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Nelson And The Bed – Episode 7

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The whore had put on her short skirt and was about putting on her top before a knock came from the door. “Come in” she permitted, backing the door that cracked opened. Sam leaned on the frame with his hands folded.



“About to go, huh?” he said.


The whore turned to see him looking very innocent and harmless. She smiled. “I’m going nowhere without Nelson” she replied.


Sam became confused that he had to totally step into the room coz the response turned his brain upside down. How can a paid prostitute refuse to go without her customer, regardless the fact that he was there to prevent her from going in order to use her as a specimen? Sam thought deeply then chuckled. “You enjoyed the ride, huh?”


“Enjoyment is understatement” the whore turned to him. “It’s beyond that. The sensation and satisfaction is something any woman would die to experience. He was so.. so…”


“Good in bed?” Sam helped her.


“Yes, very good in bed, ranging from the muscles, the tender hands, lips and huge dick that got my g-spot throbbing and my va.gina wet like an ocean. Gush! talking about it makes me crave more for it.” she let out a moan, squeezing her breasts.


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Sam cleared his throat. “Actually, if I were in your shoes, I won’t also let such a man go from my life. So just don’t go anywhere, let me go call Nelson for you” he left the room with a pretentious smile. His face changed as he hurried into the elevator that carried him down to the lock. When he stepped out, he saw Delgado lying dead on the floor with blood gushing out from his head. Ernest shivered beside him. “You killed him? What happened?” Sam asked.


“Where is the prostitute? You let her go?!” Nelson neglected his question. He was still na.ked with just the boxers. From the expression on his face and voice, one could tell that his temper had increased.


“Calm down bro, the girl said that she’s going nowhere without you”


“What?” Charlie and Jane exclaimed at the same time then glanced at each other. Obviously the same thing ran through their minds. That exclamation alone



rendered the place quiet and suspicious. In fact, the sparkling yellow light from the device inside the opened lock was most noticed at that moment. Nobody had touched it.


“Yeah” Sam spread his hands alongside with widened eyes. “She actually confessed how good you are in bed, then suddenly become a man she can never let go of her life”


“She must be crazy!” Nelson walked towards the lock, while Charlie angrily left the room.


Sam whispered into Jane’s ear, gesturing at dead Delgado. “What happened to him?”


“He killed himself” she replied.


“After begging for his life?”


Jane never said anything again. He directed his eyes to Nelson who came out with


the spherical device in his hands like one holding an egg of life. All went into the


elevator except Ernest.




On the other hand, Charlie forcefully bagged into the room where the whore seated comfortably. The force and sound of the door made her jump on her feet. Charlie pointed a gun at her. “Move!” she commanded.


“What did I do?” the innocent whore asked.


“I said move it!”


“Okay okay” she moved towards the door with her hands up. Charlie led her to the research room where a long transparent glass tube which had the length of a human being stood upright. The whore was made to stand before it. Charlie pressed a button and the tube opened.


“Enter” she told the girl.


“Please, I have done nothing wrong” she pleaded.


Just then, Nelson and co came in. He placed the device on a glass table then covered it with a black fabric. The yellow light faded. Nelson stood just at the same position with Charlie while Jane and Sam watched them from behind.


“What are you people trying to do with me?” the whore’s voice echoed.


“What’s your name?” Nelson asked her.


“I’m Kate”


“Listen Kate, never must I allow anything happen to you. Trust me and cooperate with us”


“Now enter into the tube” Charlie commanded again. She did as she said hesitantly. Immediately, her hands and legs were locked down in a way she couldn’t make any move.


“Get a V2 victim” Nelson turned to leave.


“Please, Nelson, don’t allow them kill me!” Kate cried.


Just as Nelson and others stepped out of the lab, Delgado’s dead body was being carried out of the building by ambulance men in the presence of other workers who looked astonished, wondering what killed their boss. Ernest stepped out from the elevator, while Nelson stood before all still half na.ked.


“Listen you all” he began boldly like a soldier instructing his men in a battle field. “What is bigger than the cricket has entered the cricket’s hole. Our boss took his own life because he acknowledged this proverb. He knew the worst is about to happen which he couldn’t be alive to experience. What you see happening in the world is just the tip of an ice berg. The worst is about to happen where everybody will live in absolute fear if something isn’t done in time. This place was once my father’s. Therefore you must abide by my rules as we join hands to fight this strange disease. Hope I’ve made myself clear.” He walked out of everyone. “Ernest,



get the company’s papers and account details for me” he added before he finally moved out of sight.


“Yes, sir” Ernest hurried.






A V2 victim was brought into the lap, laid on another tube. Nelson and co were absent. Only laboratory workers carried out the experiment after being told what to do by Nelson. They could be seen in white laboratory suit which covered all their bodies like astronaut in the moon. They brought both tubes together in a way Kate was made to look into the victim’s eyes for more than five seconds…


On the other hand, at the bar, Charlie began to smoke and drink again until Jane joined her. All were waiting for the result of the experiment. Jane sat opposite her, poured her own drink in a glass cup. “Hey” she said, taking sip.


“Hey” Charlie replied, blowing out a smoke. She offered her a stick of cigarette with a generous heart.


Jane smiled. “No, thanks. I don’t smoke” she replied.


