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Se.x Partners – Episode 11

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Chapter Eleven



Anita pov



“So your perfect boyfriend cheated on you?” Luke asked almost like he was mocking me.


“Yes, are you deaf or something?” I asked.


“Am sorry” he said raising his hands.


“Whatever” I said still pissed.


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“Is that the reason you are like this?” He asked.


“You are also cheating on him remember?” he said.



“But at least I don’t like the guy am cheating on him with” I said while he frowned.


“That hurts” he said but I cared less.


“Why do you think he likes her?” He asked.


“Because James came home hurt, he was drunk and the only name in his mouth was Jas, he kept saying he is sorry and he missed her” I shouted infuriated.


“So why are you going to do now?” Luke asked.


“What else, am going to kill her” I said with a wicked smile.

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“Kill someone, are you insane or what? All because of a guy” he said.


“Yes, I can’t lose James, never” I said.


“But going to that extent it is insane, I’ll just pretend like I didn’t hear this” he said about to leave.


“I need you Luke, please help me” I said.


“I can’t, I will do anything for you but not killing” he said.


“I have no choice, am sure you don’t want me to go tell your parent that you have been cheating and disobeying them, or tell your girlfriend that we have something together, your dad will be so pissed and disappointed. It matters a lot to him, and your mom will be the one to face the consequences, he is going to beat her to stupor, not to talk of the fact that you will lose your father’s support and all his wealth.” I said and smirked.


“Anita!” he said angry.


“So what are you doing to do love?” I asked.


“Ok, I will do whatever you want” he said and clenched his fist.


“Great, I want you to find me some guys to take care of her” I said.


Jas, you messed with the wrong person.



Jasmine pov


“Here is the file you requested for” I said to James.


“Put it down” he said coldly not looking at me but his gaze fixed on his computer.


“Ok, have a nice day then” I said and left his office.


He has been acting cold to me, ignoring me and it really hurts me even when I try to understand, I just can’t.


I looked at my time, I picked my bag and my jacket and left my office.


I got to the parking lot.


“Hi” I heard a familiar voice say.


I looked behind me and it was the guy from the other time.


“What are you doing here?” I asked unfriendly.


“I guess this is how to act to people” he said.


“It depends, for people like you who comes to my office for no good reasons. How do you expect me to act?” I asked.


“I came here because I want to give you back your purse” he said and showed me the purse.


“Oh my god, I have been looking for it” I said.


“Yea, but here you are accusing me of stalking you” he said.


“Am sorry, I have just not been in a good mood lately” I said.


“Why?” He asked.


“It is personal” I said.


“I still want to hear it and get to know you better, how about you tell me over a drink” he said.


“Ok,” I said and smiled.


“Let’s go” he said and opened his car.



Michael pov


I looked at jasmine as I took her to my house.


Her beautiful body, I am sure am not going to regret doing this.


She thinks I found her purse but I stole it.


And when I saved her the other day, it was all planned.


‘Now it is time to enjoy myself’ I thought as I lick my lips.



Jasmine pov


“Here take” he said and hands me a cup of wine.


“Thanks” I said and collect it


“Am sorry for being harsh at you.”


“It is ok, so what is the reason you are like this?” He asked.


“It is better not to talk about it” I said and sighed.


I just want to be free from James.


“Let’s forget it” he said and drink from his wine.


I also took mine, I have been waiting for him to drink his, just don’t completely trust him.Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon button at the bottom of the screen



“So tell me about yourself” he said while I suddenly started feeling dizzy.


“Uhn,” I said feeling stiff.


I couldn’t see his face probably.


“What….” I stuttered and blacked out.




Oh my god, what happened to Jas?


Who is Michael working for?



What are they planning to do with Jas?






Se.x partners



I hate him, but my body wants him




Pain and love


Brought to you by Author Ayomiposi diaries.


Genre: Romance, betrayal.

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