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Wonder Woman – Episode 10

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Wonder Woman





Authoress Jane Ese


Episode 10


[Drama king and queen ]



Continuation from the last episode


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“Please don’t he’s gonna beat you up you know he has anger issues moreover he is your father please Kira” I pleaded


“Mom you are telling me that I shouldn’t meet that bastard why? I should not meet him when he is there banging a slut on your fu.cking matrimonial bed” she half yelled


Jeez where did this girl learn how to curse “Calm down Kira”


She wiggled out of my grip and was about to leave the room I held her again “And please don’t tell Kyle” I pleaded


She didn’t bother to answer rather she carefully removed my hands from hers and went out to God knows where




I sniffed as I locked the door I almost broke into tears in front of mom that would trigger her teats I only used my anger to cover it up.


I cried and went into the store room to call Kyle to inform him of what is happening


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Yo! Sis what’s up!


I tried to say something but I chojef back on my tears Kirry what’s wrong?


I’m okay but mom is not


Why? What’s wrong with mom?


That fu.cking bastard beat her up again




Not only that he brought a slut home and he is currently banging her in their matrimonial bed




Please pretend as if you know nothing about this okay?


Okay got it



I need to quickly meet mom before she starts suspecting bye bro Bye sis


I smiled sadly and hung up the call “Everything’s gonna be okay” I assured myself




I sighed sadly and dropped my phone Daniel a friend at the club noticed my sudden change in mood


“Man what’s wrong?” He asked


“Its nothing”


“Please do let me know of anything is wrong or bothering you”


“Sure bro” I iled and continued with what I was doing





I closed from work and head home I got to the door and rang the bell Kayla opened the door this little Lady has not slept yet “Its big bro” she said smiling brightly


“Yea it is how are you and how was school?” I asked carrying her up “I’m fine school….it was okay” she said cheerfully


“Ok now so go play big bro and freshen up” I said putting her to the floor


“Okay bro” She skipped away


I climb up stairs


“Mom! Kira! I’m home!” I announced


It seems as if they didn’t hear me


I got to my to freshened up dressed up and walked out of my room heading towards Kira’s room


I sighed “I think its time to show that I have good acting skills”


I knocked on her door she opened smiling


“Hey bro” she greeted


“Hey Kirry” I teased


She laughed I went inside and met mom reading a fashion magazine Women and fashion

“Good evening mom” I greeted

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“Good evening son” she smiled


I looked at her she wrapped herself like someone wearing hijab, a muslim outfit. (Topster Stories) More @ generalloaded.com


I smiled to myself .”Mom why are you dressed like a Muslim?” I asked


“Oh you know is ramandan I took picture with the outfit snapped it and put it on my blog in celebration of ramandan after snapping pics I loved the outfit so I didn’t want to pull it off again” she gave a lengthy explanation


I laughed this woman is sure a drama queen I would show her that I am also a drama kingz


“Wiw it suits you perfectly well it seems as if I woiks also dress like a Muslim so


we could snap picture together” j smiled


“Sure” she smiled nervously


I looked at Kira I can see that she was trying to suppress a hard laughter its being


long since I saw her like this


“Oh Kira I bought food”


Truthfully I did


“Come with me so you could put it in the microwave and set dinner” I said “Okay bro”


“Mom we would be right back” I told mom she only nodded in reply





I was trying to suppress a hard laughter from bursting luckily Kyle came to my rescue he sure knows me well


We came out I made sure the door was locked properly before I burst into an uncontrollable laughter


“You are really a drama king” I said in between laughter “Really?” He ask


“Yea you really put a show up in there” I said


He smiled and gave me a “high five” its been long since we laughed like this We walked to the kitchen laughing at what happened in the room












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