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The Single Wife – Episode 7

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*Episode seven*


Daniel literally wrapped his hands around beccas’ ass and stood beside klaus and Sheila. So hunny, “look at the street on the other side of the bridge, i plan on building our house over there, Daniel said to becca. Well hun, I would prefer a beach house with a clear view of the ocean, replied becca equally exicted. The two discussed more about their lives and how they would make babies. All this time klaus was literally looking at them and he couldn’t believe it. He tried to approach becca, but Sheila held him down, and he had to watch Daniel occasionally caress becca. Daniel, “would you please kiss me?” becca romantically asked Daniel. With pleasure love, he replied. Klaus got mad such that he literally faced Daniel, grabbed him by the neck and gave him a blow making him stagger backwards. Stay away from my wife! he yelled. Daniel retained his posture and stared at klaus. “Who is your wife?” he asked. Klaus pointed at becca and shook his head indicating she was his wife. Look mam, “you mistaken shes my girlfriend and will be marrying her soon,” Daniel explained. That’s right, “he’s saying the truth mister, am his girlfriend,” becca said while klaus frowned. Becca stared at Sheila and thought of a way to embarrass klaus. Mister, “look isn’t the lady beside you, your wife? then why are you claiming that am your wife?” becca asked trying hard not to laugh. Shes not my wife! You are my wife, klaus yelled without thinking. Mister, you are crazy, Daniel said and walked away with becca leaving klaus



boiling in anger. Daniel and becca laughed their lungs out as soon as they were far away from klaus. Becca mimcked his voice and couldn’t stop laughing out loudly. The two shared lunch, went out for some movies and later in the evening he escorted her back to her house. She went inside and found a boiling klaus waiting for her. “Who was that guy and how dare you disgrace me in public?” klaus asked angrily. Wait! “I haven’t seen you today, what on earth are you talking about?” she asked acting surprised. Don’t play games with me becca, “who’s that jerk?” he asked yelling. Would you please lower your voice, she said. Just answer my damn question! he yelled and threw away the glass he was holding. Fine, as I had said I haven’t seen you at all, so you can get mad all you want, excuse me, she said and walked away……..



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