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Chapter 15.










Peter’s POV.


She opened the door when i was just about to turn the knob.


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Hold on, who’s this beautiful figure?




“Happy birthday dear” She said.


I kept on staring at her.


From the end of the gown to the top; to her face precisely..


“Flora? ”


“Hmmn? ”


I held her hand then returned to her room.


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“You’re looking so beautiful” I commented still unable to take my gaze off her. “Thanks dear”


Obviously, she was blushing.








Monica’s POV




It’s high time to hang around with my boyfriend.


But.. Why hasn’t he come out yet?


I glared at my wrist watch.


Arrgh, What a silly boyfriend!


He’s the celebrant,he shouldn’t be indoor…


I’ll go drag him out.







The room was filled with silence and it was so romantic and perfect.


Flora’s POV


I broke the silence….Awwn,he was still holding my hand.


“I got you a present” I said taking away my hand from his’ “Really?”


“Yeah and i hope you’ll love it”


“Why not? “He smiled.


“Now, close your eyes”I said.


“Obeyed”He closed his eyes immediately.


I brought out the Chain from my bag.


“Tada,Open your eyes” I said now showing him the necklace.


“Waoh”He received it.


“You love it? ”


“Of course,You got me this?..I’m sure it’s quite expensive…How did you get the money to buy me a necklace? “He asked. “C’mon..”I scorned.


“You won’t tell me? ”


“I won’t ” I said..


He stared at the Chain and then looked at me.


“I love it”He said.


“I love the dress too” I replied.


He smiled.


“I’ll try it on” He said…


“I can help you with that” I assisted.


“Isn’t it girly? ” He said.





“Not at all” I replied.


He smiled then kissed the Necklace’s Pendant.


“You know..”He paused.


“Hmmn? ” i meant ” what? ”


He came closer.


“Right now.. “He stared at me and adjusted my hair which was initially between my eyes (on my nose).


I kept mute.


“I wonder.. ”


He stared at those lips.. Opps,I guess the lip gloss is too much.


I wanted to clean the gloss on my lip with one of my fingers.. But, he held my hand..






“I wonder how your lips taste like” He said.


Huh? What?


“C’mon, You are silly” I said pinching his cheek.


“I’m serious” Peter said.


I was mute but i moved a bit backward.


He came closer.


“Can’t i? He asked.


I wanted to……..


He kissed me…


And i gently responded.














The door opened.


Monica stood there staring at them.


Arrrrrrrrrrgh….Those eyes of hers were like that of to-destroy or to-kill.






Monica’s POV.


Should i interrupt them?


Or i should just go away and pretend not to have seen them?


No way!


Those ideas are not pleasing at all.


I’ll rather report immediately to his mom.












Flora’s POV.


I’m very sure i heard a foot step…


I took my mouth away from his and then moved backward.


“W-Why? “Peter asked.


“I think someone was here seconds ago” I said.


He glanced at the door.. “The door is still close.. “He said….”No one came here”


But i heard a footstep.


Of course, if someone had really caught us,he or she wouldn’t have left.. just like that..


What a suspicion!


Peter came closer again..


Not again..


“We’re done yet…”He said.


Huh… Is he a kiss addict or something? ‘cos right now, I’m feeling kinda usual, like


something bad wanna happen soon..






“Wiffy”Mr Benson called.


“Not again hubby,you’re drunk” His wife complained.


“Not at all,I’m alright..Come have a drink”


“I don’t wanna go crazy”Mrs Benson said.


“C’mon, it won’t drive you crazy or not too crazy”Her husband said.


“Yeah, it won’t..not even a bit”A family-friend added.


“C’mon wiffy, it’s our son’s birthday..,Let’s eat and drink to supper”


“You know, i don’t drink”


“Wiffy, there’s always an attempt”


“We aren’t drunk, are we? ” Hubby’s friend added.


They were kinda drunk.. It wasn’t obvious though… Besides, they were used to it..


Yeah, they drink alot and might end up not getting drunk.


“Fine! Just a glass”Mrs Benson agreed.


Her husband helped to pour a full glass.


“Go-Go dear”He encouraged.


She drank it completely at once.




“It’s kinda bitter”She complained.


“But you took at a-go”Her husband’s friend remarked.


“I think i’m going crazy”Mrs Benson compalined.


“Of course not, you took only a glass”Mr Benson said emptying the bottle into a bigger glass for himself.


“What drink is this?”Mrs Benson took the bottle.. glaring at it as if she could read


the content/ingredient.


Monica’s POV.


“Ma’am”She called the-drunk mrs Benson.


“Oh dearie,come over and have some.. “She said waving an empty bottle at me.


“Ma’am please.. “I pointed at the house like it was on fire.


“My son’s girlfriend needs me”She said as she stood up and started staggering while still holding the empty bottle.


I went inside, she followed me although she was staggering.




Monica’s POV.


I gently opened the door (of Flora’s room).


“You two! ” Mrs Benson screamed.


They stopped kissing instantly. Obviously,Flora was a shamed. She ought to be..


“Ma…. ‘am”Flora stammered then stood up immediately and moved backward.


While Peter stood in front of her.


Great thing, i caught them still red-handed.


“Mom” Peter muttered.


Yeah, His mom was damn drunk and simultaneously angry.


“Peter”His Mom slapped him.


Oh no.., Flora deserves that not Peter..


“Monica, take Mom away. She’s drunk” Peter said with one of his hand on his


cheek yet he was obstructing his mom from hurting Flora who was shivering all of


a sudden. No cold!


I played deaf.


“Flora, come over here”Mrs Benson ordered.


“Ma’am I’m very sorry”Flora pleaded,still behind Peter’ Wait, is she pleading for her job? “Monica, Take Mom away” He screamed.


“Let me go Peter” Flora innocently said.




Good thing, she was still with the bottle…




She hit the bottle on her head and Flora slipped on the floor instantly.She collapsed.


“Flora!!! ” Peter sceamed.


C’mon, get off her.. She’s just pretending.


“Flora, wake up.Stand up Flora, look at me”Peter tried to wake her up. Hold on, is she lifeless already?Just like that?


Oh no, i never thought it would turn out this way.


I ran out of the room,out of the house.







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