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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 20

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Pauline called and asked we go for shopping together. I was reluctant at first but it was going to be the last time before my game with Daxton ends.


I finished preparing breakfast and Daxton left to arrange a few things for our fake engagement tomorrow.


After eating and dressing up, I prepared for my shopping with Pauline.

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It wasn’t going to be that bad.


I hoped.


I braided my hair and grabbed my phone from the table, just then a call came in.


I was shocked at who was calling– my mother.


She hasn’t called me for the past 7 months and I wondered why she was calling.


Unless something happened to dad.


Oh God! It shouldn’t be.


I took in a deep breath and answered the call.



Hello baby


Baby?! She sounded cheerful


Did she just call me baby?



Chloe?! Are you there?






I knew I’d be proud of you someday


Yeah! She has never been proud of me for the past 21 years.



Did you win a lottery?



we’re rich Chloe



what do you mean?



we just got a huge amount of money from SBH under your name



SB… What?



Oh Chloe! You’re my daughter indeed. They even bought us a house and started up a decorating business for me. All our debts has


been paid Chloe.. We’re now rich.


That’s why she called me baby? Cause of money.



Who’s the individual behind this?


I wanted to know who from SBH gave them money. It couldn’t be Daxton.



just SBH.. You know what baby, find a rich husband there. Maybe the president of the company even though he’s 70, we’ll gain more wealth


thanks mom.. I’ll find you a new child instead



I ended the call and shoved the phone inside my pause. Daxton couldn’t have given my parents so much.


Trying to push everything behind until I got back, I walked out of the house and took a cab to Geoffrey’s house.


Pauline was waiting outside when I got there.


“oh dear…” she smiled when she saw me and hugged me tight “I thought you wouldn’t come”


“I wouldn’t miss this day for anything” and it was true


Pauline’s smile widened as she led me to her car “how’s Daxton?”


“he’s okay” I replied


“I already prepared a list of all I’ll be needing tomorrow” Pauline said as the driver drove off


“tomorrow?” I pretended like I didn’t know “what’s tomorrow?”


“oh!” Pauline thought of a lie to cover up “I’m hosting a small get together with my friends.. A lot of them will be in attendance”


Nice lie. I just chuckled.


We got to the boutique and soon we were shopping. Picking different dresses and trying out every outfit we came across.


“… try this one” Pauline raised a short transparent gown that opened at the back down to the waist. There was a little V-cut open at the chest that would reveal a full bossom.


I looked at the price tag, it was hell expensive for such indecent dress. I’d never wear that.


“I don’t like it” I said


“why?” Pauline asked


“the price.. And it’s not beautiful”


Pauline frowned


“it is beautiful but it’s….” I groped for the right word


“indecent” Pauline completed and I nodded “well it’s good for seducing my son..


I’m buying it” and she gave it to the attendant.


“how about this”


I turned to Pauline “a G-string? No would do”


“I’m not taking no for an answer” Pauline gave it to the attendant “you need to work on your seduction tactics if you’re gonna satisfy your husband– I mean my son” she giggled


“Daxton and I aren’t even married” I reminded


“I know but you’ll be married soon and you’ll need those mini skirts and open blouses. Don’t say I didn’t tell you, my son is a tough one”


I chuckled. Poor woman


But Daxton really looked tough. He’ll need those.


“I could take you on some seduction class” she went on “I was really good at that when I was younger. You should ask Geoffrey”


I laughed as she went on with her class.


We finished with our shopping after few hours and Pauline paid for everything. I realized we only shopped for me, she didn’t take anything for herself. The driver took them to my house while we boarded a cab to Salado Glassworks.


Spending time with Pauline was much fun than I had expected. The driver drove me home late in the evening and Daxton had not returned. I really needed to talk to him about the favour my parents received and know if he was behind it.


I had received my first salary already and Henry kept to his side of the bargain. The money I sent for my parents was enough to serve them until the next month if mom got herself something doing.



I changed my dress and arranged the clothes I had bought in my bag. I already arranged my things for my journey with Dexter on Monday. It was more like we were eloping.


