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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 24

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Celine’s Pov


The elevator stopped and Mr Miller walked out, I was still waiting to hear his condition.


He looked back and smiled at me showing his set of ugly teeth.


“You know you are a very pretty woman Celine” He says and touches my hair, I move away from his touch and look at him faking a smile.


“What’s your condition Mr Miller?” I asked again, my patience driving to the edge.


“Let’s go to my car and then we’ll discuss better” He says and walks out of the company while I follow him behind hoping he gives me a condition that doesn’t make me punch his nose and put Adrian in more trouble.


We got to his car and he asks his driver to give me his card.


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“Call me” He says and enters his car before driving off.


I looked at the card astonished, so this man just brought me down here just to give me his card.



I sigh frustratingly and walk back upstairs using the elevator, my acrophobia was getting old now.


I entered Adrian’s office and he wasn’t looking happy.


“Adrian” I started with. He looked up but ignored me.


“Am sorry” I said pouting and making puppy dog eyes but that didn’t work.


I sighed and walked closer to his seat and sat on his table.


“Celine am busy” He says uninterested. I sigh and stand up, I deserved this.

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I got up from his table and walked to the door.


I didn’t like the attitude Adrian was giving me, he was hurting me and even though I deserved it it still hurts.


I open my mouth and start sobbing,I was faking it but I just want to get Adrian’s attention.


He looks up and shakes his head while I continue sobbing.


“Adrian am sorry” I cry out loud and Adrian starts laughing. He stands up and walks towards me.


“You look ugly when you cry” He mocks and places my head on his chest.


“Am sorry Adrian” I apologized again.


“Am sorry for yelling at you” He pulls me away slowly and holds my chin.


I smile softly and hug him, I don’t want to lose Adrian.


I lost mom, dad and Julia but I don’t want to lose Adrian.


Mary’s Pov


Wung Chan pulls the chair backwards so I can sit but I wasn’t impressed.


“Thanks” I said harshly and sat down, I was making the poor guy nervous and I really didn’t care. It took him heaven and earth to bring me to this restaurant, He’s going to have to do more than that for me to be impressed.


The waitress comes forward smiling, even a blind man could see how fake those smiles were.


I waved at her to excuse us, I didn’t come here to eat.



“So what do you want to talk about?” I asked, I could see how fidgety he was, am glad I had that effect on a man.


“Mary I I was was hoping if….”


“Can’t you talk faster, I ain’t got all day yunno”


I knew he was harsh, I should cut the poor man some slack.


“Am sorry Chan, it’s just am stressed and all” I apologized for my unruly behavior, Fred was the one who put me in such a mess.


“It’s okay Mary, I understand you. You are a very busy woman so..”


“It’s okay Chan” I said and managed to smiled at him.


I felt nauseous all of a sudden for no reason, I stood up and placed my hand on my mouth.


“Excuse me” I muffled and ran to the restroom spewing out all the content in my stomach.


I washed my mouth and turned to leave the restroom but ran back inside throwing up again.


I cleaned up and washed my face, my dark under eyes had become lighter, I placed my hand on my forehead and walked out of the restroom.


“Are you okay” Chan asks looking worried.


“It’s nothing. I’ll have to go now” I said and got my back.


“You mind if I drop you off” He says.


“No thanks” I said courteously and left the restaurant.


Deandro’s Pov


Hatred, Anger and Jealousy was what I was feeling while I browsed my phone looking at Forbes list of the most richest man in U.S.A, Adrian was the third while I was at the 11th.


But I am going to change that and Celine is my key.


I look at Adrian’s company, this would be mine.


I stepped inside and met the receptionist.


“Good afternoon Mr Deandro, do you have any appointment with Mr Vandermir”


“Yes tell him have got something interesting for him” I said and she picks the phone.




I walked inside Adrian’s office and Celine comes out from his toilet the same time I walked in. I stared at her for a while and she did the same thing too.


“What do you want Deandro?” Adrian asks in an angry Tone. We would forever be enemies and with Celine around our enemnity would only grow stronger.


Adrian stands up and pulls Celine behind her. Possessive and Protective right,I can do better.


I decide to break the tension and say what I came for.


“Julia is getting married and….” I look at Celine’s face and notice how are facial


expression changes, Adrian on the other side was uninterested.


“Look Celine I know you are not on good side with your sister but she needs you, she has no one to stand by her, she’s your sister and she has no one…”


“She has a lot of people Deandro, you ,her fiance, her fans….”


“But you are family Celine” I said softly hoping to break the walls in Celine’s heart against her sister.


“Look Deandro I have nothing….”


“You are against your sister because of a man who doesn’t love you…”


“Deandro you…” Adrian interrupts but I cut him off.



“If you truly love her have you told her the truth, we both know this is all a lie” I said, Celine was becoming confused which was what I wanted, my plan was to create doubt in poor Celine’s mind.


“What is he talking about?” Celine asks.


“Which truth are you hiding from me, tell me Adrian”


“I am not hiding anything from you….” Adrian says but the look on Celine’s face


proved she was having doubts.


“You have to trust me Celine, Deandro is just playing with you….” Adrian looks at


me and holds my collar tightly ready to punch my face.


“Adrian what are you doing, let go of him” Celine says and tries removing his hand from my grip.


“Leave here now” Adrian growls through his teeth before letting me go, I let out a cough and look at Celine’s face.


“Don’t forget about your sister wedding” I said and walked out of the office.


Celine’s Pov


Why is love so complicated, on one hand was the man I love and the other hand is my sister. To love one I have to be hated by the other.


I sigh and look at Adrian, he looked really upset and I didn’t blame him, Deandro made him mad for no reason.


