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Must Read: Secrets – Episode 20

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Episode 20






10:50 pm, Orange Resort.




“Martin, I am ready to hear all you know about the videos;


I am all ears,” Chucks said, holding the tape recorder in front of Martin and his gun in the other hand. Bathing his eye-lids like an animal hit with a flood of light,


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Martin began, “Three years ago I was invited to a meeting in Ghana by Chief Baribote. The purpose of the meeting was how to bring down his political opponents and their supporters. He played for us a video he had obtained from a woman; I suppose she is one of your friends. Her name was… ehmm… Amaju… who now?” He stuttered, trying to recall the full name. “Amaju Stella,” Chucks supplied.


“Yes! Amaju Stella. He had met the woman in a business conference. After the conference they ended up in the same bed. The lady Stella, had played the video for him to show him how to make love to her. The video was a little lengthy and shocking. Baribote was stunned to see the faces in the videos. I can’t recall the details of what happened afterwards, but I know that Baribote stole the video from Stella and asked me to kill her. Two days after I was asked to kill Stella, the hit was called off. I…”


“Why was the hit called off?” Chucks asked.


“I was not told, but later I overhead Emilia telling Chief Baribote that Mr. Amaju wanted to handle the matter his way.”.


“What?.Do you know who is Mr. Amaju?” Chucks asked, his eyes almost popping out with shock.


“I think he is Stella’s husband.” “Jesus! No! Please don’t tell me he knows about Stella’s secrets.”.


“I don’t have much information about Mr. Amaju. I am only telling you what I overheard by chance.”.


“Who else was in the meeting in Ghana?” “Emilia, Elizabeth Sekwa, Former…”. “Wait! Oh my God! Did you just mention Elizabeth Sekwa?” “Yes, I did.”. “What was she doing in the meeting?. She and her father are in the videos. They are hunting the videos to destroy them, aren’t they?” Chucks was sweating now in spite of the chilly atmosphere in the hotel room. “So you haven’t heard?” Chucks raised his gun toward Martin and shouted, “Haven’t heard what?” Martin shook and volunteered the answer hurriedly, “Former president Billy repeatedly abused Elizabeth and her sisters when they were teenagers…”. “What sort of abuse do you mean?”.

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“Se.xual abuse. All his three daughters have children for him. Last year I helped poison Felix; Elizabeth’s son for her father. It was Elizabeth wanted him dead.” “Hold on Mr. Martin, are you telling me that Elizabeth was part of those who planned the videos, and her primary reason was to destroy her father?” “Yes, he offered her father a chance to have sex with her in a celebrity orgy hosted by your



friend Mayo, and he jumped at it.” Chucks stood up and paced around a bit, obviously to let out some steam. He walked back to Martin and sat.


“I was in the sexual orgies all the days it lasted, I can tell you that Billy may not have slept with his daughter, Elizabeth. Why did they bring him there?. Was it to record what he did with the others?”.


“Exactly, but if you look closely you will see that Billy slept with a thirteen-year-old girl on the last night of the orgies. That girl is his granddaughter, Marion. Emilia made that happen for Elizabeth. Of course she used pendulum on both Billy and his granddaughter.”


Chucks felt his head swoon, he wanted to hear more but he had already heard more than he could handle.


Seeing Chucks was distraught, the private detective working with Chucks, took over asking the questions.


“You were going to mention other people in the meeting which took place in Ghana, who are they?”


“The current minister of State for Education, two currently serving South-west Governors. Back then they were not governors, but were in government serving in different capacities. There is one more person in the meeting, she is very powerful, I don’t know if I should mention her name.”


Before the detective could reply him a word, Chucks swung himself from the left side of Martin and landed a nasty blow on his chin and left him sprawling on the floor in pain. He raised his boot to match his neck and his men stopped him.


“When I asked you to tell me all you know, I meant it! .Who is the woman?” Chucks barked fighting to break loose from the men who held him. Martin was shaken up by the punch. His jaw and been torn open and was bleeding. Martin tried to speak but the pain was too much. The detective waved at one of the prostitutes and she ran over. The detective asked her to get a towel from the bathroom, put some ice from the fridge on it and place it on Martin’s wound.


Chucks who was breathing heavily like a bull in a fight, barked once more at Martin,


“I want the name now!”


From the floor where he lay, Martin squeaked, “Julia Idris.” The mere mention of the name hushed everyone in the room. A pin-drop could have been heard. The harlots were shocked by how scared Chucks, the detective and his men were. They looked from Chucks to the detective, waiting for the cue to bolt. Julia Idris was the wife of the current president. Her influence was overwhelming. It was believed she single handedly removed Billy and put her husband in power. Julia Idris had



influence in every sector of the economy and was ruthless. Her connection in the military and paramilitary agencies were common knowledge to those in politics. She hated the former president Billy for his corrupt ways and swore on national television to remove him from office, and that she eventually did.


