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The Imperfect Daughter – Episode 14

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⚫Episode 14⚫








I moved to the bedroom checking my wet dress.




I can’t stay here.


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We both know that he will surely touch me… He would seduce me.




He wasn’t even close and i feel so hot.




He told me to change so he will bring some clothes.




I remove my clothes then I saw him at the doorway through the mirror.


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“Fuck, you should have knocked Sandro”,I tried to cover my exposed delicate parts with my dress.




He smiled, “I like the show. You take my breathe away, Tia”




I frowned and he smiled again locking the door.




What is he about to do?




“What are you doing?”, I asked.




“What does it look like I’m doing?”




“Sandro…. I’m sleeping alone”




“No Tia, we are spending the night together”,he placed the keys in his pocket.




“I’m not…”




“You are baby”




I frowned, “Where are my clothes”




“I didn’t bring one but”,he paused removing his shirt and he stared at me.




My brain was just pushing him away. Please don’t come close I don’t want to be tempted. Please..




Don’t come close.




He moved closed and wore the shirt around me then he raised a brow, “Drop the dress”




I chuckled, “So you could look at my breasts…”




“That’s exactly what I wanted to do… I want to see the changes myself”


I smiled, “In your dreams Sandro”,I pushed him playfully entering the bathroom.




I quickly got dressed wearing his shirt.




I smelled of him.




I opened the door and I saw in the dim room patting the bed beside him telling me to sleep close to him.




“You can sleep Sandro.. I will just stand here till morning”




“I’m not going to force you baby.. just stand there while I sleep”




“How rude? This is my room remember”




“And it’s my house remember”




“Then sleep in your damn house while I watched the stars”




“I don’t give a damn, Tia”




He is so annoying




I moved to the balcony staring at the dark sky seeing all the stars.




I thought he would be outside but he was still there.




I stood there watching the stars for a while and my eyes were heavy.




I was feeling so sleepy. I can’t sleep with him.




I need to get his keys out of his pocket and get out of here.




I stood by the bed and I watched sleep peacefully for while.. I sat down removing the blankets and dipped my hand in his pocket suddenly his hand grapped my wrist and he smiled with his eyes still closed.




With one strong pull, my body was on top of him.




He wrapped one of his arm around my waist pinning my body to him.




He slowly his sleepy eyes, “You are not going anywhere”




“Sandro, I can’t stay here with you”




“Me either”,he responded.








“I can’t stay here with you because are a temptress… I can’t control.”,then I felt his erection on my stomach.




My eyes widened.




“Do you feel how hard I am for you? You drive me insane Tia. I just want to taste this …”,his thumb part my lower lip.




He flipped me over pinning me with his huge body.




I was so small and so helpless in his arms.




I just wished i was chubby so I could push him away.




He straddled me making me feel his erection directly on my sex.




It’s so hot in here.




He straddled me again I felt my clit tingles.




I hate the feeling but I’m so turn on right now.




He tried to kiss and turn making his lips land on my cheeks.




I tried to pushed but his hand quickly trapped my wrists above my head.




“Sandro… Please just let go of me”




“No…”,he whispered and i felt his warm mouth sucking my neck. He sucked hard devouring me and I shivered feeling some wetness in my panties.




He slowly bite my neck and flicked his tongue on the spot making goosebumps flowed on my skin.




“I’m yours Tia…”,He whispered and i wished I could believe him.




I felt his chin at the valley of my breasts.




What is he about to do?




My breathing change and I knew I was wet.




I felt his teeth unbottoning my shirt. He smiled at me.




“I’m going to drive you crazy Tia. Resist me if you can”




He used his large hand to trapped both of my wrists above my head.




He kissed my temples then he kissed the tip of my nose.




I felt his lips brushed my lips and i turned to the other side.




“Tia….”,he whispered feeling frustrated.




His fingers brushed my chest and he revealed my one of my breasts as the cold air made my nipple hard.




I closed my eyes waiting for what he going to do.




He was right. He was going to drive me crazy.




I felt his tongue circled my nipple making me gasped.




He sucked my nipple into mouth and I was lost in sensation.




“Sandro….”,I whispered.