I need to make Adrian calm down, he can’t get mad twice just because of me. I walk to the door and lock it and walk towards Adrian smiling seductively, he


moves back each time I take a step towards him until his back hits the wall.


“What are you doing Celine?” He asks and I smile.


“I can also be intimidating you know” I say and he smirks.



“Ouch Celine, you just hurt my ego” He says and lifts me up pushing my back to the wall.


I wrapped my hands around his neck smiling mischievously at him.


“I wanna you” He says and I gasp out.


“Don’t get me wrong Celine, I wanna F.U.C.K you” He says spelling each words of and raises his eyebrow.


“What does that even mean?” I ask smiling but confused.


“Well F stands for finding ways to make you smile” He says and puts me down on his table, he removes the strand of hair from my face making me blush.


“What of U” I asked.


“Understand and support you”


He brings my face down and kisses my forehead.


“What of C?” I asked again getting more curious


“Cuddle you and hold your hand” He says and places my palm on his folding his in mine. I look at his hand and look up to him.


“Adrian” I call out softly and stare at his eyes, I could only see the love in it.


“Aren’t you going to ask me what K means” He says making my curiosity increase to an unbearable level.


“What is K” I asked and he walks back.


“I’ll tell you that later”


“Adrian!!” I exclaim and get off his table.


“That’s not fair”


“All is fair in love and war” He says and winks at me.


I groan and sit on his chair wondering what K would mean.




I dialed Mr Miller’s number and prayed he didn’t pick the call so I can give him an excuse but I guess I didn’t pray enough.



Good evening Mr Miller, this is Celine speaking



Celine? I don’t recall any Celine



How funny


He laughs out loud, I wonder what’s funny. If it was up to me I’ll break his nose and force him to accept Adrian back has his business partner.



Am sorry Celine, I just felt like teasing you. So tell me can you do anything for your man





You really insulted my daughter Celine and she’s not ready to forgive you, but I spoke to her and she’s ready to forgive you only if you…

Someone snatches the phone from my hand and I look up to see Adrian.



Keep your disgusting thoughts to yourself Mr Miller. You can keep it to yourself and I promise you if I see you anywhere Celine. I’ll shove grass through


your stomach and trust me you won’t like that Adrian threatens and ends the call.


“What do you think you are doing” Adrian asks, I could see he was trying to stay calm. I was only trying to help.


Sonia Miller’s Pov



Dad was smiling for a while and I thought maybe Celine had agreed to the condition until his countenance changed and he gets jittery and I knew instantly that something was wrong.


The call ends and I move closer to him.


“Dad what’s wrong, did say anything to you” I asked expecting a positive answer.


“That Adrian yelled at me, that small boy who doesn’t know anything. He thinks because he’s rich he can talk to anybody anyhow. I’ll show him”


I was disappointed, I really thought Celine was going to agree to the condition. My porn business would be Top Notch once they see Celine’s face in every


cover, it’s not like she’s going to have sex with anyone, I just need her moaning face.


I would get I want, as long as I am a Miller.


Celine’s Pov


The ride home was terribly awkward, Adrian refused to say anything and I had no topic to bring up.


I noticed Adrian wasn’t taking the same route home and that raised my awareness.


“Where are you going?” I asked.


“To a place I go whenever am having a bad day”


I let out a “O” and rest properly on the seat, I closed my eyes and let the evening breeze flush my face easing me of every arising tension.


I was so lost in thought I didn’t realize Adrian had stopped and we got to a deserted area.


“Where are we?” I asked and he smiles. He comes out of the car and I did the same.


I could hear helicopter blades moving and I looked at Adrian waiting for him to say something but he didn’t, I know he enjoys putting me in suspense.


He takes my hand and we walk closer to the chopper, the pilot comes down and greets Adrian.


“Good evening Sir” He says and stares at me for a while.


“It’s okay Alvin, she’s with me” Adrian says.


“Am sorry for that Mr Vandermir, you’ve never brought a woman here before” He says and hands a headphone and Googles to Adrian.


“I won’t be needing that” He says and returns the Google.


I was nervous, I only dealt with my acrophobia in the elevator. This is huge. Adrian notices my nervousness and holds my hand tightly, that was able to ease

me a little but that wasn’t enough to make me go in the chopper.


“Do you trust me Celine” He asks and I swallow before answering.


“I trust you with all my heart” I reply and take a deep breath.




“Celine stop screaming!!” Adrian says for the tenth time but I just couldn’t stop screaming. Every time I look down I see myself falling to my death and that alone is enough reasons to make me scream my lung out.


“Just close your eyes okay!!!” Adrian says and puts one palm on my eyes.


My breathing pace decreased when I closed my eyes and everywhere was silent now.


The blades stopped and I opened my eyes to see we were on land and Adrian was even out of the chopper.


“Come here” He says and stretches out his hand, I jump on him and he puts me down on land, I never thought I would be so happy to step on the ground.


“God you yell so loud” He says and I roll my eyes at him. I turn my back at him and look at the beautiful view that beholds my eyes, the evening stars made it more beautiful.


“It’s beautiful” I say and Adrian hugs me from behind.



The sand was like gold and the water was as clear as Crystal and the stars reflected in it. The beauty enchanted me in ways that made me speechless, I didn’t even know I was cold until Adrian puts his suit on me.


“Where are we?” I asked.


“Vandermir’s Island” He says and points at the big rocks and waterfall.


“Is it true?” I asked


“What’s that”


“That you haven’t brought any woman here”


“This is the only place I can stay alone, no worries, no problem”


He unbuttons his shirt and pulls off his trousers.


“Am going for a swim” He says and runs to the water but I call him back after remembering something.


“Adrian what does K in F.U.C.K means” I asked and he smirks.


“Kinda really wanna the shit out of you too” He says and runs to the water.


Ohh Adrian.




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