I called Henry and asked him to meet up with me. He was the only one who would tell me everything and he knew everything that went on in SBH. I arrived at our meeting place and he was already there.


“Hey!” I said as a form of greeting as I pulled out my seat and sat down “you already made an order” I noticed the two glasses of orange juice that was on the table


Henry shrugged “I had to”




“so why did you want us to meet?”


“my mom called today. She said they received a lot of money from SBH today and a business was also set up for her and they were given a house”


“from SBH, not me”


“you are part of SBH”


“not SBH” Henry pointed out “you should ask Daxton, he’s the president”


“why would Daxton do that?”


“I never said Daxton did it. SBH did, and not Daxton”


I rolled my eyes. I was getting pissed with the whole SBH shit.


“Who’s SBH?” I asked


Henry shrugged “can’t tell. You should talk to Daxton or Dexter, they’re in a better position to answer that”



I heaved a sigh and said nothing.


Why would Daxton do that?















.. you didn’t do it?


I asked Dexter on the phone



SBH awarded your parents, don’t take it personal. It could’ve been anyone. SBH is just grateful


then who is SBH? Surely it couldn’t have been Daxton.



don’t think about it Chloe.. Goodnight



Dexter you don’t sound good at all



I’m okay



You sure?



I’m good



can you come over? Daxton hasn’t returned. I’m alone



It’s late.. We’ll see tomorrow


Dexter wasn’t okay



if it’s about tomorrow then you have nothing to be worried about


Dexter was quiet at first



Goodnight Chloe





He hung up and I tossed the phone aside.


Why was Dexter feeling so insecure?


Just yesterday, we were riding the whole streets in couple T-shirts and today he’s


all saddened about tomorrow.


Was he as scared as I was?


I heard Daxton’s door open and close again. He just returned. It was almost midnight. The whole engagement stuff really kept him busy. So bad it wasn’t even real.


I wanted to go talk to him about my parents but it was too late and he must be really tired.


I walked into the dining room and carried his dinner up to him room.


Just one knock on his door, he opened the door and stood in front of me wearing just a trouser, shirtless.


“I brought you dinner” I said


“you shouldn’t have worried” he was looking straight into my eyes like he was searching for something


“but I already did” I brushed passed him and walked into the room. I heard Daxton sigh and shut the door.


Thanks to my daily stealing, Daxton’s room wasn’t filled with much ‘C’ stuffed anymore. I planned on taking the last things left before moving to LA with Dexter. I placed the tray on the table and turned to him.


“what happened to all the things in your room?” I asked with a hidden grin.



“some household thief stole them”


“household thief?”


Daxton looked at him “I thought I needed to start all over so I decided to give it a try”


I swallowed hard.


“I’ll be in my room” I just didn’t want to talk about my parents yet so he doesn’t come up with the whole ‘SBH did it stuff’ that shit really pissed me off. “Goodnight” I walked out of the room and slammed the door really hard then entered my room.


Tomorrow would change everything. I wouldn’t have this beautiful room to myself. I jumped on my bed and giggled like a kid. I just hoped things goes well between Dexter and I. I was just too young for all these.



















I stood in front of my mirror dressed in a simple knee length floral dress. It was supposed to be a surprise so I had to dress like I didn’t know Daxton was going to propose.


Dexter called earlier. He sounded tensed, like he wasn’t sure of something. Like he was sure of himself. He sounded like he didn’t want me to know something. Like he was hiding something from me. Read more stories from generalloaded.com.


I was looking beautiful as ever despite I had little makeup on. I suddenly wished it was a real proposal.. That Dexter was asking me to marry him.



A knock sounded on the door and Daxton pushed the door open without waiting for my reply.


“are you ready?”


I nodded. I was really tensed. I was about to disappoint 7 persons, especially Pauline.


Daxton walked in fully and walked up to me. He placed his hands on my shoulder and looked into my eyes.


