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Money Love – Episode 5

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(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)


Episode 5


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On the scheduled date for Rhoda and Henry’s wedding, Jovita stormed the wedding venue but she was not permitted to come into the wedding hall.




Rhoda was a very cunning lady, she had instructed the security men at the entrance of the wedding hall to be on the look out for Jovita, she had saved Jovita’s WhatsApp display picture and she had send the picture to all the security men at her wedding venue.

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Jovita was so devastated, but she waited around. The wedding was indeed a big wedding as lots of guests trooped into the venue.




When the wedding was over, Jovita followed the car that conveyed the couple home, Jovita stared at a big duplex situated in a peaceful crescent, As the car drove into the compound, Jovita watched from Afar, her heart was bleeding. She wished she could have a chance to speak with Henry. She blamed herself for all that was happening.




She waited for hours and when she couldn’t wait anymore, she quietly walked away in tears, she stopped a cab at the bus stop to take her home, all through the drive home, Jovita cried her eyes out, The cab man was a kind hearted man, he heard Jovita’s cry.


“Madam, I don’t know what had happened but I want to assure you that everything will be fine, please comfort yourself and have Faith” The cab driver said calmly as Jovita wiped her tears.




Just to feel better, Jovita bare her heart as she told the cab driver everything and the young man said something Jovita will never forget in an hurry.

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“Respect a man who don’t have it all but will do everything for you, you pushed your husband away, there are some ladies, who doesn’t want a man to provide for them, all they want is to be married, and you are blessed to have a man that love you and at the same time provides for you, even though it’s not enough, you should have appreciated the little he brings to the table, I think your husband is angry with you, that’s why he agreed to marry that lady, look for a way and apologize to him”


(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)




“Apologise? There’s no need, Rhoda had succeeded in snatching my husband, I don’t know what she did to my husband, the Henry I know will never leave me like this” Jovita entered still in tears.


But still the Cab driver insisted that Jovita should apologise to her husband.




The next day, Jovita stormed Rhoda’s house with the police, Jovita was shocked when she saw her husband’s younger sister, Blessing there.


She felt defeated, Blessing couldn’t look at her in the face while her husband stared at her speechlessly.


Jovita felt like dying but the presence of the policemen she came with, gave her a ray of hope.


“Officer, this is the kidnapper, this woman kidnapped my husband” Jovita said immediately Rhoda came out of the house.




At the sight of the policemen, Rhoda smiled mockingly and turned to Jovita and said


“What do this foolish woman wants here?”


“You shameless woman, husband snatcher, with all your money, you couldn’t buy a husband instead you want mine” Jovita entered angrily


“What are you saying? Fool! Have you forgotten that I gave you 3 million, I did buy myself a good husband” Rhoda entered at once




“Hey, madam, enough” one of the police men entered


“Are you miss Rhoda…” The police man added


“Officer point of correction, I’m Mrs Rhoda, I got married yesterday, I got married to this gentle man yesterday and we are planning for our Honey moon” Rhoda said pointing to Henry who was as cold as ice.


Jovita wondered why Henry was not talking.


“Rhoda, what have you done to my husband, he is quiet, what have you done to him, officer this woman had charmed my husband, she is desperate and everyone knows that desperate ladies are dangerous” Jovita said immediately




“Common shut up, you foolish woman, you keep saying, my husband, my husband, Henry is now my husband too and there’s no going back, you don’t know that I was desperate, when I offered you 3



million? Are you that foolish?” Rhoda added and Jovita felt like strangling her. She then turned to the police men and said “Officer you heard her, she kidnapped my husband….”






“Enough, woman we don’t have all day, you brought us here that some one had kidnapped your husband, but you are not giving us a chance to do our Job..” One of the policemen said




“Officer, my brother is not kidnapped, these two women are his wives, the person you should arrest is Jovita, this stupid woman sold my brother for 3 million…” Blessing uttered and Jovita picked her jaw, she couldn’t believe that Blessing will one day turn against her.


“Enough, officer, Do I look like I was kidnapped?, these two women are my wives” Henry finally spoke as he stared Jovita in her eyes.


“Infact officer, my first wife gave her consent before I married Rhoda” Henry added and he was still staring at Jovita who was now in tears.




The police men finally left and Rhoda walked Jovita out of her house. As Jovita walked out of the compound, Henry stared at her speechlessly.




(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)


End Of Episode 5


To Be Continued


Stay Blessed




(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)

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