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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 5

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Chapter five



Ryan pov


“Am sorry about what she did,” I apologized to d girl Vivian poured wine on.


“It is ok,” she said smiling. Looking at her now makes realized her beauty, she has a beautiful and cute face and also a good shape but not as beautiful as Vivian.


Oh my god I can’t believe am thinking about dat at dis situation.


“I will get going then,” I said.


“Wait pls can u give me ur number?” She asked.

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“No,” I said rudely and left.


I went to where d car was and I couldn’t find her.


I shouldn’t have said those things to her I only did bcos of her to protect her.


Someone was recording her I did it to distract d recorder.


But seems like I overreacted, I was just trying to protect her.


I hailed a cab and took it to her house.


I entered and was stopped by her nanny.


“The General is asking for u pls follow me,” she said.

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I followed her I wonder why he asked for me, I thought.


She took me to his study, “pls go in”‘ she said and I did.



“I saw Vivian there I felt happy at least she is safe,” I thought.


“Captain Ryan reporting,” I said and salute him.


The general is very strict man, he is 57 but his stature and shape makes him look


He has broad chest and tall about 6’3fts “At ease,” he said.


“Am sure u must be wondering why u are here,” he said.


“First am grateful dat u decided to leave ur post to come here to protect my daughter,” he said.


‘Like I had a choice,’ I thought.


“Now d reason u are here is bcos my daughter don’t want u as her bodyguard again and I already told her dat u will never agree,” he said.


‘What, why won’t I?’ I thought.


“I want u to keep protecting my daughter for d next three months,” he said.


“Dad,” vivian called.


“Am sure u will do dat for me,” he said.


“Yes sir,” I said.


‘It is not like I have a choice,’ I thought.


“I hate u,” she said and left.


Am sorry about her attitude,” he apologized. “It is ok sir,” I said.



“Her fiance is coming tomorrow,” he said.


“Did he just said her fiance,” I thought.


“Pls take care of them both when he comes,” he said and patted my shoulder.


‘Her fiance, does she really have a boyfriend,’ I thought angrily.


“I had someone prepare a room for u,” he said.


“Thank u sir,” I said.


“U are free to leave,” he said and I left.


I can’t believe she has a boyfriend. But why am I angry.


‘What is going on with me,’ I thought.


The next day



Vivian pov



I woke up d next day and my eyes were all swollen. Well I cried all night I really thought he understood me, I just can’t control d tears, don’t blame me am just too emotional.


“I look like a mess,” I said as I look at d glass.


I walked out of my room.


“U are awake,” someone said behind me.


“Oh my god,” I shouted.


“Ryan,” I called.


“Wow she knows my name,” he said.


“I thought I was not important,” he said.


He look angry but for what reason.


“What is dis about?” I asked.


“Just doing my job as ur bodyguard,” he said angry.


“Why is ur face like dat? Did u cry?” He asked.


“Nothing,” I said.


“But ur face,” he said and touched my face while I felt dis sensation buzzing throughout my body.


I think he also felt it too bcos he removed his hand immediately.


‘What is going on?’ I thought.


“Excuse me,” I said and entered my room.


“What is going with me,” I said.



Ryan pov


“What just happened?” I asked no one in particular.


My phone rings.


“Unknown number,” I said.


“Hello,” I said as I picked it.


“Hey it is I Linda,” the person said.


‘How did she get me my number,’ I thought.


“Linda?” I asked.


“The girl dat asked for ur number at d restaurant,” she said.


“What can I do for u?” I asked.


“Can I meet u, pls don’t say no,” she said.


“Am busy,” I said.


“Pls it is urgent it is about Vivian,” she said.


“About Vivian?” I asked.


“Yes pls,” she said.


“Where are we meeting? ” I asked.


“I will text u d place,” she said.


“Ok,” I said.


“See,” I didn’t let her finish her words before I hanged up.


I don’t really like her.


‘I wonder what dis is about’ I thought.



Vivian pov


My phone rings. “Hello” d caller said.


“Hi Cynthia,” I said.


“Can we meet?” She asked.



“It is about yesterday,” she said.


“Ok, where? ” I asked.


“At d cafe near my house,” she said.


“Ok,” I said and hung up.


At the cafe


“Why did u want to see me?” I asked Cynthia as I sip my coffee.


“I have a confession to make,” she said.


“What?” I asked.


“Linda was d one who asked me to tell u to come to d restaurant bcos she knows we still talk,” she said.


“Yea?” I said not surprised.


U are not surprised, she said.


“Yea am not angry,” i said.


“U lied to me,” I said.


“Am sorry, ” she said.


“It is Ok,” I said.


“And also ur bodyguard was trying to protect, they were recording u to embarrass u,” she said.


“What do u mean?” I asked.


“He was only trying to protect u,” she said.


‘Now I feel guilty,’ I thought.


“He seems to like u,” she said while I blushed.


“It is not what u think,” I said.


“He is only a bodyguard nothing else,” I said.


“Hope u are no more angry at me?” She asked.


“No more,” I said and ate my cake.


“We should leave,” I said and stand up.


We were about to leave when I saw something dat shocked me and made me jealous.



Ryan pov


“U said u have something to say about Vivian?” I asked.


“So u came here bcos of Vivian,” she said.


“U said u have something to sy about her,” I said.


“No, I called bcos I want to see u,” she said and bit her lower lips.


“Why?” I asked.


“I like u,” she said smiling.


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“I don’t,” I said sincerely.


“What?” She asked surprised.


“No man has ever turned me down,” she said.


“Well let me be d first,” I said and stood up.


“I will leave now,” I said.


“Then who do u like,” she asked.


“What do u mean?” I asked.


“U said u don’t like me, then who do u like,” she asked.


“Oh let me guess, Vivian right?” She asked.


“Look am not having dis conversation, I don’t know u,” I said “Why? Bcos am saying d truth?” She asked. “She has a fiance,” she said.


“First, I don’t like her and also I know about her fiance,” I said.


“Then prove dat u don’t like her,” she said.


“What?” I asked.


“Go with me to a party as my date,” she offered.


“No,” I said.


“Think about it,” she said and stood up.


‘Another spoilt brat,’ I thought.


“Look here,” I said and held her hand.



“Look who is here,” she said and I look at who she was talking about.


“shit,” I said and let go of Linda’s hand.


“Vivian,” I called.


She ran out of d cafe while I ran after her.


“Wait,” I said.


“What?” She asked and stopped.


“It is not what u think,” I said.


“What do u think I think?” She asked.


“I don’t know,” I said.


“What do u mean? U don’t know d reason u ran after me?” She asked.


Exactly I don’t know why I ran after her, I felt like I should, I don’t want her to get d wrong idea.


I don’t want her to think there is something going on between me and Linda.


What Is wrong with me? Am confused.




What is wrong with him ooo?


Anyone wish to talk.


Love u all

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