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My Virgin Maid – Episode 14

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Chapter 14



Miss Ruby’s POV


I sat in my inner room preparing another virgin girl for sale this night. I miss Charlotte so much, nobody to help clean the club.


I was done with my make over and I wore a very seducing dress for the programme. I was still dressing the lady when my phone rang.


I picked it up to see Mr Boston calling, he is my best customer, he has crazy cash.



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Mr Boston *happily*


Ruby baby


When did you arrive in town?


Yesterday, and I need a girl to keep me company this night.


Really? Lucky you, I am advertising some girls today.



I don’t want just some girls, I need a fresh blood.


She is available


I need Charlotte to be precise.

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Oh Mr Boston, she has been sold.


I don’t care, I will pay any amount to have her.


Mr Boston *sadly*




What!! 5000


Yes, are you in?


Sure, I will get to you but not this night.


No problem, see you tomorrow.



I hung up feeling so happy. $5000!!! Oh God, that is a great offer. I just need to talk to Mr John, compensate him with another beautiful Virgin and that is it.


$5000! Will be all mine.





I paced around in the auditorium waiting for Bianca’s arrival. She should have been here!! It is almost 2 hours and u need to get this Photoshoot done quickly.


I sighted Bianca from afar and I felt a little relief.


“Bianca, where have you been! I have been waiting for hours.” I said frustratingly.


“Sorry, some issues came in at John’s.” She said bringing out my comb.


“Issues?” I asked furrowing my brows.


“Go take the shot, I will explain later.” She said pushing me to the front of the camera. We started the shoot soon and I kept thinking about the issue Bianca said came up.



“Angelica smile!” The camera man said and I quickly adjusted my face trying to smile. I kept praying the shoot would be over soon so Bianca could explain what happened before she decided to go back to work.


Soon we were done and I ran to Bianca before even removing my gown.


“Bianca what was the issue?” I asked as soon as I got to where she sat.


“Was that the reason you didn’t remove your gown?” She smirked.


“Say it already.” I said nervously.


“Okay, I got there and I met Davis and John at home. So Davis insisted I take a drink with them, and you know, I can’t say no to Davis.” She said blushing.


“Can you just go straight to the point?” I asked frustratingly.


“Okay, so I wanted to talk to Charlotte while she was in the kitchen, and I ended up startling her making her cut her finger mistakenly.” She said.


“So it was because of the cheap girl you made me wait for 2 hours!” I yelled in anger.


“So? I was at fault. I couldn’t just leave her like that.” She added.


“Whatever” I said rolling my eyes.


“Angelica didn’t you ses that girl is so beautiful?” She asked grinning.


“She isn’t as beautiful as I am.” I said proudly.


“You wish. That girl is more beautiful than you are, can’t you see her curves? They are mad” she said.


“Can you just go back to your filthy studio?” I said walking away in anger.



“You better hold onto your man before he leaves you for a more beautiful and caring girl.” She yelled behind me making me boil in anger.


I need to do something about this Maid.






I sat in the living room reading some random novel when the door bell sounded. I stood up to open it, I opened the door to see Angelica looking very sad.


“Angelica, are you okay?” I asked walking her into the house.


“Mother, I am not happy.” She replied sadly.


“What is it Angelica?” I asked as we sat on the couch.


“Mother, John just employed a new maid and I don’t like her at all.” She said.


“A new maid? He didn’t tell me.” I said in surprise.


“Yes, and I don’t like her one bit. Please tell him to fire her.” She said.


“Fire her? Why don’t you like her. You know you are always busy and you don’t have time for John, so she will help you take care of John till you are ready to care about him.” I said mockingly.


“Mother” she called looking at me.


“Yes Angel. My son needs someone who will have his time, he doesn’t complain and now he brings in a maid, you want him to fire her?” I asked.


“Mother, it is not like that. You know my job takes a lot of time.” She said.


“Fine. I will visit him and see how the maid is, I will ask him to fire her if she really deserves to be fired.” I said smiling.



“Thank you so much mother.” She said happily hugging me slightly. I looked at her and she smiled slightly.


“My makeup.” She said pointing to her face.


“Oh I understand, my son loves you so much.” I said nodding looking at her with a disgusting look.


“Mother do you have any food at home?” She asked as I heard her stomach grumble.


“No, will you prepare some?” I asked.


“Mother, my nails.” She said raising up her fingers.


“Oh, I guess you aren’t hungry.” I said giggling.


“I will order pizza.” She said smiling.


“Good.” I replied nodding.



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