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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Episode 17

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Episode 17



Violet’s POV



“Hey Vi. ” I heard Dylan say interrupting my study session.



I looked up at him to see he and Kacey hand in hand beside me which


could only mean….



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“Hi babe. ” I said as if I didn’t know what was going on.



“Sorry Vi but this, us… It can’t work. ”



“What do you mean? ” I asked pouting sadly.



“I’m sorry Vi but I have to break up with you. ”



“But Dylan… ”



“Don’t you get it? It’s over between you two! ” Kacey yelled.

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“Kacey? ” Dylan said in a warning tone.



“I mean uh, you just have to move on Vi. You’ll find love again… Probably not! ” She said muttering the last part under her breath.



I sniffled.



“Okay then. Can I just have a hug? ” I said sadly in an effort to test Kacey.



“There’s really no need…. I mean yes, go on Dylan! Hug your ex! ”



Dylan and I smiled as we shared a hug.



“Thank you. ” He whispered into my ear.



“You’re welcome. ” I whispered back.


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“Okay okay, time’s up! ” Kacey said literally tearing Dylan away from me.



“Bye Vi! ” He said walking away as Kacey stuck her tongue out at me.



I laughed as I sat back down. That’s one crazy girl!






❌Kyle’s POV❌



“Aah! That’s it girlie! Take it all in. Mmmmm that’s it! Aaahh! ” I m0aned aloud as Sara or Kara or Mara deep throated my d*ck.



This girl is definitely for keeps! Despite her innocent face, she’s really an devil behind closed doors. She’s so good



Anyways, we were done shortly afterwards and I watched as she gathered her panties and skirt and put them on.



“Here you go Kara. ” I said throwing her a wad of cash which she graciously accepted.



“Do it again some other time? ” She said seductively as she slid the money into her shirt.



“Sure pretty. ”



“That’s nice… Oh and it’s Dara. ” She said winking before leaving.



I rolled my eyes smiling. Who cares?



I stayed back for a while and freshened up before heading back to the main school grounds.



On my way to my locker, I saw a poster for prom and sighed as I stared at it, memories of the bet running through my thoughts.



“What’d ya doing? ” I heard in my ear all of a sudden.



“Aah! ” I yelled startled.




“Jayden! You scared me! ”




“I know. ” He replied nonchalantly. “Looking at a poster for prom huh? It’s only two months away, you know? ”



“I do. ”



“Two months to enjoy your freedom because once it’s over, you’re our slave for a month. ”



“I know what’s at stake Jay. ”



“I’m glad you do Kyle. Remember just two months. ” He said walking away.



Shoot! I have to find a way to win this bet. I can’t risk being anyone’s slave for a month. I left Violet because she and Dylan were dating but I think it’s about time I take matters into my hands.



I set about looking for Violet when I suddenly sighted Dylan and Kacey making out in front of his locker.



“What the heck Dylan? You’re actually doing this behind Violet’s back? ” I asked, feigning concern.



“They broke up Kyle. ”



“Really!? ”



“Yes they did. Now can you go? As you can see, we’re busy. ”



“Whatever! ” I said as I walked in literally jumping inside.



Now that they’re not dating, my job just became a whole lot easier. Hooray for me!






Violet’s POV



“Hey there! ” I heard behind me as someone slid in the seat in front of me.



That voice…



“Kyle! ” I murmured sadly as I brought my face up to meet him.



“Wondering what I’m doing here huh? ” He asked still smiling as he licked his lips, an action that made me want to kiss him so badly…



‘What the heck was that? ’ I said to myself pushing the thoughts away still staring at Kyle.



“Actually I’m wondering what bad luck brought you into my path today. ”



He rolled his eyes.



“I’m going to ignore that and tell you why I’m actually here. ”



“And why is that? ”



“I know you and Dylan are no longer dating meaning you’ll be heartbroken and all so I’m here to ask you on a date as friends to take your mind off things… What do you say? ”




“I saaaayyyy…. Sure. Why not? ”



“You really mean that? ”



“Yes I do Kyle. Now go away. I’m busy. ”



“Of course babe. ” He said smiling.



“Don’t push your luck Kyle…. Where are we going anyway? ”



“You’ll know when I pick you up. Till then, pretty Violet. ” He replied pecking my cheek, an action that left me dazed as I stared at his retreating figure.



“Relax V, it’s just a peck! Nothing else! ” I said to myself in an attempt to restore my scrambled thoughts but to no avail.



What’s going on with me???






Who knows the answer to her question







The Bad Boy’s Girl


[ Playboy In Love ]




Written By Tyna

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