“Hmm…”,he responded with his nipple in warm mouth.




“Let go of me”,I said.




“I already did”




I opened my eyes and found my fingers gripping his hair.




What have I turned into.




I quickly softened my fingers in his hair pushing him away and he laughed.




I bottomed up my shirt.




“We both know you want me?”, he said.




“I don’t want you,Sandro. I want to the six guys before wanting you…”




“One more word from you and I’m….”




“You are going to bite my lips so hard it’s bruised ….”,I completed the sentence.




“Becareful … don’t dare me”




“I dare you Alessandro Anthony. I’m going to six guys before wanting you”




He pushed me on the bed making me gasped and he raised my shirt exposing my stomach and he bite the soft skin making me laughed.




Then all i felt was tingling after wards.




“Please. .. stop…”,I laughed more while he tingled me.




“Are you going to them…?”,he asked trying to be serious but his eyes says different.




“Sandro … if you continue with this tingling, I’m gonna pee on your bed”




“Are you going to them?”,he tingles me again while I tried to pull away..but he pulled me closed.




“Sandro… please”,I begged… I couldn’t laugh anymore.




I seriously want to pee.




“Are you going to them?”.




“No, Sandro…”




“Good girl…”,he whispered and let go of me and I quickly ran to the bathroom.




I returned and he smiled at me while I smiled back.




I crawled on the bed and he moved on top of me and his head pillowed my stomach…




“I’m sorry… “,he whispered and my fingers moved into his hair playfully.




“I know”




“Will you forgive me”










“No Sandro”




He buried his face in my stomach and licked my navel.




“Good night..”




“Good night, Sandro”






The next morning, I woke up staring at him.




I was wrapped in his arms.




I forgive you Sandro but I had to make you pay a bit.




My finger drew the outline of his jaw.




Hmm… He looks so handsome and more peaceful.




I checked the time and it was 7:30am.




I’m late but I don’t care.




I can stare at him all day without getting tired.




My thumb brushed his lips and honestly I want to taste his tempting lips.



My fingers slowly brushed his cheek and I moved more closer, our noses touched and that’s when his opened his eyes.




I felt embarrassed and decided to pull away but he pulled me close.




“Where you trying to advantage of me while I was asleep”, he said in a husky voice.




“No I wasn’t… I was about to leave”




He chuckled, “Then why is your nose touching mine”




I became more embarrassed, “Stop it Sandro”




“Okay but I know you were about to kiss me”




“No I wasn’t.. .”




“Stop lying… ”




His grip was tighter and I knew I’m not going to leave until I admit it.




“Okay fine… I wanted to… wanted to kiss you”




He smiled framing my face, “then I have to finish what you started”




His hands moved into my hair claiming my lips.




I opened up for him while our tongue fight for dominance.


I moaned the moment he sucked my buttom lip and he finally kissed the tip of my nose.




“I have to go”,I whispered against his lips and he nodded.




“I want to see you tonight…”




“Sandro… I can’t”




“Please come… Please Tia”




Oh Gosh, he had a way of staring at me which make my heart melt.




“Oh okay.. I will be here”




“Thank you..”




I kissed his cheeks and he opened the door.




My dress was still on the floor.




I had no choice but to ran out with his shirt.




Besides it’s reached my mid thighs. One of the guard, opened the door for me while I entered.








I ruined Athena life and now another trouble pops up.




A multi billionaire.




Meaning she is an entrepreneur. I hate her already.




I will make sure i clear her off but I need to see the principal now.




I stood up while Rose held my wrist, “Where are you going?”




“I’m going to pee”








I reached the principal’s office… He was sitting on his comfortable chair reading some news paper.




“John…”,I mentioned his name and he gave me a seductive smile.




“My sexy baby”,he said.




I sat on his laps and his wrapped his arms around my waist.




He wanted to kiss me but i pulled away.




“What’s wrong, Perpertual?”,he asked softly.




“I’m not happy today”




He touched my cheeks, “Who upset you?”




“No one. I just don’t like the new girl”


He breathe, “I can’t sack her. She is really rich”




“So what? I don’t want her here”




“Relax baby, she means no harm…”,he said.




