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Forbidden Passion – Episode 31

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Chapter 3 ⃣1 ⃣


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Continuation From the Last Episode:


“I don’t know why that coward name is written there but we have to do as the letter says.” King Lucas told his son. “I came to tell you by tomorrow, early enough, we should be among the first to be there.” He added and left for his chamber.


“Don’t worry my love, you shall have the throne.” Beauty assured him.


Tyler smiled and carried beauty back to his bed, where they made love and marked each other as Mates.


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King Draken received a letter which was shot with an arrow.


He and his Mate, Lora, were in his chamber when the arrow flew from nowhere and struck the wall above their head.


King Draken was up to his feet immediately.


Quickly taking a deep breath to see if someone had sneaked into his palace but he felt no unknown presence.


“Who could have been that?” He asked no one and went to open his room door startling his three guards guarding his door. “Did you see anyone?”


“No my King.” They answered together.


“Are you sure?”


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“Yes my King.”


“Did you notice any arrow that flew right into my chamber?” He asked.


“No my King.”


Closing the door he went back to the bed and Lora drew his attention to the piece of paper attached with the arrow.


Taking the paper from the arrow, King Draken read it and pass the paper to his Mate who read it aloud;


King Draken you and your Mate should be at the secret chamber before the sun sets.




“Don’t tell me….”


“Reed’s child is inviting me to come to the palace tomorrow.” King Draken said, interrupting his mate.


“Why the sudden change of mind? Or has River known King Reed is dead?” Lora asked.


“I am not sure, but maybe River knows that is why someone sent this letter to me.” King Darien told his Mate


“And that someone might be River.” Lora said, guessing his thoughts.




“If River hadn’t added my name, I would still follow you tomorrow.”



“I know you will.”


“I want to see who this unknown River is.” Lora said. “Once I get to know River gender, it will be too easy……” She left the word unsaid and Darken understood.


He joined her in bed and they slept off




Isaac was sleeping when he heard a knock on his room door which woke him up.


Getting up from his bed to open the door, he knew who was knocking, he saw Jeffery.


“What is it Jeffery?” Isaac asked immediately.


“I received it a letter my Lord.” Jeffrey answered and gave the piece of paper to Issac who read the content.


“River is coming home, and it seems every King and Queen’s are coming too.” Isaac said once he had read the writings on the paper. “So, I will get to see River tomorrow.”




That night, all the King’s and Queen’s in the whole supernatural received their own piece of paper.




Early this morning met all the King’s and Queen’s with their Mate’s in the Millennium Wolf palace secret chamber.


Tyler came with his father, King Lucas, since the letter had told them to come.


They tagged Royal along.



Beauty with her father since the letter he had received the previous night had told him to bring his daughter along.


Settling down on the arranged chairs, they couldn’t wait to meet River.


Royal remained standing.


Isaac walked in together with Jeffrey beside him.


“As you know, we all had received a letter late last night, so we all are awaiting for the presence of River.” Jeffery announced.


The door opened and Mari walked in surprising and scaring most of them and she went to sit on Queen Latifah chair.


“I will represent Latifah today, she asked me to come in her place.”


“No one asked you for your explanation Mari.” Isaac said.


“With the way they were staring at me, their eyes asked.”


“Now that we are all complete, we are waiting for River.” King Simone said to their hearings.


“River will be opening that door any moment from now.” Mari announced.


“And how do you know that?” Isaac asked.


“When you’re a friend with a King, you get to know everything including when he wants to save his kingdom.”


“Meaning?” King Darken demanded.


“It means, at certain times, to save kingdoms, the king himself comes down like a servant but in this case, a Queen.”


The door opened and River walked in majestically, dressed elegantly.



“And who are you?” Isaac asked the intruder, he hasn’t seen such type of hair before on anyone.


“Ariel?” Royal said with shock, staring at the face of the familiar girl.


Sending a smile in his direction, she turned her eyes to Isaac and replied to his question, “I am River and I assume you all got my message last night.”


To Be Continued.




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