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The Neighbourhood Saga – Season 2 Episode 10

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )




“Haha, I just had to feed it for you dear, I did not want to disappoint you like last time.” Chris replied with a light smile.


“Dear, there is something I want to tell you.” Christine then said a moment of silence.



“You are pregnant?” Chris asked.


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“How did you know?” She replied shocked.


“Last time at the hotel I never used protection remember! Also I could feel your tummy has changed.” Chris said sounding excited.


“Yes am pregnant but I lied to Haman that the baby is his so that our plan can work.” She replied.


“Wait! You slept with him even after promising me you wouldn’t?” Chris asked sounding angry.


“We share the same bed hunie, if I refused he could suspect me and I needed him to trust me.” Christine replied calmly.


“You promised never to undress for him! You made me let him take my wife because I trusted you! I wish I listened to my mother, she was right about you!” Chris said angrily.


“It was just twice dear, I had to but I could not enjoy it because I was always thinking about you. Am I not your Queen Darling?” Christine asked desperately.


Chris got furious and got off the seat; he was headed for the door. On his way, he knocked off a bowl with banana peels from the table and they fell on the ground. Christine quickly placed Mekhi on the floor and hurried towards Chris before he got to the door. She accidentally stepped on the banana peels and went flying to the ground with a huge thunder…


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Before she passed out, she whispered something to Chris, who by now was trying to give her first aid, then she pointed on the emergency button and chewed blackout. Chris kissed her lips while she was unconscious, pressed the emergency button and walked out of the house leaving her there; that was how I ended up finding Christine on the ground unconscious that evening I met an ambulance at my gate.



Having seen everything as it had happened, I took Mekhi and headed back to the car burning with fury and anger. I unlocked the car and as usual, I first got in then took Mekhi and placed him on my laps. Whenever we were going for short distances, I would drive with him seated with me at the driver’s seat.


I had barely put the car’s key in the ignition port, when I heard someone clear the throat at the back seat; someone had sneaked into my car while I was in the office and was waiting for me in the car.


“We need to talk Haman, but not here so you drive.” I heard a strange voice say.


It was a lady’s voice but he mouth was covered with a cloth so one could not recognize her. I ignited the engine and drove off slowly headed towards my house.


“I had locked my car, how did you get in?” I asked curiously.


“You gave me your spare key remember.” She replied removing the cloth.


Immediately I heard her clear voice, I quickly took a glance at the rear mirror to confirm and see if that voice was of the person I thought; I was right, it was her. I got confused immediately I saw her face, I had to pullover.


“Why should your ghost haunt me whereas you left without even a goodbye hug?” I asked sounding sarcastic.


“Who said I am a ghost?” She asked.


“Everyone knows you are dead and even the hospital gave me your ashes and your handwritten will.” I replied.


“That’s why I said we need to talk.” She said.


“Then start talking.” I replied.


“I don’t think it is safe here, can we at least go to a safe location?” She asked.


I had no choice but to get back on the road. The only place that she would feel safe was in my house so I drove back home and welcomed her once more to my house.



I first served her a glass of cold juice then sat across her waiting for her to tell me how she could be dead and alive at the same time.


“I faked my death because my sister wanted to kill so as to take over my husband. Even after I divorced him, she still wanted me dead because I was with you and funny enough, she wanted to be with you too. The day before I left, a friend of mine wrote me a message telling me that she had hired him to kill me. He could not assassinate me so he came up with the idea of me faking my death and we had to bribe the hospital so as to make the world believe that I was dead.” Chrisham said after she saw the curiosity in my eyes.

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“Who is your sister?” I asked curiously.


“You are still that innocent sweet guy who always is the victim of cruelty; I pity you Haman.” She replied trying to avoid my question.


“You did not answer my question Chrisham, who is your sister?” I asked again.


“The evil witch you got pregnant after I ran away with your baby inside me.” She replied sounding angry.


“That baby is not mine.” I said.


“I knew you would say that, exactly the reason why I never told you that I was carrying your kid.” She replied harshly.


“I mean Christine’s pregnancy, which she lost by the way. I thought the baby was mine too until I came to find out I was living with a serpent in my house.” I said calmly.


“What exactly do you mean?” She asked curiously.


I did not want to tell her but instead I wanted her to watch for herself. I took my laptop and first inserted a drive with unimportant documents to see if Chris had left any virus in the laptop and after I was sure there was no virus,I inserted the cameras’ storage drives for her to watch how her so called sister used to sleep with her ex husband under my roof on my bed.



