going somewhere?” Janet questioned.




“Yes I am. Do you remember when I told you that one of my cousin sisters is getting married?” Riskat asked.


“Yes, I recall you telling me that,” Janet responded.


“She had gotten married, and it turns out that her husband works here, so she will be living here as well,” Riskat explained.


“That’s wonderful, you don’t have to worry about paying for your accommodation anymore,” Janet said.




“I thinks so,” Riskat replied.




“Well, they have moved here 3 days ago and I’m planning to visit them. I am hoping that you will accompany me there,” Riskat requested.




“Why not? I would love to,” Janet agreed.




After Riskat was done dressing, they walked out together and went to the main road where they boarded a tricycle that will take them to Riskat’s cousin. The tricycle drove for about 30 minutes before it finally got to the place that Riskat’s cousin demonstrated to her.




They got down from the tricycle and Riskat used her phone to call her cousin.


About 5 minutes, her cousin’s younger sister came to take them to the house.

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“Hey Hadiza, so you followed the newly wed couples here,” Riskat smiled.




“I had no choice, mum insisted that I must come along with Maryam here,” Hadiza replied.




She was a very tall girl with bold eyes.




“Is good to see you,” Riskat smiled at her.




“Is good to see you too,” Hadiza smiled back.




“The house is this way, follow me please,” Hadiza instructed and Janet and Riskat walked behind her.




They walked a certain distance before arriving at the house. It was a small 2 storey building painted in white. Hadiza proceeded to the gate of the house and had it opened. After they had all entered, she locked the gate of the house.


She then guided them to the living room of the house where they found Riskat’s cousin sitting with her husband. The moment her cousin saw her, she ran to her and hugged her.




“Just look at how you’ve become Maryam, is so saddening that I didn’t see you on your wedding day,” Riskat said.


“No problem, I was told that you were busy with school,” Maryam replied.




“Yes I was, but thank God you are here,” Riskat replied.




“Please do sit down,” Maryam said pointing at the sofas.








At around 9 am, Paul woke up and found himself in Richard’s room. He was suddenly overcome by fear knowing that Richard had known his secret. Richard was sitting on a small table going to through his books. He pretended not to have seen Richard waking up.




“Hey Richard,” Paul said.




“You are finally awake,” Richard replied.




“Yes, how did I get here?” Paul asked.




“Well, that’s our special topic of discussion of today. How did you get here?” Richard asked him.




“To be honest, I don’t recall anything,” Paul replied.




“Why don’t you recall anything?” Richard asked.




“Well, I don’t really know,” Paul replied.




“Is because you were drugged, that’s why you couldn’t recall anything,” Richard responded. “Really?” Paul asked.




“Stop pretending you don’t know anything. I have been thinking the whole of last night about what to say to you in the morning, but it turns out that I have nothing to say to you,” Richard said.


“It is your life. You know difference between wrong and right, whatever you do, you live with the consequences not anyone,” Richard continued when Paul could not say anything.




“Yes that’s correct,” Paul responded.




“I’m glad you know. But you really surprised me last night, I never you are willing to throw away your life like that,” Richard said.




“Come on Richard, this is modern world, almost everybody does that,” Paul replied.




“Is that so? Then look around you and tell me. Are all those people doing drugs successful till the end of their life?” Richard asked.




“I know of some who are successful,” Paul replied.




“If you think you will succeed, then you can go on with your life like that,” Richard said.







Around 9:30 am, Rebecca woke up from her long unending sleep. She stretched her arm to pick up her phone that was kept on a white stool beside her bed. She quickly stood up when she noticed what the time was. She became very surprise why her mother didn’t wake her to cook breakfast.




She quickly walked out of her room and then noticed her mother sitting in the living room watching the morning news.




“Good morning mum,” Rebecca greeted.




“Good morning Rebecca, how was your night” Prof. Grace asked.




“It was okay mum,” Rebecca replied.




“Why didn’t you wake me early mum?” she continued.




“I have already prepared breakfast, I know you slept very late last night,” her mother smiled.




“Thank you so much mum,” Rebecca smiled back.




“I hope you will keep working hard like that,” Her mother said.




“I will mum. Let me go and get ready, Richard will be coming in the next thirty minutes,” Rebecca announced.




“Is that so? Okay go and get ready,” her mother allowed her.




She went to her bathroom and brushed her teeth before taking her bath. After she done bathing, she went to the big dressing mirror beside her bed and started putting on makeup.




She was in the middle of dressing up when Emmanuel walked into her room and announced to her that Richard had arrived.


“Tell him I will be out in five minutes,” Rebecca told her little brother.







About 15 minutes later, Rebecca walked out of her room. The moment Richard saw, his heart started beating faster than ever. For a moment, he had forgotten who she was. She wore a red shirt that looked like it matches the colour of her skin and blue jeans.




She looked so gorgeous that Richard couldn’t take his eyes off her. She walked to him sitting in the dining room with her books in her hands.




“I heard that you woke up late today,” Richard smiled.




“Did she tell you?” Rebecca asked looking in at the direction of her mother sitting in the living room.




“Oh yes she did,” Richard replied.




