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The One I Want – Episode 10

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#EPISODE_10  Natalie’s POV✏    I turn on my bed and look at the clock  “Its 2am”I said nd sit up    I sigh deeply  “It have been like half a year now but I just don’t know why I feel so incomplete since my fall?”I asks rubbing my hair    I stands up  “Let’s feel the warm breeze”I said smiling    I turn to see sis sleeping so peacefully so I cver her well wit h the one duvet then walk oustide    I move to t he seaside nd spread my arms  “So wow o”I said smiling    I turn my head nd see someone laying on the sand    I walk step by step there nd smiles  “Nelson?”I says calling to him    He look up at me nd smiles  “Hey beauty”he said  I shakes my head  “What are you doing outside?”I asks him    He tap beside him nd I lay down too  “I just don’t know nd you?”he asks me  More interesting stories available  I sigh  “Me too”I reply    He turn his head to me  “I don’t know how many years I’ve been in Sheridan city but my heart is always here in Shelley city like I’ve something important here that’s why I run away from home to finds out what”he said to me    I turn to him  “Nd what that?”I asks him    He brings out a paper nd a blue pen  “One thing about me that I love so much is that I can draw so perfectly”he said to me    Saying that makes my head hurt but not much “Really?”I asks   He hiss nd look away  “You suppose to say I should show you”he said    I laugh and turn his head to my side  “Ok show me”I said    He smiles  “I’ve not draw anyone else apart from my mom nd dad use to beg me to draw him cos I want to draw mom most nd feel little angry drawing dad”he said    I laugh nd tap him  “That’s so bad of you”I said    He nods  “Yes I know but I just don’t know why I dislike drawing him so should I draw you?”he asks    I feel déjà vu as he said it but brush it off  “I’ll be honour”I said    He gesture to me as I move to his front nd fold my legs looking at him    He winks nd start drawing    But  He draw nd laugh then draw nd laugh again    I sigh  “Are you doing something funny to my face?”I asks him    He laugh again nd I’ve no choice as I snatch the paper from him but gasps seeing it    He laugh  “Feeling dazed?”he asks me    I just smile brightly  “It just that,it just..”I said not knowing what to say    He smiles nd wink  “I always mesmerizes mom even dad too when iI draw them too”he said laughing    I turn my head sideway  “Don’t you feel like we’ve met before?”I asks    He nods  “I wanna say that too but you might tag me as a player!”he said nd I laugh    Nd face him  “Really?”I asks    He turn to me  “I’ve been feeling empty despite I’ve a lovely mom and a strict dad who cares too but it feel like I’m not complete,don’t know what will complete me but when I set my eyes on you in the car,I feel whole”he said blushing    I look him straight in his eyes  “Me too,since I’ve a great fall which no one told me why I’ve it,I’ve been using the drugs I mean the two dose to keep my head from cracking cos I’m very sure that why I feel incomplete too is tag with the fall but it hurt most right here”I said touching my chest    He sigh  “Since I’ve been here too,I’ve been seeing images especially when I jump in the sea earlier nd you swim to save me,I sees a guy tho not his face drawing you too but I just can’t comprehend it”he said to me  More interesting stories available   I sigh  “I feel déjà vu too like this have happen before”I said to him    He turn to me  “Will you let me help you to remember?”he asks    I look up at him  “How?”I asks    He move close to me  “Just close your eyes nd try remembering that day you’ve the great fall”he said to me    I sigh nd obey him immediately  Closing my eyes,I picture myself again on the ladder nd sigh    He cups my cheeks  “Where are you,Natalie?”he asks me    I sigh deeply  “I’m on a while ladder looking down nd sees our maids telling me someone is dead and and nd!”I gasps as my head start paining me mo re    He pull me to his chest  “Are you okay?”he asks me    I shake my head looking for my drugs but he stops me  “Not every time you’ll be using that”he said nd pull my hands out    He pull me more to his chest nd cuddle me Its so painful when we wanna remember When we wanna remember the past But just hold on to one thing And that’s no matter what  You’ll still have those who’ll love you  With you  Just hold on to your I heart  And a time will come  That everything will be so right  Nd you will be happyyyyyyy    He sings so beutifully nd I smiles looking at him “Thats wow o”I said   He look down at me  “Are you okay now?”he asks me    I smiles looking straight into his eyes  “I’m so okay,thanks much Nelson”I said    He smiles nd pull me again to his c best  “I’m gonna be here with you so enough of the doses”he said    I laugh  “Alright doc”I said nd he laugh too    He cuddle me so tight to his chest nd I feel so complete which I know he’s too then we raise our heads to look at the multiple stars shinning in the dark bright night    There are two best medicine in the whole world    (1)MOM    She’s the best medicine that when taken,we feel so whole nd well   When we’re sick,just one touch from mom make us hale nd healthy again nd the sickness run so far from us    May God keep our mommies safe for us    Oh yeah,nd make our daddies blissful too    (2)LOVE    T his is the perfect medicine which comes from our loved dear one in our heart    Just ONE    Call  Text  Smile  Hug  Laugh  Touch  And so on    From them make us feel well nd sound again with total sound body system    May God secure our loved ones for us.AMEN     Una good afternoon my dears in the rum    Unknow’s POV    I stretch on my bed nd hiss  “Who the hell is calling me those late night?”I asks looking so pissed    I sit up from the bed nd rub my eyes then pick up the call “Who the hell is calling me?”I asks   The person hiss  “Its me calling”the person says    I hiss as I recognise the voice  “And how did you get my number?”I asks    The person laugh  “You might have cut nd throw the other sim in the sea but I get you wrap in my fingers”she said    I laugh  “I might be the black sheep of the family but don’t call me when you’ve shit to clear”I said    She laugh  “Then I be the bomb that gonna trigger you off “she said    Yes yes yes,she’s gonna be my end    I rub my hair    TO BE CONTINUED  #THE_ONE_I_WANT

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