In my head I was totally confused because all along I knew Christine was the sister to Chris but now it turned out that Chrisham was her sister yet she was once married to Chris. I tried figuring out how that would be possible but I could not fathom.


“You said she is your sister, right?” I asked pointing at Christine in the footage.


“Yes, she is my elder sister, why do you ask?” Chrisham replied.


“Because I don’t understand. When I met you, you were married to Chris. When I met Christine, Chris’ mum (Mumo) introduced her as her daughter thus making her a sister to Chris. How comes you are her sister yet you were married to her brother? And why would she sleep with her brother who is your ex husband?” I asked totally confused.

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“When we were small girls, my sister and I lost our parents and a friend of mum took us in. She had a son who was a friend to both of us. Since his mother took us, we became her daughters and her son became our brother until we became grown ups. Mumo and I began having disputes because she discovered that Chris and I were sleeping together and so she decided to disown me and made Christine her favourite daughter. I left the family for a couple of years and Chris could not give up; he followed me and we ended up getting married. When I got married to Chris, things changed; Mumo began accepting me once more as her daughter-in-law and my sister began growing jealous because she too wanted Chris and also because I had gotten married before her. That was when things began to fall apart and my sister decided to use Joy to get between me and Chris. She is my blood sister but a foster sister to Chris, in short, Chris is not our real brother.” Chrisham replied.


“I get you now but I still don’t understand why she would accept to move in to my house yet she has Chris all to herself!” I said.


“You remember when I testified against you in court?” Chrisham asked.


“Yes I do, why did you ask?” I replied.


“When Chris was ordered by the court to pay you the damages, he swore to make you pay for it; this is their plan to extort all your money by making you trust his new girlfriend.” Chrisham said.



She knew her sister well and somehow, she knew what Christine and Chris were planning; she had a reliable source of information. They wanted I trust Christine such that I could give her all my bank pins then propose to marry her and on the wedding day, Chris would ruin the wedding, humiliate me in public and then they steal all my money and disappear. Having known their plan, I decided to play dumb and fall bit.


After Christine was out of the hospital and was fully recovered, I decided to propose to her and as she expected, I gave her my bank pins; she thought I had already trusted her fully. I also lied to her that she could only access the accounts as from our wedding day since they could only be open to her as my wedding gift; she bought the lie.

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Since we were now in touch with Chrisham, she was helping me with information and I would lay traps for Christine and her man Chris so as to beat them in their own game. After a couple of months, it was finally our wedding day and Christine acted all normal and innocent. I had arranged for a very expensive wedding despite the fact that I knew before we made the vows, someone would ruin it and try stealing all my money.


We walked down the aisle and I could see Chrisham seated on the right hand side near the alter. Drama began when the priest asked if there was anyone opposing our marriage. Chris stood up and produced a marriage certificate showing that Christine was his wife therefore the priest could not unite us together but something strange happened.


Christine decided to go against their plans; somehow she had already fallen in love with me and grown fond of Mekhi, she could not stand watching me fall.


She decided to publicly divorce Chris in front of the whole church and prove to me that she truly loved me but it was already too late. When Chris got divorced in public, he got furious and took out a gun. He then took out a laptop and pointing the gun at Christine, he forced her to input my bank pins.


Already he had hacked to my bank accounts and was remaining to only input the pins and the money would be transferred to his account since that morning I had given Christine the activation code to the accounts to make them open for a third party. Christine had no choice but to input the pins for she did not want to die.



After she had put all the pins, Chris pressed the enter button but was in for a rude shock; all my accounts were empty, I had already transferred my money to a secret account. After realizing that he had been played, Chris corked the gun and said;

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“Am sorry my love but he can’t have you too. There is no way this man will take both of my wives, first Chrisham and now you? I have to end this!”


He then fired a shot aiming at me but Christine jumped taking the bullet for me. It hit her on the chest and she dropped to the ground bleeding heavily. Immediately I saw Christine had been shot, I dived and speared Chris to the ground.


Just then something else more strange happened, I looked up an saw Joy holding a baby in her arms and then Chrisham pulled out a gun as well…….


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    1. Up till now, there’s no Season 3, but I guess that’s how the Author ended the story, unless he wanna release the Season later in the coming years.
      But currently, as far as ‘The Neighbourhood Saga’ is concerned, it has only Season 1 and Season 2.
      By the way, how was the story?
      Thanks ✌️

  1. The story was Fantabulous!
    I love every part of it that i did not want it to end..
    Tanx for this Interesting and Lovely story!

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