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A Week With Her Boss – Episode 10

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what have I done?


the pounding came again. mr lamant is still there. “Cara open the door” his voice is loud.


I need to do something. he told me 6:30 and this is some minutes past 7, I must be a fool for over sleeping.


running late is exactly what got me into this mess from the start. in my years as his employees, I’ve learnt that lateness is one of the thing Richie despise. I’ve also witness how people lost their job because of that.


I can’t allow that to happen to me. never


my dad is right at the hospital needing a donor. I can’t afford to lose my job right now. if I do, then we’re doomed.


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feigning sickness, I lay down back on the bed and starts to shiver. “Cara open the door”




I didn’t get any reply from her then I start to worry. had she ran away?


or something bad happened to her in there?


the door is locked, there’s no way she could have jump a sky scraper either. “cara I know you’re in there, open up” I try to consider with her.


I kicked my foot against the door frustratedly when I didn’t get a reply.


this is driving me crazy.


“Cara…..” I begin but stopped.


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I realized that I’ve been standing here for over 20 minutes now, still no reply.


Cara is not this type….. there must be something wrong.


I need to break this goddamn door, wait there must be a spare key.




I can feel his presence at my back when he enters, then I begin shiver more. spending most of my time at the hospital, I’ve seen how patients react in times like this.


mr lamant slowly place his hand on my forehead then turn me over to face him. I opened my eyes slowly


“mr…mr…mr lamant?”


“what’s wrong with you?” he questioned. there’s warmth in his voice this time. like he really care.


“i’m… i’m.. i’m cold” I lied.


“I’ll increase the fire” he stood up, while I watch him leave.


I can’t believe in really doing this…….


feigning sickness……


he was back before I could notice that he left.


“stay in bed today and get some rest…. I’ll finish the work myself. come downstairs


for breakbeat is you’re hungry” I watch him finish what he was doing before I talked.


“thanks” it came out as a whisper. I hardly hear it myself.


he nodded then leave.


the day passed away quietly before I could notice, it was dinner.


mr lamant brought it for me and I must say, he acted nicely today.




“good morning mr lamant” I wear the biggest smile ever.


he stopped walking,a little bit shocked to see me making breakfast.


“good morning Cara” his voice was cold,that normal but his look was way out of it. if I’m correct there is a tiny lines of dark circles below his lower lids. he look as if he didn’t get any sleep.


“what are you cooking?” he asked pouring himself a water from the refrigerator..


“mashed potatoes” I smiled hoping he would love the idea.


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something is wrong. the other day, he was eager to have a taste. but today I don’t think he would mind if the taste is bad. never have I seen him like this either. I didn’t realize I was starring at him all along until he cleared his throat I quickly looked away and focused on cooking.


the mr lamant I knew would have said something like this “do you. find me that attractive Cara?”


we eat quietly. each party not talking in until Richie stands abruptly pushing his plate forward.


“are you done sir?”


he nodded. “meet me upstairs when you are done”


I look at the half empty plate in my front and stare at the retreating figure of Richie.


what could be bothering him??


























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