“I guess that makes me a bad girl and you a good girl.”


“Oh no, not that. Alright, because of you, let me try” she took the cigarette from her, breathed through her mouth and was forced to blow out the smoke. She began to cough and laugh just like Charlie did too. Both suddenly became quiet, drinking and occasionally looking at each other.


“I know you have come to talk about Nelson” Charlie broke the silence.


Jane kept quiet.


“Nelson has been with me for years. We’ve done unimaginable things as children and as adult. It’s just a pity he can’t notice how much I love him more than just a friend” Charlie added.


Jane sipped her drink, yet said nothing. A few seconds later, she shook her hair.


“You really do love him, huh” she finally said.


“Yes, and I wouldn’t want anyone to be on my way” she blew out another smoke glaring at her. Jane understood both the statement and the look, so she stood up.


“Thanks for your time” she left the place.


Meanwhile, Sam had also met Nelson where he was dressing in his casual wears.


He sat at the edge of the bed, looking at him.


“Your life is changing overnight” he broke the silence.


Nelson glanced at him. “That’s the only constant thing; change” he said, while both remained quiet. “Sam I have something to discuss with you” he sat with him on the bed.


“I know it’s about Jane and Charlie” Sam smiled.


“Yes. Charlie kissed me before we left to Christiana. While Jane also did on our way back. I’m confused”


“Really?” he kept smiling. “Confusion is your second name, man. Let your heart decide”


Just then, a knock came from the door. “Sir, the result is out” a female voice said.


All went into the research lab including Jane and Charlie. Even Ernest was there too as one of the lab agents said, “The prostitute has been confirmed positive. Both look lifeless but they are still alive”


“Yes, I know” Nelson took the words from her mouth. “So Christiana was wrong”


“Yes, the bitch only wanted to be sexually satisfied by you” Sam shook his head. “She wanted to taste what Kate tasted and refused to go without you”


Jane and Charlie kept quiet.



“You gave Kate your word never to let anything happen to her” Jane spoke up.


Nelson looked at her. “And i must fulfil that promise” he said.


“What’s the next step now?”


Nelson refused to answer, rather began to dial a number. He glanced at his wrist watch; almost twelve midnight.


“Who are you calling?” Jane asked again.


“I’m calling Ben” he replied.



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Ben came to the lab pass midnight to see everybody looking at him. He wore a bogus trouser and shirt that fitted his fat body. He also wore a pair of eyeglasses, and his hair was always bushy but trimmed.


“Welcome Mr Ben” Nelson shook his hand.


“Thank you” his voice sounded frightened. “I hope all is well. Where is Delgado?”


“You’ll hear about him day break.” Nelson snapped. “You remember what you told me yesterday?”




“I’m the son. I am Anthony Clifford’s son”


Hearing that, Ben took off his eyeglasses. “Unbelievably!” he exclaimed. He was told and showed everything starting from the bed to the lock which bore a strange device.


“We need your help” Nelson concluded.



The young man took off the black fabric that was used to cover the device then shrieked. “God of my ancestors! A Tunalin!”


“What’s that?”


“It’s a transportation device to another planet. You said your father left this in a lock which could only be opened through a bed and a sexual act?”




Everybody stared at Ben quietly and strangely as he rushed to a white board found in the lab, took up a marker and began to illustrate to the best of his knowledge. Nelson and co listened to him like students to a lecturer.


“There are limitation of science. There are things science cannot explain” Ben began to write them out on the board. “Love, Spiritism and exetra. Now, you’re father wanted to break the limit by wanting to know the destination of souls (Spirits) during sexual act, using scientific approach”


“But how true is it that there is exchange or transfer of souls during sex?” Sam asked.


“Yes, there is, in the spiritual realm. Do you think God who created sex and gave a boundary to it is stupid?”


“What do you mean?”


“Whenever two bodies engage in sex, their souls are also united. Why would that be? God made sex. You and I didn’t create it. If you were only a body and not also a soul, then sex would only be physical. Your soul is immortal and will never cease to exist, no matter what you do with your body. So we don’t get to dictate to God where the boundaries for sex are to be set. That’s His call, and His alone. That’s why he made it clear that only in marriage must a man and a woman have sex. Consequently, when man in essence attempts to lower God’s bar and ignore God’s commands, his soul suffers even more than his body. That is a fact, not because I say it or you say it but because God has clearly addressed the issue of sexual conduct in the Scriptures.”



Everybody remained quiet for the lecture to sink down. Some even developed goose pimples due to the unfamiliar explanations. Someone like Sam concluded never to have sex again.


Nelson exhaled. “How does this thing relate to our present condition?” he asked.


“Thank you. Your father wanted to travel from the real world to the spiritual world during sex to know why God set boundaries for sex. And he did that using the bed and having sex with.. with..” He glanced at the Tunalin. “With an alien from another planet. Though he confirmed the destination of souls during the act but never lived to tell the story.”


“What about the V2?” Ernest voice came fearfully and dryly.


“I guess the alien went ahead having sex with another person thereby trapping souls. The type of alien will determine the V2 case. Only Nelson came bring all this to an end”


“How can I release the souls?” Nelson ask.


“I don’t know” Ben stared at him. “I guess I know who knows”




“The man who quoted your father in his book” Ben replied…








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