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Raped By Anonymous – Episode 18

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Episode 18



Dalton father pov



“Honey…what happened?” My wife asked me “Lemma hit happiness”


“What?! How dare her? How dare her lay her hand on my precious daughter? which kind of girl is that? Is that how she will be hitting her when she marry her father?”


“Calm down, that’s not the problem now”


“How is that not a problem? She hit your granddaughter”


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“I know but today I receive this letter in work”


“Who sent it and what did it say?”


“It doesn’t said the person. But what it contain…it so”


My wife snatched the paper from my hand.


Her eyes widened as she go through it.


“She’s pregnant?”


she said looking at me with surprised.


I nodded.


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“So, lemma is already pregnant with another person baby before visiting Dalton?”


“I think the guy sent this letter” I mumbled.


“She can’t marry my son anymore. Not in this life. She took a bastard to my son’s house! She has to leave. Give Dalton a call right now” my wife said


“Take it easy. Let me see her father first. You have to take things slowly”


“No way. What if he makes Dalton sleep with her and claim that he own it?”


“But we have already know the truth. And besides, Dalton doesn’t like her. I’ll look into it, don’t worry” I said assuring my wife. *







Dalton pov


“Why did you want to do that?” I asked Helene.


“I just feel like going back home”


“But am going to miss you”


“I won’t stay long. Just to check if…” she shook her head. “You know…guardian of angel..may visit me..or mom or lemma. I had a feelings that among those three..”


“What about school?” Stephan said slipping in his drink.


“Dalton will cover up for me” She said



My eyes widened.




“Yes..they will obey you, you know”


“I have repent. I am now a born again” I said


“Um..born again indeed” Loretta said and rolled her eyes. “So, are you going with her?” Stephan asked Loretta sadly “Not at all. She was going alone” She answer “Should I go with you?”.I asked her.


“No..there’s no need for that”


“Or are you going there to see another guy?”


She rolled her eyes.








The next day



Lemma pov



I was in the sitting room when the door flipped open. Coming in was my lost sister, Helene.


“Helene..” I screamed and ran to her.


“Lemma!” She said happily and hugged me tight.


“So..my gut was telling the truth after all” she said smiling.


“You have grown so big”


“Likewise you..”


“How is daddy and mom?”


“They are both fine. They will be happy to see you”


She shook her head and sat down.


“Dad can’t accept me. He hates me and can never forgive me. You know that, lemma”


“He has already forgive you”


Then came to view was their old maid.


“Welcome, miss” our maid said


Helene stood up and hugged her.


“I miss you so much. I can’t imagine that I will still meet you here” Helene said “Why won’t I be? I am doing my work, miss” “But who is paying you?”



The woman smile and take her bag inside.


“Where’s your child?” Lemma asked her.


Then Helene eyes began to teary.









Lemma pov



“How can you do that to me, Aaron? How can you betrayed me like this?” Lemma said to the person on the other line.



Why won’t I do that? You can’t run away from me. I own you and that child in you. How can you expect me to seat and be watching you marry another guy with you carrying my child in you?” the person said


“But that’s not the best way..Aaron”



There’s no other way to make you mine than that. I have sent it to Dalton father and I know that very soon, he will make a decision. You’re mine and mine alone. I love you and will never share your love with anybody” Aaron said and hanged up.







“Shit” I mumbled.


“How can he do that? How can he told them that am pregnant?” I said biting my finger.


“You’re pregnant?” I heard a voice behind me


I stumbled back when I saw Helene.


“It wasn’t intentional..” I said shaking my head.


(Skip time)


“It alright…if you don’t want to leave there anymore, you can stay with me in Chicago”


“Really?” I said happily


“Yes. And try to make things up *with Aaron. He love you and you do also before you got carried away by ordinary beauty. Try to admit that you’re sorry and ready* to make things right” Helena said


“But what about daddy? Am scared!”


Helene sighed.


“God will help us. Get ready, we are going tomorrow” She mumbled.








The next day(Which makes three days that Helene left Chicago)



Dalton father pov








Three slap was landed on Stephan cheek.




After the discussion between me and my wife that day, I decided to check on my friend to tell him about lemma. But what I found there almost shocked me to death.


I found out that it was my son, Dalton that raped her first daughter which was suppose to betrothed to him in the first place.


I was ashamed and embarrassed. I learnt that the girl is alive and healthy.


We hurt her. My son cause her a traumatic pain by raping her, separating her from her family and by kidnapped her daughter.



But I still *blamed her father for this. When he found out that his daughter was raped, he supposed to* *investigate the issue then and all this wont have* happen.


But he just did it in late hours and was even afraid to tell me.


Can you imagine?


If I had not go there about lemma issue, he wont tell me.


So, I came to *Chicago to ask Stephan why he did such an act and to tell me where we can find the girl cuz her father said, he no nothing about her well being which is killing him slowly.*


His love for his daughter is killing him. He felt guilt which is too late.


I just hope the girl can forgive us all.


“ANSWER ME, STEPHAN!” I shouted at him.


“I-I am.. *sorry sir. I..I t..thought…Dalton won’t..be happy..if he get engaged to that kind of girl…I did it to help Dalton. I am sorry sir” He said looking* down.


“Did I sent you, Stephan? Did I sent you?” Dalton shouted at him.


“Shut up” I *tell him. “You’re the cause of this. You raped* an *innocent girl and you dragged me into his evil act and make me took away her daughter by telling* me that she’s dead! What’s the world leading to? How can both of you be this heartless? How can you be this wicked?”


“Dad, I am not aware of this”


“But you’re aware that you raped her. You raped the girl that you were supposed to betrothed to!”


Dalton eyes widened.


“What? My what?”


“Yes. That’s the same girl that I wanted you to marry before her father say otherwise and ask her younger sister to betrothed to you”


“You..” Stephan wanted to talk but Dalton father cut him off “I don’t want to hear your voice anymore”


“You mean lemma is Helene sister?” Dalton said


“Yes..she was her sister. She was the Helene sister that you raped” “W-what..? I-it..w…was you t…that raped me ?” We heard a voice behind us.


I then back and saw a very beautiful girl. Tears were streaming down her Cheek.


“Who is this?” I mumbled


Dalton move back in fear.




“It….was…you that raped me. Separating me from my family. Taken away… my




“Helene…I can…explain”


So, this is the girl. They even know each other. What a crazy children!


“Noooooo……!!!!!” She screamed so hard headed to the door then ran out.

















*Raped by Anonymous*


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