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My Prince Charming – Episode 8

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Episode eight




Ewa’s P.O.V (cont)




“Tomi pls what ever going on between you and Prince end it today want,safe our kingdom you can’t have him ,he belongs to Aduni Tomi pls end that relationship I want an end to it plss”I said looking into her eyes tears flowed free I feel touch but they have to end it




” Tomi pls ,end it plss ”


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“Princess” she Called




“Pls Tomi I know how you feel now I can feel your pain I want you safe ,I want prince safe I want our kingdom safe pls Tomi just do this for me pls ”


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“Oh my God noo ” she ran out with tears in her eyes




“Poor girl you can’t understand ”


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Is not about love alone it about sacrifice




Tomi’s p.o.v




I have no choice than to run out ,I don’t know this is what she will ask for. I’m in debt I promise her to let him go did I really want him to go noo .I sat under the big tree in the royal garden crying my mind since all maid are done this is just the only place I can come to and cry like I want, it’s late everyone resting by now




#Flash back




★At the riverbank★




“My Prince ,I’m sorry pls what are we doing here ” I asked




“Oh you follow me down here can’t you stay back ,or you want to watch me bathing” He yelled



“I’m sorry ,you asked me to follow you and also you can’t take your bath here it’s bad ”




“Really but you told me that princess, Queen ,King ,Prince came down here to take their bath long time ago in your story or should I call it fairy tale so get out” He said and splashed water at me




“Not again that was then some years ago not even 10 years not twenty not thirty years. Anybody can just come here now not Royal family again”




“And what are you saying, trying to protect your Prince” He bit his lips and smile




“Not as a Prince now but as a friend this water is not good on you ” I replied




“Finally you call me your friend not my Prince ohh I feel good common on let’s catch fun I not taking my bath just teasing you but I brought you here as friend not my maid pls feel free ,we are here to catch fun I feel bored ” He said




“This water should be good on you I guess ” He said and started splashing water on me And I started running up and down as he keep on splashing the water on me




“You are getting my dress wet ” I yelled




“And that’s what I want “He said running after me catch up with me hold my hands and stared into my eyes my heart beat fast as his lips came down on mine ,I pushed him away immediately even though I want it





” I’m sorry “He said




“It’s okay” I replied and stared off rolling my eyes “He kissed me ”




#Back to present




“Ohh our first kiss ,that was when I fell in love with you about three month ago ,it feel so good last night you finally let me know how much you love me too I feel good that I can’t hid my love for you as well just a day everything turn sour Oh my God “I cried out then I feel a touch on my shoulder




“I’m sorry ” I heard his voice turned only to see him with Tehmy




“Tomi” she called dragged me closer hugging me




“Tehmy I’m down” I whispered




“We will talk later ,we’ve been searching for you since with prince ,he’s here for you pls don’t cry though he doesn’t know I knew about it he only asked me to bring him to you and I pretend to as If I had no idea hmm pls stop crying” Tehmy whispered while I fake a smile




“Thanks ”




“My Prince I will like to go now girlfriend pls stop crying” She winked and leave




“My Prince” I called and cleaned my tears



“I’m sorry Tomi, I make you feel this way, you are right I act stupid, I should be there when you need me I’m really sorry ,I’m sorry” His voice was full of sympathy and concern he cleaned my tears dropping freely ,though I’m mad at him but is not about that I’m about to let him go




“(Crying) I love you ” I said and wrapped my hands round his waist hugging him tight




“I do love you more Tomi, I promise this will never happen again I love you too ” He said and kissed my head




“I love ,I love you (crying) I’m scared I can’t have you ,no one want me I shouldn’t fall in love with you in the first place ,I’m losing you day by day my Prince” I said holding his face staring into his eyes




“Don’t say that ,I’m yours Tomi it’s you I love ” He said




“Really even when others are against this ”




“It doesn’t matter in as much you want me .I promise I will stand by you,I love you girl ” He said




“Really” I asked as he slanted a reassuring smile.




