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Marked By The Sky – Episode 9

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Episode 09


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Previously on Epic diaries…Marked by the Sky


Fuya disappeared and Rick is left all alone,The eggs starts to crack and Nora’s message came in”Sleep without me were headed to that forest”


“No no shit….Nora no .



Skull City.


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Rinokin Lab


The eggs start cracking and pieces of shell fall off from the whole body…a tiny screech could be heard


Rick:How will I explain this to the government?…don’t crack here please


Then Julie came out looking well and okay but her physique have changed. being a lady,she look more stronger and bolder like she’s death herself Julie:Boss?


Rick:Julie….nice to have you back please go back inside now it’s dangerous…go


back now


Julie:Boss what is it?I’m okay can’t you see?


Rick:I can see you’re okay Julie please run for your life.


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More pieces of shell from the eggs scattered on the floor and a tentacle came out twisting all around..

Rick:Oh no


Julie:What’s that?


Rick:An octopus predator !! Runnnnnn


Rick grabbed the whole of the egg before the content comes out fully and he flung it into the Cold freezer,he grab Julie’s hand and they exit the lab locking all entrance and the elevator that leads to their floor.


Outside the hospital


Julie:Sir what was that?


Rick:Don’t…don’t worry it’s kinda late it’s 1:34…why don’t you go home and rest?..and you don’t need to report to work tomorrow.. I’ll come and treat you at home


Julie:Boss I’m okay did you inject me with anything?it felt like magic


Rick:Also what you saw tonight..don’t tell anyone okay?


Julie:Oh okay ..


Rick called a taxi and paid for it. After making sure the taxi is out of sight he quickly ran towards the Wood.



Location: Forest


The Queen predator in her angry mode start searching every nook and crannies of the forest for the intruder that have the got to steal her egg.


She was almost at the entrance of the City when Nora and her team have her surrounded.


It met them in a shock and their plan on how to capture the creature foiled. They released rain of bullets on the Queen predator but the bullets didn’t leave a scratch. The Queen predator’s body is like Iron and tge only flexible part is the head area but she’s too tall they couldn’t get a headshot. The bullets either cramped up or shoot back to the area it was projected. And which led to few police men dying before the predator attacked them.


Mr Bush:Hold your fire everyone…if you can get a headshot…but avoid the metal


body….all of you hide… invisible mode


Nora:Yes sir



They all removed their upper jacket and it remains their black inner cloth which is difficult to see at night. That’s what their department wear when going on mysterious cases.


They all hid and keep firing from different directions.


The Queen predator activated her red laser eyes and discovered them. She grab the leg of one of the officers and fling him up


Then she clap the head of the man as he was about to land on the ground,she clap his head together and it burst open on the cold ground.She separated the head from the stump and the brain she put the brain in her mouth and munch it while blood and bluidy ooze out from her mouth. Enjoy more interesting stories for free at Dan who saw this was already urinating on his body and his hands became weak,he dropped his gun to run and the queen predator stamped her feet on the man and he got wiped off from the floor.


Mr Bush:This creature is too ferocious…seems we came at the wrong time.


Come on let get to the Van let get the weapons.


Mr Bush dropped a grenade launcher and it’s force threw the queen predator away.


Mr Bush and his team made their escape.


The Queen predator landed on her eggs and 15 broke immediately now it remain 13 of the eggs.


The Queen predator rise up and followed the intruder for her egg.


Luckily Mr Bush and his team has arranged the weapons and they climbed a tree. As soon as the queen predator came on sight,they released a metallic net on her and


captured her. She tried to use her claws and Mandibles but Nora shoot an electronic check on the net and it shock her making her to pass out. The team cheered out and some crying


Mr Bush:Nice work everyone… Now let search the surrounding I can see strange things from where she came out from.


They carried the queen predator and load her into the big tanker.


Few officers stayed with the van and the tanker while Mr Bush,Nora and 5 more officers went for the search.


Rick arrived at the Forest and the atmosphere seems calm


Rick:Nora please don’t die….please don’t… He was walking around when he


noticed someone looking at him and snarling..more like a creature.



He turn back with fright but saw no one… except blood and pieces of flesh on the leaves.


Then he heard gunshots and Screaming..the voice is of Nora. The remaining Eggs have hatched and more bigger creatures came out not only an octopus predator. A predator with tail of blades use its tail to slap the bullets away and fortunately their body is flexible and whenever they get a good shot,they were able to kill two of the predators. Two of the predators start leaping ftom one tree to another and they both landed on a girl who just joined the department they shared her and tear her into two each escaping with the pieces. Two if them escaped from the forest. Mr Bush asked Nora and the remaining 2 officers to keep fighting.


Rick saw the scene and a predator who’s on the tree looking at Nora to pounce on her st any time from now. Rick changed to his alien form and shape shifted to the kind of alien on the tree. He Pounce on it and punched it’s head which fell off it’s neck immediately. Yellow light emitted out of Rick’s head and he turned back to his form. Despite being a blue cute alien he has a claw and it came out from his knuckles right from each phalanges. It’s a metallic claw.(Remember it didn’t cane out drom his fingers but from the knuckles,the bony part of the finger when you make a fist…yes that part you use in throw a punch)


Rick slashed the head of a predator who’s ready to charge at him and he was torn into pieces that the blade claw mark could be seen.


He killed everyone of them and he face to scold Nora then he remembered that


Nora didn’t Know his identity


Mr Bush:Hands up


Rick:(he arched his eyebrows like”Pardon? ) Nora:Sir he’s the blue alien that saved the city…


Mr Bush:More reason why we should arrest him Nora:But he just saved our asses


Mr Bush:You don’t question me Nora I’m your leader. If we arrest him now he will lead us to the rest of the predators.


Rick was amazed with his stupidity and he shape shifted to a Crow and he fly away.


Mr Bush:What?


On the road.


The taxi man was almost at Julie’s house when two predators that escaped from the forest jumped on the car and dragged the driver out while the car is still moving.



The car crashed into a pole with Julie In it and the predators start feeding on the man’s brain.


Julie came out from the car and it exploded,the sound of the explosion call attention of the predators and they start running towards her. Julie stretch forth her hand and her fist became giant like that of hulk and he punched both of them away. The two predators crashed roughly on the waste bin and it seems like Julie killed them. She withdraw her fist and it became normal then she went on one knee and she rose up flying really high. She leapt from one roof to the other and very fast….. TBC


Please guys what’s up with Julie?


Is she gonna be a hero or a threat.

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