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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 6

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Chapter Six



Theme: Mrs Helen











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Date: 26, January, 2029


Time: 3:30pm


Location: Henry’s Mansion


Cara’s Pov:


I got home early to see Mrs Helen waiting by the door. I furrowed my eyebrows at her, wondering why she’s standing by the door.


“Mrs Helen, why stand by the door.” I asked kissing her on both her cheeks, smiling.


“Oh I don’t know. Preharps waiting for you.” She grins smugly.

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“Soooo are you waiting for me.” I asked narrowing my eyes at her trying to read her. I couldn’t.


“Yes.” She said simply. Too simply.


“Okayyyy. Mind if I ask why.”, I asked raking my brain on possible reasons why Mrs Helen waould wait on me by the door. She never does that.


“Let’s go to the garden and have a talk over tea. I made some scones, your favorite.” She turns her back then walked away leading me to the garden.



Once I got there I noticed Mrs Helen already had everything set up, the chairs, table, tea and the scones. With some cherry pie


“Please do sit Cara.” She says sweetly and i did, sitting down brown arm garden chair, Mrs Helen smiles at me warmly and walks over to the chair opposite me and sits down.



“Why don’t you help yourself with some buttered scones. I’m sure you haven’t had lunch yet. You look hungry dear.” She says smiling warmly at me, pouring me a cup of chocolate tea.


“Thanks Helen.” I thanked her and collects the mug from her. I sipped my chocolate tea, savouring the taste with my tongue. Taste so delightful.


“You know I still think you should lend your special recipe for scones cake.” I said charmingly, eating another slice of buttered scones.


“You can’t charm me to get my recipe, young lady, my lips are zipped.” She makes a show of running her finger across her lips.


“Well your loss. I’m s good student.” I said nochantly grinning at her.


“And I’m a very bad teacher.” She retorts.


“That’s awful.” I pout.


“You know whats awful you eating and still talking.” She says giving me a stern look. And I stopped talking and focus all my attention on the nicely baked scones in front of me, don’t forget the hot chocolate.


Once I’m done eating, I used a napkin and dabbed my mouth, wiping off every pieces of scones that might be hiding somewhere among my closed lips.


“I’m done. What is it you want to discuss. I’m all ears.”


“Cara I noticed you went to the library today.” She didn’t notice, I informed her.


“So what about it.” I cut out of the cherry pie, and eat. So yummy.


“Cara I Know what you’re trying to achieve. But you have to be careful. Men are creatures you can’t easily defeat. You might think you’re invisible but you’re not. They might behaved blind, but there not, take it from me they can see.” I spit out the pie in my mouth, looking at her. She stared back, confirming my thoughts. She knows.


“Do you want some more pie, i think there’s some left over in the fridge.” She said changing the subject with ease. She stands up, squeeze my shoulder affectionately and left.


I stared after her in astonishment. How the hell did she find out. Now i understand why she brought me to the garden. The garden is the only place in this house that does not have a CCTV camera, so is secured.


I stand up and walked over to the ivory white Lilies. They are my mum’s favourites. I’m not a flower person, I’d prefer chocolate to flowers any day.


I breath in the asorbing scent. It always calms me down. The flower has a way of reassuring me of my mum’s love.






Walking into the mansion, I got surprised to see everyone busy. Servants could be see carrying China wares here and there, some decorating the huge sitting room, the whole place looks so beautiful.


“What’s going on.” I asked one of the maids. I don’t know her name, do I even know anybody in this mansion except from Mrs Helen and of course my body guard Mark.


“We are preparing for the party. Mrs Williams.” The maid answered. I didn’t ask her any more question, and asked her to leave. Henry never did inform me about any party, and why I am not surprise by that.



“Cara Williams.” Some classy lady in classy clothes, cat walks over to me, chewing a bubble gum like a prostitute.



“Yes how may I help you.” I said returning back her stare.


“Come with me.” She turns, walking away like she owned the mansion. Who the hell does she think she is. How can she just walk up to me and order me to follow her around. I hissed and walked to a different direction. “Where do you think you’re going.” She yells outrightly, walking over to me.


“Where do you think.” I asked crossing my hands below my mid-section, She glares at me with hatred and I glared back at her matching her intensity.


“Oh I see what’s going on. Your master asked me to dress you up. From the look of things, you’re bad choice for a pet.” She sized me up. With the way she talks, I sensed jealousy.


“Uhmm.” I tap a finger on my chin and walked around her in a daunting way, proving to her I’m not someone she can mess with.


“From the where you talk I can sense you’re jealous of me. Don’t tell me you’re Master dog also.” I mock.


“How dare you call me a dog.”


“Isn’t that what we are; slaves, dog, pet, animal.” I said in babyish voice, pouting.


“Only Henry, your husband, which is my master is allowed to call me that.” She says with hostility thrown at me. Then continued her speech. “And for your information I pleasure him more than you ever do. I don’t even know what he sees in you. You’re more uglier in person than I thought, no wonder he comes to me when you can’t take care of his urges.”, She smiles. You know I’m beginning to think she said all that to hurt me, you know to make me really jealous. But she’s wrong, why would I ever want to be called somebody dog.



“From the way you sound, I can tell your relationship with my husband goes way back, before he married me, right.”


“Of course way longer than you think.” She smirked.


“Oh I see. And even though your relationship goes way back, he still went ahead and married me, now tell kindly tell me why.” Now it’s my turn to smirk. She looks taken aback with my statement, oh she thought she the only one with a sharp mouth.


“I see you’re now dumb. Okay I’ll help you out. He got married to me because he needs someone more beautiful, and with brains. Lets just say he wants something different. It looks like you don’t know your position in my husband life, I’ll tell you, you’re his side dog, while I’m the wife, the real dog.” I can’t believe I just called myself a dog, ugh.


“What!!!, what rubbish are you saying.” She yells annoyed.


“Rubbish. Even after stating your place you still don’t have respect. You were sent here by Henry to dress me up. Which means you’re more like an employee. Ohh don’t you know that even slaves have higher position over other slaves. So it makes sense to say, you’re a junior slave, since I’m the wife.” I smile cheekily at her and Her face glows from anger. Stupid bitch.


“I will not tolerate you, the next time you forget your place flashy girl. Now come get me ready for the guest and of course my husband.” I said in he sweet commanding tone.


“You.., you.., how dare you.” She yells her eyes bloodshot, she raise her hands up in the air to hit me. I was going to catch it but somebody else did. *








Hey guys it’s me again, and I’m really proud of Cara right now for not letting that classy bitch get in her head.



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