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Ecstasy – Episode 31

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Throughout the next day, the girls where locked in their room. They meditated


through out.


Preparing their minds.





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The birthday.


The d-day.


The three girls stood in front of Eliza, they just woke up from their meditation.


Eliza looked at them with a smile formed on her face.


“Today is the day for your true form to unfold, you might not transform or you might, it depends on what you entail. It will be painful but for just a while. So are you ready?”


Eliza asked.


“So ready.” Elma said excitedly.


“I will bare any pain, as long as it worth it.” Imogene said earning a glare from carlisa.


“I am ready.” She said irritated.


“Good, the ritual will be when the moon comes out, and with some knowledge, its coming out by 7 this night, so be here by that time. For now, you all can do what you want to.”


“Finally I will be away from them.” Carlisa muttered.


“And that reminds me, you are all sticking to each other until the ritual, you three can’t be away, you must be close like really close, so anywhere any of you go, the rest follow.”


“What?” Carlisa and Imogene asked at the same time.


“Its so gonna be awesome.” Elma said excitedly.


“No, its gonna be a disaster.” Carlisa said.


“But you three will be able to handle it, bye bye.” Eliza said and left.


Imogene and carlisa both glared ay each other.


“We will first go for shopping.” Elma said.


“Never.” Carlisa said.


“Not happening.” Imogene said.


“Then I will leave the both of you, you know am not to bothered about having powers, but you two are. So I won’t be bothered.”


“Are you crazy to threaten me?” Imogene asked.


“Then I will leave.”


“Fine, we will go do that stupid shopping of yours idiot.” Carlisa said.


“Awesome, let’s go.” Elma said and the smile on her face turned into a frown. “We haven’t taken our bath yet and now we need to do it together, gosh its beginning to affect me, am a shy your lady.” She said.


“Shit, we haven’t yet.” Carlisa said.


“Then we should skip taking our bath cause been dirty won’t kill us.” Imogene said.


“Sometimes, i do wonder if you truly have brains. No wait, you don’t. Not only are


you ugly, but also dirty. If you can stay for a day without taking your bath, then


you can just watch us bath.”


Carlisa said.


“You…… How dare you insult me? I will pay you for the insult you gave me.”


“Go ahead sweetheart.” Carlisa said.



“Enough now both of you, let’s go take our bath.” Elma said and left, they both followed her.


“Oops I forgot, you two have to take your clothes.” Elma said.


The three of them went to carlisa’s room first before going to the room given to Imogene.


That took their clothes and what they will need and went back to Elma’s room.


“Please can you both look at the wall while I undress?” Emma asked.


“Good idea, cause I don’t what to see anything that will spoil my mood.” Imogene said.


“Yeah you are right, yours might make me puke.” Carlisa said referring to Imogene.


They both turned while Elma undressed, she tied a towel round her chest. “Am done.”


Carlisa and Imogene then undressed.


The three of them went to the bathroom together.


“So who will go in first?” Carlisa asked.


“you go first.” Imogene said.


“No fu.cking way.” Carlisa said.


“Then Elma, you go first.”


“Not me first.”


Carlisa and imogene smiled and pushed her in.


Imogene dragged her towel while Carlisa turn on the shower.


“Argggghhhhh.” Elma screamed as the cold water rushed down her body.


“Cold, cold, too cold.” She said. She looked at carlisa and Imogene angrily, I will show you.” She said and began to splash water. on the both of them.


“Stop.” Carlisa said.


“Stop pouring me water.” Imogene said.


“You both will still take your bath, this is fun.” Elma said enjoying it.


“Stop it or I will deal with you.” Carlisa said.


“You can’t harm me cause you will also harm yourself.”


Elma laughed.


Imogene dragged her out and went under the shower.


“Hey, you can’t take a bath before me.” Carlisa said and pushed her out.


The three girls began to drag and push each other under the shower.


Elma slipped but before she full she held both carlisa and Imogene and they both fell on the floor.


“Ouch.” Imogene exclaimed.


“Aish, aish. It hurt.” Crlisa said.


“I think I broke my butt bone.” Elma said.


“Who would have known that you aren’t a quiet person.” Carlisa said.


Imogene felt happy a bit inside. She has never had this type of fun before. All she do was fight, fight and fight, but here she is, having fun with her two enemies.”


After the girls tool their bath, they came out with a towel tied round their chest.


They all got dressed and left after taking permission from ivy abd mi so.


They walked to the supermarket which was a bit far from the apartment, they did not take a taxi cause they want to take a risk by going with a taxi.


“Elma.” Elma heard her name been called.


She smiled cause she will recognize that voice anywhere she hears it.


She turned, “Bryan.” She called.


“Why are we stopping, please tell me is not because of a guy.” Carlisa asked.


Bryan walked up to them, he hugged Elma. “I miss you Elma,” he said sincerely.


“This are my sisters, imogene and carlisa.”


Elma said introducing Bryan to them.


“Hi.” They both said.


Bryan looked at Elma with the’ are they the ones you talk about? Look.


Elma nodded. “So carlisa, Imogene meet Bryan, my friend.”


Carlisa shaked him so did Imogene.


Immediately Imogene shaked him, she was reminded of Jay.


Jay is also a threat to her, she thought.

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After killing the chosen one, her next target is Jay.


The three girls came back after shopping, they all stayed together until the time.


“Thank goodness.” Imogene said.


As Eliza instructed, they all went to meet her.


“I can see you are ready.”she said.


Everyone of the family where present there.



Carlisa, Elma and Imogene where all given white robe to wear, after that, Eliza teleported them to an isolated forest.


They all stood under the moon forming a circle.


Carlisa, Elma and Imogene knelt down, the family went round them recite a spell.


Some fires emitted from their bodies.


They felt pained but endured it.


They where in pain for about thirty more minutes.


Elma eyes turned red. Imogene eyes turned purple.


Carlisa eyes turned green.


Carlisa was the first who fell on the floor unconscious, followed by Imogene, then










Maren stood up from her throne angrily and frustrated, she just watched everything.


She just watched as her daughter fell unconscious.


“What’s wrong?”


Gab asked coming to the throne room.


“Imogene just joined the granduwellas.”


Gab smirked, “I knew it. I knew that girl will do this.”


“How did she betray me?” Maren asked angrily.


“She is so ungrateful.” Gab replied.

















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