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Baddest Girl – Episode 35B

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Episode 35


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WARNING:Smut scene ahead underage readers should beware



Danny’s POV


“Kierra” I called her.



She frozen on the spot unable to move for a minute.


She turned around and face me.



“What are you doing here? She asked as I walk closer to her.


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“I came to visit you.” I replied



“Are you stalking me Danny? She asked and I chuckled



“I ain’t got time for that,am not like that and you know it.” I replied and she shrugged



“So what brought you here? She asked as she crossed her hands under her breast thereby pushing it up for better view.









I came to have a word with you Kierra.” I replied and she keep staring at me.



“Killian will be here soon Danny,what do you want? She asked.






“Why? I asked surprised at her outburst.



“Nothing,Danny can you please go? She asked biting on her nails.


She is nervous,it is clear that she is nervous.


I make her nervous!



“Why? Do I make you nervous Kierra? I asked my breath hitting her ear and she shivered.



“Da ……Danny.” She stuttered



“I really wanna talk to you Kierra,please give me a chance to talk to you.” I begged.



“Okay,okay we shall talk but not today,my boyfriend is on his way here I’ll call you during lunch time tomorrow.” She said.



“Okay then,good night.” I said and kissed her cheek.



I don’t know what get into me but I kissed her cheek or peck whatever.


It feels good,I loved it.



I really want Kierra back in my life.


Though we weren’t really in a relationship but she have always been there for me and it’s awkward seeing her with someone else, it kills me slowly.



I sigh as I made my way to my car.


I just hope that she call me tomorrow as promised.



I just want to set things straight with her,I want her to know how I feel.



Kierra’s POV



He kissed my cheek and left afterwards,what was that about?




The Danny that I know won’t even wanna hug me talk more of pecking me.



I quickly opened my door and went in.


I throw my bag on a couch and removed my top leaving me only on my bra and skirt.



I walk inside the kitchen and wash my hands inside the sink.



What could Danny possibly wanna discuss with me?



I decided to make some waffles and bacon with cheese for dinner since Killian be around tonight.



Weirdly I miss him,we have been really busy with work that we rarely gave time for each other except for today.



I heard the door clicked open,Killian is here. Yea I gave him my spare key in case he come visit and am upstairs or taking my bath in order not to keep him waiting.



A Han grab my waist and draw me closer to himself.



“Hey babe. ” his husky voice ringed in my ear.



Surprisingly that alone turned me the on.



I giggled as he tickle my ear.


“Killian stop.” I said between laughter.



I don’t know what I would have done if not for this man.


I want to tell him my past story,I want him to know about my dirty past but


I keep extending it.



What if I tell him and he feel disgusted and leave me too? For all the golds in the world I don’t ever wanna loose Killian.



He has brought so much joy and happiness into my life that I can’t get more of him.



“What are you thinking about babe? He asked as he kissed my neck.



“It’s nothing.” I replied trying to suppress a moan from slipping from my mouth.


He keep sucking on my neck,licking my spot hard while I let out a moan.



“Killian” I moaned softly



“Yes babe? He asked as his hand found my breast he fondle them through the bra I was putting on and let out a low groan.



“F**k what are you doing to me Kierra Brown? He asked,his voice hoarse as he keep assaulting my breast with his hands and continue devouring my beck down to my collar bone.



“I don’t know” is the only thing I could say at the moment.



He gently un clasp my bra taking me totally unaware.



Am I ready for this?


Am I ready to give Killian my body?


Hell yea I am f**king ready!







“Hush baby,let me worship you.”he whispered while I nodded.

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What is this man doing to me?


He turned off the cooker and sat me down on the counter.



He kissed my lips and I kissed back,soon enough our tongues were fighting for dominance which of course he win.



He kissed my lips roughly drifting to my neck thereby earning a moan from me.



“I love you Kierra.” he said.


“I love you too Killian.” The word escape my mouth before I could hold myself.


I don’t know why I said that but I don’t care anymore I just want to be satisfied by him, I want him.



He pulled off my bra, my D cup full succulent breast staring at him, he bite his bottom lip and stare at me.



“You are beautiful babe”he said and i smiled.



How can a man be this perfect?



His warm mouth found my nipple as he suck hard on em.





I throw my head back and push my self up to him.


He s**k on the other and I moan hard.


He rubbed both em together and kissed me again.



He reached for my skirt and pulled it up, my red thong visible to him .


He brushed his hand against my heat and I shivered.



“F**k” he groan.


He pulled it down and buried his finger inside of me.



“F**k Killian.” I moaned.



“Yes babe?









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