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Se.x Partners – Episode 13

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Chapter Thirteen



Jasmine pov



“You mean Vivian asked him to do such to me?” I asked surprised, confused and angry.


“Yes, it seems like she holds some grudges against you” he said.


“But I have done her no bad” I said.


“Would you like to meet her?” He asked.


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“Sure” I said while he took me to where she was.


“Vivian” I called when I saw her.


She looked at me with no feeling of guilt.


“Are you here to mock me or what?”


“You must be happy now that you’ve seen me here” she chuckled.


“But you shouldn’t be too happy, during my arrest I made sure to leak your relationship with James before getting arrested, you will be constantly mocked at the office” she said.


“Don’t you feel guilty? I did nothing to you to deserve this”


“Guilty? the only thing I feel guilty for is not accomplishing my mission. You took my man from me!” she yelled.


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“Your man? James was never yours neither mine. He doesn’t even like you, you are crazy Viv, you are obsessed with something that will never been yours and was never yours, and you end up here all because of your greed” I said.

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“You are so pathetic Vivian, you want something you can’t have and that lead you here” I said and left her.


Greed, Vivian’s greed for James lead her here. Where will mine lead me?



Vivian pov


I don’t regret what I did, my only regret was that I didn’t accomplished my goal.


The fact that I lost to her, and I didn’t make James mine.


And the fact that am struck here, but I don’t regret doing it at all.


At least, everyone knows about their relationship.


I made sure to tell Bridgette, a gossiper in our office about their relationship.


Now everyone will know about them and they will have no choice but to leave the company and go their separate ways.


If I can’t have James then Jas too can’t have him.


An eye for an eye, that is how the world works.


“Am not the loser neither am I the winner” I said and laughed wickedly.


This is the end of you Jas.



James pov



“What are you going to do now? The whole planning and strategic department knows about your scandal with Jas, and also there is no doubt that everyone in other departments knows too” the executive director said.


“How can you be so careless, you should have kept such affairs a secret” Mr Daniel said unpleased.


“Am sorry sir” I said.


“Just find a solution yourself” he said and I left his office.


I could hear people murmuring about Jas and I.


Looking at me like I killed someone, am just worried about Jas. How will she cope with all these.


“James!!!” I heard my name being called.


I already know who it was.


I turned to her, trying to put on a cold face, not sure if I was doing well.


“Can we talk?” Jas asked.


“No, am busy” I said.


“Please, just for a sec. People are watching” she said and I looked around and saw people looking at us.


“Let’s go to my office” I said and she followed me.


“What do you want?” I asked her.


“Are you alright with everything that is going on?” She asked.


“I don’t need your worries, if that is all, can you leave?” I asked coldly while she looked at me with a sad face.


I am hurting her but I have no choice.


“Why are you doing this to me? Why are you acting cold to me? Can’t you see how hurt I am? I get we are just sex partners, but is that the only thing it is to you, just sex partners, no strings attached, no feelings underneath?” She asked.


“Jas, what exactly do you think you are to me” I said.


“What do you mean?” She asked.



“To me, you are just a cheap girl who is always there whenever I need someone to screw, I can’t like someone like you, you are just too cheap for me. Can’t you see?” I said and I received a slap.


She was already crying, I think I went too far.


“You are right, I totally forgot that. You are such a jerk, I wish you a good life with your girlfriend. I regret meeting you, all you brought into my life was just pain, doubt, confusion but…. but. Go to hell James” she said and left my office.


Am also hurt, you don’t know I feel. I just want to believe that this is what is best for us even when I know I will regret it.


I just want to believe letting you go, is the right choice for all of us, it also hurts me a lot.


Because I know my addiction for you has turned to something else.



Jasmine pov


How could he say such hateful words to me?


How could he hurt me and use me like I was nothing.


I want revenge, but my heart and body wants something else.


I want to hurt him back but my heart tells me no, and my body eager for his touch.


Now my heart and my body has become my enemy.


I stood in front of my car facing it and crying.


Suddenly I felt someone behind me, he covered my mouth before I could shout.


“Don’t you dare do any rubbish” he said with a thick voice.



Thinking he was the only one there, I used my elbow to hit him hard in his stomach and he released me.


I started running, but stopped abruptly as I felt a blunt force hit me on the head.


I fell as blood came out of my head, it all hurts, I can’t move.


Right now, before I die.


I just want to tell this person what he really means to me.


I just want to tell James that I love him.


That is my dying wish.


To see him and tell him I can’t stop thinking about him, I missed his touch, everything, and I love him.


“I love you James”






Oh my god Poor Jas .


, seems like Anita succeeded in her plans.



Life can be so unfair


What will happen to jasmine now, I hope she doesn’t die.







Se.x partners



I hate him, but my body wants him



Pain and love



By Rachel Fadipe


Genre: Romance, betrayal.


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