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Must Read: Soul Mate – Episode 20

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Episode 20


Chris was with Adunola in her room, He laid down on her bed while she sat on the chair looking at him angrily “Chris why would you submit a resignation letter to my boss” She asked “Common sweetheart, you don’t need that work again, Imagine the girlfriend of a whole CEO working in the supermarket, See babe I have so many plans for you, The moment I finish my contract am going to concentrate on you, Till i finish my contract I just want you to be here sleeping and flexing, You Know just stay here for now, Besides am planning to take you to my Dad, honestly I have a lot of things on my mind right now, Just give me some time ok” He said while she stared at him without saying anything “Common babe stop giving me that look, ok fine am sorry that I did that without informing you first, am sorry babe” He stood up and moved closer to her, he knelt down in between her legs, placing his hands on her laps, he kissed while she broke the kiss “Common am sorry babe, honestly am so tired today, I except you to release my stress, I don’t want to hurt you cause your brother already told me that he is going to kill me if i should hurt you” Adunola couldn’t help but to bursted into laughter “You see that was funny to you” He said and stood up to laid down back on the bed, Adunola who was still laughing so hard began to cry while laughing “Oh my God I can’t believe am crying while laughing, this is so funny” She said “It’s good to see you laughing though” He said while Adunola stood up and sat next to him on the bed “Wait Alex told you that” She asked “Am dead serious, I almost choke on my food, trust me your brother is so scary” He said while rolling round the bed, he grabbed a pillow, putting his head on it very well, he said “I feel like passing my night here” Adunola’s eyes almost popped out ” Impossible Chr…. ” Suddenly Chris dragged


her to the bed,He wrapped his arms around her body, he kissed her “I missed that” He said “Am still mad at you” She said “As you like” He replied and placed a soft kiss on her lips, he deepened the kiss more and more, suddenly he rolled on top of her “Chris what are you doing” She asked “I want to kiss you,or do you want more than that” He said with a smile, suddenly she pinched him on his stomach ” Arrrrg! Adun” He screamed while rolling back to the bed,she made a smirk and said “That’s your punishment for giving my boss a resignation letter” She stood up and went out of the room, leaving him alone on the bed “Adun,Adun!!! He shouted her name….



Adunola was busy cooking in the kitchen, suddenly there was a knock at her door, she went out of the kitchen to checked who was at the door, she was surprised to saw Mr Robert with two guards at the door, she asked him to come in while Mr Robert looked everywhere in the house before sitting down, His guards stood outside while Adunola closed the door, she sat down with him, looking so scared of Mr Robert “You must be Adunola” Mr Robert said “Ye… Yes sir, am Adunola” She replied politely “Actually I came to see you, I heard about you and my son, I know about everything, I will just go straight to the point” He brought out a cheque and signed on it, he gave it to Adunola while she collected it from him “Sorry Sir what’s this for” She asked “It’s a cheque, I want you to write any amount on it and withdraw it, and after doing that, please break up with my son, I don’t want you for my son, Tell him you are not interested in this relationship, I have a better lady that I can Introduce to my son, please kindly break up with my son and start a new life with that money, that’s all” He said while Adunola looked at him and smiled. She stood up and said “Actually I will keep this cheque till your son comes back, but I want you to know one thing that I respect you because your are Chris’s father, if not for that reason I swear I know what to tell you right now, But let me tell you something sir, The fact that I have no parents or relatives dosen’t mean that am not the best one for your son, infact am the best one for him actually, And one more thing I will never break up with Chris, No matter how much you give me, believe me it’s not going to worth the love I have for him, you are free to do whatever you want sir, but put this at the back of your mind that I will never break up with him, time to leave sir” She said while stretching her hands to the door for him, Mr Robert couldn’t say anything but to stood up and left quietly, She went to her room to call Chris. Getting to the room, she grabbed her phone and dialed Chris’s number, he picked it up immediately “Chris I want to see you right now, am waiting for you” She said and hanged up the call immediately….


Chris’s car was on his way back home, everywhere was silent in the car. Dave, Drew and Deon took a quick glances at eachother, Chris stared at the window, getting deep in thought, he looked so angrily,He tried to call Adunola but she was not picking up the call….




Adunola came out of the house to meet Chris, she gave him the cheque and said “Your Dad gave me this” Chris collected the cheque from him “Just tell your Dad that he messed up with the wrong person, there are many replies that I can give

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your Dad when he gave me this cheque, but I just had to skipped them all because of you, He told me to break up with you,Who does that,Am so speechless right now” She said and walked away while Chris looked so confused…. FLASHBACK ENDED


Chris suddenly looked at Dave, Drew and Deon “Who among you” He asked “S….


Sir” Drew said “Who among you told my Dad about I and Adun, besides who gave him the information, ANSWER MY DAMN QUESTION ” He shouted while the guys got shocked “Drew parked that car, PARK THE DAMN CAR” He shouted while Deon quickly Parked the car, Chris came down from the car to sat on his car while the three of them quickly came down from the car, standing at his front with their heads down, He looked so angrily and said “I will ask this for the last time, who among you gave my Dad all the informations about Adun” They all looked at eachother while Chris stared at them waiting for them to speak up “No one knows about I and her except for three of you, So tell me who did it” He asked “S….Sir I


did it” Dave replied “You what” He asked as he stood up to him “I did it sir, He was the one who called me, he asked me to get the information for him, I swear he was the one who called me to…. Arrrrgh” Chris suddenly kicked him with his leg


on his knees, He fell down on his knees “You went ahead to gave him the informations about my girl, why can’t you just tell him that you don’t know anything, or better still why don’t you inform me first, Oh you think because he was the one who employed you, Look at me Dave that was then, am the one paying your goddamn salary right now, How could you even do that” He looked so stressed with so much of anger in him, He rubbed his hand through his hair and said “Look I don’t care about anything right now, infact I don’t care about my name right now, if that girl refuses to pick my calls within twenty-four hours, I swear I will get back at you,Now take me home,I need to talk to Dad,seems like it’s been a long time I displayed for him” He said and walked in straight to the car, they all entered the car and drove away immediately….




. … . … . …


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