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Multi Billionaire – Episode 5

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The driver came that morning too good to be early. However I had just woken up and was not really satisfied with the way he came so early. I prepared my bags and had my bath. My heart still shock as I thought about my mom. How is she right now? A tear fell off my eyes and I quickly wiped it up. I had to be strong for her. I was leaving the only place I called home for another, which broke my heart.


I got ready and left with the driver Early. There was no going back since I’ve already signed the contract.


I just have to bear all and face reality.


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We got to the house soonest and I was no longer touched like I was in the first place. I just had to get inside and take a shower. I was just becoming hot all of a sudden. The driver helped me pack my bags in. He also showed me my room. I was just so heavy up on my head and I fell on the bed unknowingly.


Sleep soon over took me lightly and I slept like never before.More interesting stories available








I didn’t know what just came over me. Suddenly I didn’t find my self anymore. My mind was no longer where I was. It was very far away from the meeting hall. I was already thinking about Isabella and I couldn’t concentrate anymore. I finally found myself longing for her. Was this how better she is? I closed my eyes and exhaled deeply. Her pictures kept flowing through my heart and my yearning for her got worse. I had to fit in when people’s stares on me kept flowing in. I couldn’t wait to get her in my arms all day long. I resolved in my mind that she was all mine now so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything.






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I woke up and was so sad to see that I had a slight headache, or was it because of the long sleep because I slept for more than six hours. I sat up and stressed my body lightly. The duvet cover was to caressing to the extent that I wished to stay there forever. Everywhere was so good and classic. I stood and from the bed and wore my pink Pam slippers. I was really hungry and I had to get something to eat, else?. I walked out of the room, tracing my steps into the kitchen. Once I got there it was as if I was a princess. Silence took control as the maids bowed for me. I was shocked and they were as well shocked too.


“We are sorry to say this, Sir asked us never to let you into the kitchen”.


I continued looking at them awestruck.


“But why…. Actually I came because am hungry”.


“We know Ma and that’s why we are trying our best in getting the food ready. Please sit in the dinning area, I’ll call you when the food is ready ma”.


I was stunned.


“Can you please call me Isabel….. my name is not ‘MA’. I stressed.


“Am afraid ma. That’s what sir Bryan told us to call you”.


“Ok but am not ok with that. At least he is not at home. Feel free to call me Isabel…. I don’t bite”.


“Ok ma”. She said and bowed.


I laughed and she smiled shyly. Seems she was ok with Bryan’s instructions.


I walked to the dinning area and sat down. The maids were really doing a good job. Everywhere was looking beautiful and stunning.


Minutes later, my food was served and I ate hungrily. The maid refused to Join me because Bryan


warned her against doing so. Funny girl Bryan that was so far away.


After eating I walked back to the room and took a light shower. I was a real fan of sleep. I slept also, since there was nothing for me to do. I knew Bryan would be back by the time I wakes up. After all, all I needed now was just sleep






I drove my car into my compound premises and parked it in a freed space. I was really excited and happy to be home. The day was already far spent and it was dark. I locked the door and walked inside.




Once I got to the room, I turned on the light and saw Isabel lying on the bed, sleeping. I smirked to myself and walked to her. I squatted right before her and wiped the tiny hair that fell on her eyes. I kissed her gently on the lips and stood up. She was just sleeping peacefully on the bed like an angel. What I wished for was finally here and I knew she was all mine this night. I had to take my bath so I stood up and removed my clothes. I lay them on the chair and went into the bathroom to take my bath.






I walked out and lay on the bed. No!!! I can’t be in the same bed with a beautiful damsel like this and do nothing. I had to act fast. I kissed her lips slowly and steadily. I breath out silently and prayed I was not doing the wrong thing. I offed her shirt and pants. I knew she was looking at me but afraid of saying anything. Oh! poor girl. I took her virginity that night!! Her innocence! Tears flowed through her eye lids.







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