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Loving You – Episode 10

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Episode 10


© Simrah Saeed


Ian Tristan * ⃣


Hey baby bro” Eva called as I descend the stairs while Claire just sat quietly doing something on her phone without sparing me a glance


That’s how she is. She’s the most quiet among us but that doesn’t mean she’s cool.


Why are you both here this early?” I asked furrowing my eyebrows


They are too disturbing but I still love them


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So long we live, we can visit you at anytime unannounced ” Claire stated


Yeah so get that into your love sick brain” Eva seconded


I sighed and sat down opposite them


I didn’t mean you can’t visit me big sis, I was only wondering why you are here this early” I said trying to look all innocent


That’s why you couldn’t even great us well, good morning to you too” Eva said sarcastically rolling her eyes


I’m sorry ! Forgive your brother ” I held my eyes making a puppy eyes .


We aren’t here for that! Where is that b**ch of a brother’s fiancee?” Claire asked. Wow! That’s to show there’s a serious issue at hand to have made her swear


I was about replying when Nita came out of the room


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Oh sweet sister in-laws ! You are both welcome to our home” Nita said smirking. I’m sure she’s not in good terms with them but I don’t know why they don’t like her either.


Heck! Who will like a slut?; Wait what?


Did you just say our? ” I asked to be sure I didn’t misheard or are my ears betraying me?


” Yes baby this..”


Dare complete that statement and I will kill you with my bare hands this instance. Not even my father who brought you here can claim this house I built with my sweat


This is my house, not ‘ our ‘ house understood?” I snapped while she flinched. I guess she didn’t Know I will talk to her in that manner


Understood?” I yelled.


She didn’t hesitate to nod immediately while my sisters laughed at her mockingly. Serves her right


That was quite a show” Claire said in between laugh


Well, well! You can deal with her later Ian after we are through with her ” Eva added


Claire angrily gave her a resounding slap while I gasped. I narrowed my eyes at her and she smirked


This woman is unbelievable! Like I said, she’s quite but not cool. She’s displaying already


Did you know how much I love my siblings?” She snapped


I guess you don’t know Ms Nita, you have the guts to sleep with my sister’s boyfriend now, you want to marry my brother? How sure are we you aren’t behind Tessa’s disappearance ” Claire slapped her again which made her stumble and fell down .


Is she this evil?


Eva was burning with fury as I stopped her from going to Nita else, she’d be dead this minute


If you know what’s best for you Ms Nita, pack your stuffs and leave. Tell father you are not interested in this marriage meaning you don’t Love Ian. If I get to know you say anything to dad about us, trust me what I can do best . You know me right? Forget your dad is equally rich but he can’t do anything when I come into the picture” Claire blurted while we stared at her in awe


She’s my sister but I haven’t seen this side of her in my whole life.


Nita stood there visibly shaking.


So she can be this scared ? Hahaha!


I tried to control my laughter but I couldn’t help it


Pack your stuffs now don’t you get it?” Eva snapped Nita ran upstairs and in no time she dragged out her box


Goodbye Nita. Don’t let me set my eyes on you ever again because the next time I do, you won’t survive it” Eva yelled


Oh! And you are under arrest for attempt murder” I smirked as her eyes widened leaving my sisters in hugger mugger


This is my time to teach her some lessons.


I value Tessa so much and I promise her not to hurt Nita but that doesn’t mean I can’t get her arrested.


I quickly put a call to the cops running to block Nita’s way


What’s going on?” Eva asked


She is going on big sister, she almost killed Tessa. She pushed her from the stairs


I yelled


This time around she was already in tears


I ..I’m sorry please don’t get me arrested” she pleaded then, the cops arrived. I told them what happened


Freeze now young lady” one of the cops said as she tried to escape


You are under arrest for the attempt murder of Mrs Tessa Ian Tristan”


I chuckled as I heard that. Who told them she’s married to me ? But I was happy he addressed her with my name .


Nita was handcuffed and taken away, out of my life forever.


Thanks Eva and Claire, I’m very grateful” I said giving them a hug


I didn’t know you learned marshall art Claire” I said laughing seeing her glaring at me.



She should know no one messes with my siblings” she rolled her eyes. Typical Claire


Yeah right ! But stop wearing that innocent look. It’s deceiving” I said playfully


I’m not innocent Ian” she yelled and punched me in the stomach


She’s so violent


That hurts you Know”


That’s the reason I did that”


Eva dragged me by the ear while I groaned


Goodness lawd! Can’t they see I’m not a baby anymore?


” Ouch, you are hurting me Eva” I winced


She gave me a very hard slap across the face and I fell on the floor.


That’s for sleeping with my worst nightmare” she said. What? H..how did she know I slept with Nita?


