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Johnson’s Dickson – Episode 17

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Episode 17


It was stretching his pajamas so much and

formed this massive tent there. My seeing

this, got my p—y dripping at once! Desire

and lust found their place again in me and I

began toddling my way towards him. Bent

and sweeping, and still backing him. He was

having an unrestricted view of my luscious

a-s as well as my thick na.ked thighs.

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However, as though that wasn’t enough, I felt

my left hand go round to my back and in one

single snap, undid the only button which has

hindered my p—y from being seen all this

while and just like a new movie, my glistening

moist juicy p—y came into full inspection!

“Oh….”, he sighed, in response. Quite

inaudibly, though.

I pretended as though I never heard it and

continued to totter my way in backward

movements towards him. He began stretching

his neck even further, adjusting his hands as

though in preparation to grab my hip! I could

feel several drops of p—y juice dribbling

their way down my legs as the smell of p—y

filled the air.

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As soon as I was just an inch or so away

from his face, he grabbed my hip and in one

quick dash, buried his entire face into my a-s

and p—y!! My broom stick fell off my hand.

“My gwaad!!”, I moaned!! Grabbing his heavy

d–k in the course, through the fabric of his

pajamas. It felt so full and thick!

“Sluch!! Sluch!! Sluch!!…” went his lips and

wandering tongue as they licked, s—-d and

stabbed their way through my p—y and a-s


My crotch instantly became a flood of saliva

and p—y juice! I for my part remained busy

pulling and tugging unto his d–k! Doing my

best to rub its swollen head as much as I

could. I was yet to uncover it, since I wasn’t

reaching behind as well as I would have liked!

However, just when the passion seemed to

have built up so high, I was baffled to see Mr.

Johnson lift me up and in a single swing,

perfectly place my juicy round a-s on his

face! Giving me access to unlock his hidden

d–k! A thrilling 69 was around the corner!

And I didn’t waste any further time either,

because as soon as he got me positioned, I

undid the knot of his trouser, dipped my hand

in and pulled out the monstrous 9inch rod!

Its bubbly head was glistening with pre-c-m

and in a single swipe, I wiped it off his hole

with my tongue! His pre-c-m tasted so good!

And was a quick invite to get down to work! I

therefore buried the turgid thing inside my

mouth and despite the challenging size,

managed to suck the rod with my stretched

lips! Since I could only get about one-third of

the entire length into my longing mouth, I

tried concentrating on the head precisely! I

swirled my tongue around it and tried

penetrating the pee-hole with the tip a couple

of times! He responded to this by pushing his

d–k more into my mouth, causing me to gag

on the large meat!

He was equally doing a great job with my

p—y! He had spread the outer lips with his

fingers, giving him better room to bury his

entire tongue into my c–t hole! He was

driving me crazy! I was left wondering how a

devout church-person like him could be this

good with p—y-munching! Maybe he eats

his wife’s too, was the only reasonable

explanation I could give. He was so good that

I began riding his mouth like some d–k,

pouring loads and loads of juice into his face

as a result! He was simply an expert! And

when we both felt we had had enough of the

69, we easily changed position with little

explanations. I went on all fours, right on the

bed, and he got onto his knees

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