“I’m just a maid she’s a princess this is not love its called lust my prince she belongs to you ,let’s end this pls plss promise me you will love her and not me ” I said holding his hands now



“Never Tomi if I can’t have you then nobody will have me it’s you I want I know my choice I pick you ,I will only promise to love you alone forever get that,it’s just a day we get better future ahead ” He said


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“No future I’m sorry yes I won’t lie to you I love you but is just a feeling we have to let go pls love her instead it just a day not bad if we end it same day ” I pleaded




“Its never a day I fell in love with you that very day I return back to this kingdom you capture my heart Tomi this relationship is too early for this pls ” He said and released his hands and wrapped it around my waist brought his face closer his lips on mine my pain faded away ,and that was how it started kissing like no tomorrow,he thrust his hands into my hair ,pulling me into place.I offer no resistance, opening to him as one might offer a gift .His scent making my head swim and my knees weaken




“Promise me you will never leave ” He said still kissing




“I promise to love you forever” I replied coz I will soon leave him I can only love him forever. Wanting more of him ,his grip tightened kissing like his life depend on my lips ,I’m lost too that couldn’t stop him ,he break the kiss stared into my eyes and smiled




“You promise me you know ” He said




“Yea ” I replied then he brings out that royal bead and put it on for me




“You are the one I want and I gave you this to say it’s you I will have beside me as my Queen” He said while I smiled his lips came down on mine again pulling me closer again


“No pls stop ” I said and pushed him away




“I hope our dream come true” I said and force a smile




“Tomi ” He called




“Thank you ” I said bow and started waking away ,I stopped half way look back he still maintain that spot I blow him kiss and started running to our apartment with tears in my eyes




“Tomorrow I’m letting him go ,princess will want me to fulfill my promise I’m sorry love ” I said to my self as I opened the entrance door at the maid apartment and walked into my room




“Tomi ” Yemi, Tehmy called




“I feel weak now pls I need to sleep ” I said and laid down removed the bead keep it in a box I have beside my bed and pushed it under the bed




“You get that from our Prince, did you know what that means ” Tehmy asked




“Yea that I will be his Queen one day ” I replied and closed my eyes




“This is strange” Yemi said




“The royal bead ,he put it on for you ” Tehmy asked I just pretend to be sleeping, they can’t understand I can’t have him even when he promise ,I promise princess too




#Following Day




“Tomi ” Tehmy called




“Good morning” I said




“What happened last night Bae ” Yemi asked




“You want to know ” I said




“Yea ” they replied as Tehmy draw me closer ,I rest my head on her shoulder and started explaining every thing to my only family Tehmy and Yemi I told them what happened between me and princess Ewa and the main reason why the royal bead he gave me is now useless




“Oh just a day relationship” Yemi said




“Are you not the one with bad mouth” Tehmy eyed her




“Mtcheeeeew, I’m sorry Tomi what will you do now ” Yemi asked




“Let him go ,You are right I can’t have him I’m just selfish I can’t have him ” I said holding my head feeling headache then we heard a knock on our door




“Hello girls princess Ewa asked you to come at noon Tomi ” one of us said and leave as soon as she had delivered the message




“Your love or your kingdom” Tehmy asked with concern




“My kingdom” I replied and stepped out








At princess Ewa’s room




(that evening)




“Good evening Tomi”




“Good evening my princess you sent for me ” I said with my head bow




“I’m sorry about what happened ,Tomi I will give you ten pieces of gold, enough money if you can stay away from my brother” she said




“Hmm ,have made up my mind to end the relationship but not because of money or anything,I’m doing that so our kingdom will be safe and my Prince will rule this kingdom in peace ” I replied




“Oh my goodness, thanks she said hugging me




princess I only do this coz of the love I had for my Prince I don’t need money or gold but one more thing I can’t have him but my heart will beat for him forever “I said and released the hug ,smiled and turn to leave then she stop me half way




“You surprised me Tomi,you prove how you love my brother and our kingdom, I’m impressed” She smiled




“Thanks” I force a smile




“Tomi I’m sorry I make you feel bad I understand how much you love him ,but your fate ,I’m scared, I won’t lie to you I don’t want to loss you ,the future is Scary but I’m glad now you made the right choice” She said with concern




“Thanks” I said and walked out




Ewa’s P.O .V


I can feel her pain but it’s my duty to protect our future Queen, I’m only trying to safe her she have a lot ahead of her .I’ve seen what the future hold for them




I saw her ruling with Prince in his palm when I check if she’s the right person for him when I find out about their love I’m so glad though no one knows about my power but when I checked her palm I saw something different, I saw darkness,her soul crying she loss while Aduni win ,war ,blood of innocent crying , if she have him now she will end up failing to safe her people




She have to make a sacrifice now. I have no choice than to separate them now so she can win in future ,For her to have her Prince charming she have to let him go like they say what ever you let go if it’s yours for real it will surely come back to you




“I’m sorry Tomi ,I’m only keeping the throne for you and your love Aduni must have him first before you ”





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