Chucks had expected a name, but not one that big. He had to calm himself and took a sit. With a clam voice he asked, “Why were Eve and Stanley shot?” . The detective pulled Martin up from the floor and put him back on his seat. The terrified sex worker began to apply the towel on his wound. Managing to speak, Martin said, “Someone mailed the videos to them. We think they have the videos. The decision to kill them was made so that the videos would not be found and to fool Maxwell, Billy, the four governors and the celebrities in the videos that Emilia and her team were working to stop the videos from spreading. Something had to be done and your friends being the ones to whom the videos were mailed to, had to take the fall.”


At that point, Martin’s phone rang, it was a text message from Emilia, it read, “Martin, I am sending Leroy to you. He is in bed with me right now. I fear that he knows he was set up at the nightclub. He asked me about it in a manner which suggested he might be up to something. When he comes to meet you, kill him. Make sure his body is never found.” Carefully Chucks read the message with a sadistic smile on his face.


“I was thinking of killing you, I have just changed my mind. You know far too much. I think you will be much more useful to me alive than dead. Dress him up,” Chucks said to the harlots working with him. The detective untied Martin’s legs and the harlots got him into his boxer shorts and trouser. Some minutes later he was fully dressed up. Chucks sent his men to the room they had booked to gain entry into the hotel to remove their belongings. The detective cuffed Martin’s hand to his, while Chucks gave him cover from behind with his gun under his clothe. Ahead of them the two harlots and the other men working with the detective, made their way down stairs, their eyes darting about for anything suspicions.


In the restaurant, Eve, Stanley and their men were still waiting. When they heard footsteps descending the staircase, they all pulled their guns and inched closer. Stanley was in the lead. He was looking for Chucks. The two harlots and the detective’s men passed, he felt something wasn’t right, the harlots had the figure of those afraid of something. He sent the guards’ helmsman and two of his men after them and held his position. Behind him Eve held her gun firmly and inched toward the staircase, ready to shoot anything which would threaten her. A few seconds later, the detective led Martin into the lobby, Stanley could see he had his hand



cuffed to his. He stood up and walked briskly toward them with his gun concealed under his clothes. More stories He was stopped cold when he saw Chucks descending from the staircase. Chucks could not move a limb either. Though he knew Stanley was alive, he still could not believe his eyes.


From his left side, Chucks felt a cold metal brush his ear. He turned only to see Eve. Her eyes were misty and she was visibly trying to control her anger. She dug her gun into Chucks back, took his gun and whispered, “So you betrayed us.” “No Eve, I did not. We were all fooled,” Chucks replied. The detective could tell they had been ambushed. He tried to call his men for back-up but it was too late. Stanley moved quickly and shoved his gun into his mouth, saying, “If you speak a word I will blow your brains out here.” The detective nodded, signaling submission. Stanley and Eve led him and Chucks toward the hotel kitchen and out into the compound. At the car park, the helmsman and his men subdued the two harlots and the men with them, using fake police identity cards.


About an hour later, Chucks and his entire team were successfully moved to the house the Helmsman and Stanley used as their investigation base. .




10:30 am, Stone Valley Hotel.




Annabel was holding a gun in her right hand and crying. Mayo was sitting on the bed, looking sad.


“They did not just frame up my father and I, but they have gone ahead to kill him. Mayo, I want to find out who did this. I swear by God; I will clean out their entire generation!”.


“You have got to calm down and give me three days to get you the information you want. Right now, I don’t know who killed Maxwell. You know he had many enemies. As at now I don’t know which of them ordered the hit,” he lied.


“I have drawn up a list. Top on it is Emilia. She had us drugged in a party you and her hosted. I have found the little girl Billy had sex with in the video, she remembered being given something to drink before she passed out. Emilia was the one who gave her the drug. She has been behind this all along.”


Mayo was shocked to hear that; Annabel wasn’t even meant to find the girl. How could she have found her, he thought.


“Who else are on your list?” he asked hoping Bimpe or her husband, Mr. Femi, won’t be on the list.



“Chief Baribote and Julia Idris,” she replied holding back some information. Mayo calmed.


“I see you have been working a lot. I am going to look in that direction and see what I can find. I’ve got to go now.”


Mayo stood and exited the hotel room.


Annabel made a quick call, “Hello, Mayo is on his way out of the hotel, follow him and find out where he goes and who he talks to.”


When Mayo reached his rented car, he made a call, “Bimpe, Annabel is mad. She wants revenge. Luckily she doesn’t have you or your husband’s name on her hit list. She has also found Marion. I don’t know how.”


“That is not possible! If she has found her then it would mean Emilia or Steve is deliberately feeding her some information to come after us.” “I don’t think so. She is mad with Emilia, if she gets the chance right now, she would strangle her to death.”Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon buttons below


“You shouldn’t buy that Mayo, what if she was pretending? I am going to let her know what actually happened in those nights, that way she will point her anger in the right direction. On the other hand, you haven’t faked my husband’s death, why?”.


“I found out he has a hit squad on the prowl for us. We need him to call them off.” “I think I have to speak with him.”


“That will be great, please do it so I can move freely.”


After the call, Mayo drove off and two vehicles sent by Annabel followed him.










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