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My Plastic Wife – Episode 24

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[ All That Starts Well, Ends Well ]








Note: This Epilogue is in a narrative form and all in The Author’s POV.


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Author Nuella’s POV





Well, the doctor confirmed that Mrs. Gayle is Ashley’s biological daughter and that stirred a whole lot of trouble. Mr and Mrs. Williams, Ryan and Liam were summoned and were asked to explain what happened. They explained how their kids found a girl lying helplessly on the floor and they took her as their own and gave her a facial surgery because she was ugly…and her real name is Sylvia Meyers, daughter of Mrs. Gayle Meyers. The meeting was further postponed until Ashley fully recovers and is able speak for herself


Kaleb on the other hand, has been worried sick about Ashley and he welfare. He was also worried about Mia’s condition but at least she was getting better. Nadia had to fly back to Manchester, Europe with Janelle’s corpse so she can bury her. Nadia said she’ll like to stay a bit in Europe to mourn her best friend.


Ryan saw no use loving his sister, even though her real mother has been discovered and now Ryan can freely love Ashley, but she has found happiness in Kaleb, so it’s best for him to let her he. One day, he’ll find real love. To take Ashley and all this drama happening away from his mind, He decided to take a short trip to Europe.


Tricia and Adrian had their trial and they were both proven guilty. Adrian was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment with hard labor and no option of fine. Tricia on the other hand was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor. She was supposed to be sentenced to death by beheading, but because of her young children, Mia and Jake and their need of a Mother figure, she was given life imprisonment instead. But Tricia couldn’t take it, one month into her sentence, she committed suicide and was forgotten by everyone.


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That was how the Huggins Twins died.


Ashley and Mia fully recovered and were fit to come back home. Ashley was informed about Mrs. Gayle being her biological mother. In short words, she was puzzled and surprise. The people she took as her own parents were not her own parents and they failed to inform her of her past, instead they brainwashed her….LITERALLY!!


Ashley was so confused, who will she call her own? Her real mother who let her roll in mud and suffer or her foster mum who took care of her and made her who she is today.



Mrs. Gayle had pity on Ashley and told her to be with the Williams since she feels more secure with them and they’re rich enough to take care of her, then she can stay with them. But Ashley promised to always visit her mother.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Mr and Mrs. William apologised to Ashley for hiding the truth from her. Mrs. Gayle and Ashley hugged goodbye and Mrs. Gayle went home.


The Brixlar family felt sober and apologized to Ashley about being harsh to her.


Mia and Amelia especially apologized. Mr. Brown confessed to his crimes of attempting to rape Ashley and everyone was ashamed of him. After apologizing unendingly, he was forgiven by Ashley and others.


And everything was quite in the Brixlar Mansion.


Kaleb and Ashley started spending time together and sparks began to fly. They started falling in love and the current was strong.


I love you Ashley.” Kaleb said after staring at Ashley’s pretty face for minutes.


I love you too Kaleb.” Ashley replied and Kaleb leaned in closer. His cold breath resting on her skin, the sweet smell of his expensive cologne was intoxicating.


You look beautiful today and every other day.” Kaleb said and tucked loose strands of her hair behind her ear.


They stared at each other for what seemed like centuries and then they kissed.


I’ll never leave you.” Kaleb whispered to her and they hugged.









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