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Must Read: Lonely – Episode 11

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Episode 11




There was no sign of mummy or Chine in the bedroom. Instead, I had seen two heavily built men, na.ked in my room, holding unto their huge member which was filled with veins.


They were smiling at me.


Guy 1: So we heard you’re menstruating, go back there and take your bath, then come here for a good time.


They both laughed out loud and I felt like the world was going to collapse on my head.



Guy 2: You know, she looks like a fresher. I’ll go first.

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Guy1: I’ll go just give me your time before I go.


Guy1: Correct.


The first guy started walking to me and I immediately ran into the bathroom but he was faster than me. He got to the door before I could bolt it and pushed the door open before registering a trademark slap on my face.


Guy1: Just try me! . Cooperate with us and we will go out before you know it.


Me: Please sir. Have pity on me. I’m not just an orphan but……


He registered another slap on my face and this time, it mixed with the pepper stings I was already getting, causing me to scream painfully.


He started attacking my clothes, tearing them into shreds, including my pants, allowing my fake pad drop to the floor. He ignored it and pushed me into bathtub, following after me. He turned the shower and let the water run down our body before picking up my sponge and soaping it up. At this time, tears refused to fall anymore. I just stood there, accepting my fate and watching him bath me roughly. He got to my legs and looked up at me and I gently opened my legs for him. He concentrated on my womanhood, taking his time to wash it properly while he smiled up at me. I had never being Unclad in front of anyone else apart from Kamsi, but surprisingly, I didn’t bother to cover up my bottom at least. I just allowed him wash me up.


After he was done, he hugged me and the water washed both of us clean. He got down and pushed me out and we stepped into the room.

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Guy 1: Lie down girl.


I looked at him one last time with pleading eyes but he pushed me down to the bed. The other girl came down on the bed too and started sucking on my melons while the first guy positioned himself before my entrance. He shoved into me with no care and I cried out in pain. It was this time that my tears started falling. I cried as they molested me, taking there turns to have fun with my body. I know I passed out at one point but they didn’t stop because I got back to consciousness but they were still there, having their fun and depositing their seeds inside me.


We’ve being there for goodness knows how long before the second guy stood up and looked at the clock. I followed his gaze.



Guy2: Boss.


Guy1: Just one last round..


He twisted some more before grunting and collapsing on top of me. He looked at my face and smiled before getting up. He dressed up as quickly as possible before they left my room.


I laid there, praying that I die than live to being treated this way. How could mummy be so wicked. What did my late mother do to her that made her hate me this much. If I had known where my parents had being buried, I would have gone to there graves and curse them for leaving me in this wicked world.


I laid there till the wall clock told me it was 3:30am. I stood up from the bed, with so much pain. I tried to walk but I wouldn’t except I separated my legs very wide apart. I looked at the bed and I saw the stains, which were a mixture of my virginity and my period. I wasn’t staying in this house, no, I won’t stay in this house. I dressed up slowly, the pains reminding me of the torture I had being in some hours ago. I dressed up, padding myself and putting on the first cloth my hand laid upon. it was a big t-shirt one of Chuku’s which I always wore. I rummaged for a trouser but I found a short instead. I wore it, picked up my diary with the money I had hidden at the back of the clock. I searched for my phone and didn’t find it then I knew without being told that mummy had taken it.


I walked with open legs outside my room. I was going to leave through the back gate. It was always locked from inside without a padlock. Chuku always sneaked out from there to buy something which we always ate at night. I had never used that gate before, because I never knew I would be leaving this house without anybody’s notice. I had always thought that things would get better between us but I was wrong. I opened the gate as quietly as I could before stepping out into the tender bush. I found my way into the streets, walking past familiar routes and saying goodbyes to them like they were my friends………..of course they were. I


was leaving home for an unknown place, with just 5000 and my diary. I silently prayed to God to direct my destiny.


I had walked out of the housing gate, thanking God that the security men were fast asleep. I hit the express, walking head up, with open legs through the streets. I had walked a long distance, only paying attention to my silent prayers and thoughts when I heard a screech of tyres…….and then, I hit the tarred road with a thud..Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen






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