“I’m really sorry for everything this fake dating stuff has costs you and what it’s going to cost you today. You just have to be brave and don’t give yourself in. With that nervous look, you won’t be able to do it” He said


“I know” I sighed “it’s not just easy at all”


“you’re just 20 and this is too much for you to handle.. I’m really sorry”


“Let’s go.. So we don’t keep the others waiting” I said


We walked outside and got into Daxton’s car. All I had to do is say ‘No’ and I’ll be in a flight to Los Angeles tomorrow with Dexter.


“There’s somewhere I’ll love to show you before we finally end this” Daxton said and took a U-turn


















“… Colton and I used to come here together” Daxton said, staring into space like he was trying to recall memories of him and Colton.



We were standing on a rock beside on a seashore. The water was flowing under the rock and splashing cool, sea water on our feet.


“it’s beautiful”


Daxton nodded “it really is” he smiled. So broadly that his cheeks dimpled “this is the last memory of Colton I have to erase”


“you’ll be fine”.


He looked down at me “I know.. Even though you won’t be there, I owe you a lot”


My parents. I suddenly recalled.


“did you visit my parents?” I asked


he stared at me then said “no”


“no didn’t? but they received money from SBH”


“yeah! SBH had a little project for your family but it was definitely not. SBH did”


I exploded “will someone tell me what’s happening?”


“I don’t I understand what you’re saying Chloe.. SBH owes you and we’re very grateful to you. There’s no big deal if we pay a little visit to your family”


I swallowed hard “thanks anyway”


Daxton was now looking at me. He wasn’t even saying anything. His expression blank, his eyes dark and his hair danced in the wind.


it was already late in the evening and we just stood there on the rock, staring at each other with the sun setting right above us.


“we should get going” I broke the silence, I wasn’t comfortable anymore


“just few more minutes so it gets completely dark” Daxton replied


“does it necessarily have to get dark?”


Daxton smiled. I was now seeing Dexter through those smiles except he had dimples “it’s part of the surprise”


“it would be better if you smiled all the time”


This time he smiled until his cheeks dimpled “Not everyone actually succeeds in making me smile.. Colton is the only one who ever succeeds in doing that”


“I’m sorry about Colton”


Daxton smiled but I knew he was trying to hide his pain. That pain they comes


with memories of Colton.


“look at your feet” he said


I shifted my gaze to my feet and that was when I noticed the carving on the rock. C + D


Colton + Daxton


I imagined it meaning Chloe + Dexter


“It’s beautiful” I admitted


“but not right” Daxton said “thanks to you, I realized it was never meant to be”


“It’s a good thing you realized that”


“so the carving should mean something else”


I looked at him Chloe + Daxton?


As if he read my thoughts, he said “Chloe + Dexter”


I smiled faintly “You’ll find someone who is right”


Daxton chuckled “I’m never going to Chloe.. I’m never going to give it a try”




“that day Colton died, I swore myself into celibacy”


“Daxton you can’t.. you’re the future of SBH”


“I know” he looked around. The night had gotten dark “let’s go”


Yeah.. to end everything.


we climbed down the rock and walked to Daxton’s car. I suddenly got nervous again.


What would Daxton say?


How would he propose?


I was eager to know


I glanced at Daxton who had his eyes fixed on the road as he drove.


“How do you plan to pop the question?” I found myself asking


Daxton chuckled but didn’t spare me a glance “I’ve been researching on that but I couldn’t come up with anything”


“so what do you plan on doing?” I asked


“I don’t know” he glanced at me and we laughed “I’ll just say ‘Chloe?! Will you be my bride for the rest of my life?’ ”


“No” I snapped and we burst into laughter


“I hope it’s that easy for you”


“yeah.. I hope so cause I wouldn’t want to get things more complicated” I said “have you called Nikki?”


“yeah.. she’s on her way”


We arrived at Geoffrey’s house and the place looked normal. So normal.


“did you really plan a surprise?” I couldn’t hold back the question


Daxton chuckled “you’ll actually get surprised”


We got down and headed inside.


“I forgot to lock my car door” Daxton prompted and ran back to his car


I rolled my eyes and walked inside. Immediately I stepped into the living room, all the lights went out.