“This woman knows how to embarrass me more than anyone.More interesting stories available @ The other time, she told everyone during our family gathering what I did during my childhood. Only God knows how embarrassed I was,” Rebecca said as she sat down beside Richard.




“Well, we all did ridiculous things during our childhood,” Richard replied.




As Richard looked into her eyes while she was talking, he felt as if she was consuming his soul.


The way her lips moved and the sound of voice couldn’t seize to amaze him.




“So how was your night?” She asked. “It was horrible,” Richard replied.




“What happened?” She asked.




“Well, there is this friend that I have. I trusted him so much, and it turns out that he had been doing drugs,” Richard replied.




“That’s very bad. You know most kids nowadays are spoiled, this problem is also rampant in my school. Just recently, a group of 10 boys were reported to be doing drugs,” Rebecca informed.


“Really?” Richard asked surprisingly.




“Yes, but is a good thing that you are not like other kids,” Rebecca said.




“Kids?” Richard retorted.




“So you mean I’m also a kid?” Richard asked.




“Well, according to my classification, you are, since you are not up to 20,” Rebecca said after she had stopped laughing.




“And how sure are you that I’m not up to 20?” Richard asked.




“You look very young of course,” Rebecca replied.




“For your information, I’m 22 years old,” Richard lied.




“Really? Rebecca asked really surprised.


Before Richard could say something, Rebecca noticed that her mother was looking at them.




“Let’s start our lesson, mum is looking at us,” Rebecca whispered.




“Okay, let me see the work I gave you yesterday,” Richard requested.




Rebecca opened through the pages of her book and showed it to him.




“Wow! You got everything correct,” Richard said with astonishment.




“Yes I did,” Rebecca smiled.




“You see what I told you? Becoming the best student in your class is not impossible,” Richard said.




“I’m beginning to believe you,” was Rebecca’s answer.




“Alright, let’s continue from where we stopped yesterday,” Richard said and they begin their lesson.



Rebecca paid her maximum attention while Richard was teaching her. She asked him questions of where she didn’t understand, and Richard gladly explained it to her. He taught her about 40 minutes before giving her some problems to solve. While she was solving the problems, Richard could not take his eyes off her.




Her hairstyle, the makeup she applied on her face and the perfume she applied were all endearing. When she rolled her eyes up, she caught him staring at her and he quickly looked away. She continued solving her problems as if nothing had happened.




Richard took out his phone and started going through it. At about 30 minutes later, she informed him that she was done. He collected the book from her and went through the exercises he gave her.


After going through everything, he corrected her in three places which were just minor errors.


“You did well, I’m sure you will get better in the next few days,” Richard encouraged.




“I hope so,” Rebecca replied.




“How old are you?” Richard asked.




“Why do you want to know my age?” Rebecca asked.




“I want to know that’s all,” Richard replied.




“I don’t plan on disclosing that to you right now,” Rebecca replied.



“Well, there is an exercise that I want to give you that involves me knowing your age. So knowing your age right now is really necessary,” Richard said.




“Wow! How clever of you. You want to use your teaching authority to trick me, aren’t you?” she asked.




“Yes of course. And if you don’t tell me, I will go to your mum and ask her to tell me embarrassing stories of your childhood,” Richard smiled.




“Is that supposed to scare me?” she laughed.




“Yes it is. And if it’s not, I’m on my way to go and asked her,” Richard replied.




“You absolutely are free to do that, I’m not stopping you,” Rebecca laughed.




Richard stood up and headed towards the direction of Rebecca’s mother.




“Aren’t you stopping me,” Richard whispered. Rebecca smiled and shook her head signalling him to go ahead.




“Are you done with the lesson?” Prof. Grace asked when she saw Richard approaching her.




“Yes we are,” Richard smiled.




“How is she coping with the lesson?” She inquired again.



“She really good, She will improve in no time,” Richard assured.




“Thank you Richard, seeing her like this seems like a miracle,” Prof. Grace said.




When Rebecca saw how Richard was talking to her mother, she was surprised and curious of what they were talking about.


She quickly stood up and went to them.


“What did he ask you mum?” Rebecca curiously asked and Richard started laughing at her.




“Goodbye, I’m going ma’am,” Richard said as he walked out.




“Alright Richard, see you next time” Prof. Grace responded.


“What did he ask you?” Rebecca inquired.




“Why are you curious about what he asked?” Prof. Grace asked Rebecca.




“I was just curious,” Rebecca replied as she walked after Richard.


“I know you couldn’t ask her,” Rebecca said after she had walked out.




“Well, I just don’t want to embarrass you,” Richard said as he turned with a smile on his face.


“Thank you for teaching me today,” she smiled as she turned to go back.




“Do you know what?” Richard asked. “What is it?” Rebecca asked as she curiously walked back to Richard.



“Before I get to know you, I thought you were just an arrogant kid,” Richard revealed.




“Oh my God, I’m hurt,” Rebecca said and place her two hands on her chest.




“Allow me to finish before you judge my statement,” Richard laughed.




“Alright, I’m listening,” she said as she folds her arms.




“But now that I know you, it turns out that you are a cute intelligent little girl,” Richard said. “Thank you,” Rebecca smiled.




“Alright, I will see you on Monday,” Richard concluded.




“You too,” Rebecca smiled.















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