“I hope so”,I said getting up from his arms.




“Come on believe me, she means no harm rather she is a benefit for this school”




“I don’t care”, I moved away slamming the door.




Damn him.




“Perpetual wait… “, he ran after me.




“I will do it… I will sack her”,he said again making me smile.








“Yes but unless you give me this sweet body of yours…”




I smiled, “Anytime, any place… I can’t wait to you too John”




He looked around and kissed my lips roughly and I responded.




Mr John, the principal of the school have been having an affair with me.




We were dating way back before Athena was sacked.




He had a beautiful wife and two kids but who care… we to get what we want.




I reached home feeling exhausted and for the first I heard my parents arguing.




“You disgraceful Bastard.. “,My mom yells, “How can you give your inheritance to a teenage girl due to this fu.cking drinking of yours”




My dad runs his fingers through his hair.




“I’m dissapointed in you Clarke”




“I’m sorry…”, he yelled.




“Sorry doesn’t mean anything… We lost everything”




“What’s going on ?”,I asked.




“Get inside your room”,they both yelled.




“I’m not going anywhere. I’m not a kid anymore. What happened?”




“You want to know what happened? You womanizing drinking bastard of a guy mistakenly signed his properties to an 18 years old girl and he is telling me, he is sorry”




“What? You is she dad?”,I asked.




“Get in your fu.cking room now”,My dad yelled making my heart pounded.


I slowly moved to my room as they continued yelling.






The next morning, I arrived at school seeing Anna and Micheal …




Those annoying couples.




I rolled my eyes and that moment a SUV blocked the way.




“What the ……”,I almost yelled.




The moment the door opens, it was her.




I frowned.




“Good morning, Perpertual…”,she said.




“It’s President..”




“Excuse me?”,she asked removing a transparent glasses.




“It’s President Perpertual”




She laughed, “Even the president of USA, I call him Donald and you expect me to call a commoner like you, President.. Excuse me”,she laughed moving away.




I hate her!! I hate her.




I moved to the class angrily but unfortunately… I heard the siren for announcement.




I walked to the hall while the students gathered.




Miss Johnson was infront. Very soon she will be gone.




I stood up at the platform waiting for the principal to arrive.




“Good morning ladies and gentlemen”,he said smiling.




“Good morning… “,the students lazily said.




“I called you all today because the forms of candidates who want to be a president has arrived”




Then everyone started murmuring…




“If any of you are interested, can you stand beside me please”




I quickly stand beside him. I want to win again.




Then Anna rushed up.




Followed by Julia and Rose.




“Is that all?”,The principal asked.




Then I saw her… the girl I hate walking towards us.




I smiled. She doesn’t know what’s coming.


She will be leaving today…




“I will be expecting you in my office now”




He said leaving us.




I joined the other girls moving to the principal’s office but I didn’t see the so called billionaire.




I’m glad she isn’t here anyway…




In the afternoon, I went into the principal’s office.




“Come here baby”,he knew what I wanted to do.




I removed my clothes and I was only in my bra and panties.




I sat on his desk opening my legs while he licked his lips seductively.








Oh God, I can’t believe I was stuck with these chemistry exam forgetting I need to collect my form.




I decided to go in the afternoon. I walked slowly checking my phone for messages.




Then I heard the most disgusting things in my life.




“Oh baby… lick me… make me come on your face..”,she moans.




Is that perfect.




“Oh….”,she moaned and I quickly opened the door seeing the most unbelievable thing.




Perpertual was na.ked on his desk while the principal’s head was buried in her legs.




I stared at them for a while as they where both lost in sensation..




I took pictures of them.




“Say cheese”,I said loudly for them to hear while Perpertual turned to shocked but I still took the pictures




The principal stood up fastening his belt.




“No, no…. don’t you dare fasten up. I want you to go on with what you were doing. One move and I’m


going to press the send button for the whole world to see. So sit and continue”,I paused taking a seat, “Besides I love porn anyway”




Perpertual looked at the principal … He sat down and staring at Perpertual… then he looked at me.




“I’m waiting”,I said… this is gonna be fun.








The Imperfect Daughter






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