Alright.. I wasn’t expecting that for a surprise.


“Dexter what’s wrong with the lights?” I heard Pauline’s voice from upstairs


I groped around for a chair and kicked a chair.




I wanted to scream ‘Daxton’ but I guess that would ruin their surprise.


The lights went on again and I breathed out in relief. Daxton rushed in and the lights went out again.


Someone ticked my sides and the lights went on.




I turned to the door and Daxton was still standing there.


How did Dexter get behind me?


“What’s the surprise? This isn’t romantic at all” I hurled


Dexter and Daxton chuckled and the lights went on. I made to grab Dexter but he was gone.


“Daxton?! This is getting creepy”


“Listen up gentlemen” I heard a loud speaker from outside




couldn’t Daxton be more romantic than this?


The lights came on.



Daxton and Dexter were gone then an old lady dressed like a maid walked in. “the party is going on outside.. what are you doing in here?” she asked


“What party?” I asked


“Who are you?” she asked sternly “you’re a party poopper aren’t you?”


Party poopper??


Oh God! Where’s Daxton?


“What’s going on here?” I asked “where’s Daxton?”


“It’s Pauline’s get together and all her friends are here so no one is allowed inside”


“Where’s Daxton?” I’m definitely going to skin him


“If…” the woman was still talking when the lights went out “alright. There’s something wrong with the electricity.. Where’s the electrician?” she shouted and grabbed my hand “it’s okay.. I’ve got you, you don’t have to be scared”


The lights went on and the old woman was kneeling before me, still holding my hand.






The room was filled with so much people. Not less than 50.


“Fuck!” the woman cussed under her breath and removed her wig.


“Daxton?!” I was shocked


“Okay.. that was a surprises for you but what’s going on here?” he didn’t really yell.


Guess he was as surprised as I was at the crowd.


I was just expecting 7 person’s but the crowd…


I looked, Dexter was standing at the corner, head bowed.



Four kids walked out and stood behind Daxton. They all held a paper and raised it above their heads. It read out the words,




I was really surprised. I wasn’t expecting that at all.


A little girl of 2 walked out from behind the four girls and walked up to me. She dragged my gown and said


“say ‘yes’ please” she was cute when she batted her lashes


I opened to my mouth to talk when shouts rented the room.


“Say yes! say yes! say yes!” everyone had a paper that said ‘say yes’


“She’s my daughter-in-law” Pauline shouted from the crowd


I was waiting for Nikki but she wasn’t showing up.


“where’s Nikki?” I asked Daxton in a whisper


“I don’t know” he was shaking, more nervous than I was


I looked around for Nikki or Henry but I couldn’t find any of them. I only saw Dexter leaning on the wall but he wasn’t looking our way.




the screams so so loud, Daxton looked like he was going to faint.


Where’s Nikki?


The screams started reducing and the people started murmuring “she’s not saying anything”


I looked at the disappointment in Pauline’s face as I brought myself up to say ‘No’


“did she say no?” Pauline staggered and Geoffrey caught her before she fell “did she just say no?”


“I don’t think I heard her right” Geoffrey replied


The room and suddenly become quiet. Everyone listening to hear what I had to say.


“No” I repeated more louder than before


Pauline fell. Everyone dropped what they were holding in disappointment.


“she didn’t say no” Pauline shouted then looked at me “did you say no?”


I shook my head “Yes”


“what?” Daxton shouted


“she said yes” Pauline shouted and everyone started jubilating


“I didn’t say yes as in yes I meant yes as in I meant no….” no one was listening to




The speakers were already booming with loud music as everyone danced. Daxton was still on one knee.


Geoffrey walked up to us “wear her the ring already”


Daxton looked at me and slowly slid the ring into my finger.


“I didn’t mean yes.. I was only answering her question” I tried explaining to Daxton


“I know” he looked around “but they don’t understand”


Everyone were dancing and shouting. I looked around for Dexter, he was gone. Oh Dexter!


I didn’t mean yes


I left Daxton and rushed out to find Dexter.


I didn’t mean to say yes.







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