Stupid we saw it in the foot page , though we closed it immediately” Claire shrugged.


This girls are unbelievable.


How can they break into my house and check my footpage?


That’s unfair ” I pouted still sitting on the floor


You wouldn’t blame us , we wanted to know the happenings around your house since that hag lived here ” Eva said .


I love this two so much!


Forget they are girls, they are way better than 10men . Protective and possessive.


I love you big sisters” I said


We don’t love you too silly” Eva said and hit me helping me up.


I smiled and hugged her .


Family first!






In Sri Lanka…


Tessa * ⃣


It feel so good to know that your parents provide everything for you


Yeah! I found myself here in Sri Lanka few weeks ago .


I was sad I wish it could be Seoul thou I’m still happy .


Mr and Mrs Rivers found me on a mountain and adopted me as their child.


They are undeniably rich and had no child so they cherich me a lot.


They are now my family and my parents.


I Miss Ian so much and I planned going to Seoul tomorrow.


I need to see him and explain everything to him. I owe him a lot .


What are you thinking of hunny” mum said coming from the kitchen


Uhhm nothing mum ” I replied


Sure?” She asked again while I nodded


Okay your daddy and I have a surprise for you baby ”


Yes we do princess ” dad said coming out from his office


I rapidly blinked my eyes at them as curiousity was eating me up


What’s the surprise dad?” I asked . He winked at me and passed me three different envelopes


I stared from him to mum but they were both smiling at me. I opened the first envelope and it read thus;




I stared blankly at them and opened the second envelope




And the last ..




Oh my goodness! Am I dreaming?


Choose one princess and your tickets are ready for the three, anyone you chose is where you will have your tourism this summer starting from tomorrow baby girl” dad announced.


I didn’t know what I was doing till I jumped on both of them shouting atop of my voice .


calm down a bit will you? You are choking us Young lady” mum said


I’m so happy right now! Thank you mum and dad ” I yelled like a mad ass Perking them


So which did you wish to spend your Summer?” Dad asked


Seoul of course” I said …


Plans worked out on its own. Isn’t that amazing?


Seoul it is. Go get ready princess your flight is tomorrow ” they said .

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Good day ma’am, this way” the driver dad assigned to pick me from the airport said


I entered into the car and he drove off to my supposed house. I was welcomed by the cool breeze of the city .


I can’t wait to see my Ian. What if he have moved on? What if he already got married to Nita?


I shook my head and cleared the what ifs from my head . I trust Ian. I have the feeling he waited for me .


The house was a small one but very beautiful, well designed and decorated.


Dad bought this house for me just for a summer.


I can’t help but admire it .


The driver handed me the car keys and I went inside to take a look but then, I remembered I have to see Ian immediately.


I got the door closed and entered into the car .


Where to ma’am” my driver asked


You stay back I will drive myself”


I’m sorry ma’am, your dad gave me an order ” he said


And I say you aren’t driving me to where I’m going. Don’t worry I’m familiar with this city and nothing Will happen to me”


I assured him and drove off before he could say something.


Dad is so protective of me. Imagine he almost gave me two guards but I refused




The aura of Ian’s house filled my nostrils. How much I missed this.


I gently knocked on the door and waited patiently for him to get the door opened


Tessa?” He stiffened at his spot unable to move. I think surprised to see me. I ran to him and hugged him without saying a word to him.


Is this really you Tessa?”


Yes. Your Tessa Ian”


He touched my face .


As a tear escaped his eyes.


My Tessa! You left me! I miss you so much almond” he said and hugged me .


I’m sorry Ian, I will explain everything to you”


That she be another day almond, because right now you have to serve your punishment for leaving me.


He took me from the floor and headed in.



” I’m tired Ian, my flight just landed and I need rest ”


I don’t care baby! You kept me waiting for you, I can’t let you go again ” he said laying me on his bed.


He climbed up on me


I Love you almond” he spoke with his breath mixing with mine.


I.. Ian” I called faintly


I need rest” I protested


Without responding to my words, he clutched my wrist with his left hand and let his right hand free.


He traced his finger down my body. From my wrist to my arm as he continue tracing his fingers down to my thigh brushing each curve on my body arousing my sensation


His hand got to my knee where he pulled my gown to my thigh and began caressing the skin of my thigh. A loud moan escaped my lips.


He trailed wet kisses on my body he kissed my lips, suck them and equally beat them.


I’m sure I’m wet down there.


I didn’t prepare for this but I trust him.


He won’t leave me after this.


He positioned his c**k in my entrance as he searched my eyes to object to it but I didn’t move .


Gotten his answer, he began thrusting into me in a slow pace.


My virginity.


All I could feel was pain mixed with pleasure until he was fully into me.




My eyes o.

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