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Mr Irresistible – Episode 15

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✓✓Episode 15




Sleep rejected me, I didn’t even bother looking


for it. who wants to sleep when his life


is on the ropes, I watch time and the ancient


ring on my left hand keenly till 6am. I received


a call from Sam.


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That they are here already, I left the guest house with them, the drive to my house was a quiet one. I called D.P.O to release and bring the guy they caught


to my house is time I take the bull by the




I made some calls and what to make


him tell on the person who has sworn that I will know no peace in my life. He was


brought to the house, treated and well


fed, I called him to the sitting room.


Me: so who sent you? *I drop the bag of 5million naira on the table*


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Abath: *silent*


Me: this is visa to England and green card to enable you live there *at the sight of the visa his eyes left it sockets*


Abath: thank you Jesus *he jump off his feet and shouting*


Me: *you know Jesus and you wan kill* who sent you?


Abath: our queen *I was confused* her name is Daborah Isha.


Me: haaa…! sister G*gorilla* excuse me.

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I went inside my room to call pastor Jeremiah


if sister Gorilla is with him and the answer


is negative. I asked him to tell me who she is or I will make sure all his evil activities in the church is exposed, he confessed that she


blackmailed him and asked him to bring


her to me.


Thank God I have eyes for good


thing if not I’d have been gone so soon.


Minutes later my phone alerted me of a


text message from sister Gorilla.


Maybe she is aware that I have known her evil


schemes. I picked up my phone and dialed Samuel’s number.


Me: hello Sambisa.


Sam: oga uncle, the future of land of death. Are you still alive?


Me: I no get time to quarrel, bounce my house. We need to see Baba.


Sam: you wan quit….


I called of the call, my mind just temme


say, my go see Baba. I no even know why


When I reach that bridge I go cross am.


Sam arrived at my mansion and we left


my house to Baba shrine like office with




Me: Baba I want to be fortified


Baba: are you ready my son?


Me: *I nodded* yes, Baba.


Baba: you are aware of the consequences *I nodded* follow me *we walk into an inner room.




Baba: amu bu shim *he lit a drum fire* climb inside the drum.


Me: are you serious *I look at Sam. to see him surprised as I am too* you want to practically cook me.


Baba: I know you will not do it *he cut a leaf and rub it in his palm, he touched me by the shoulder* now go in.


Me: yes, Baba *I walk to the drum on fire, I opened it and climb inside*




Baba: you are welcome *I only find myself lying with just red wrapper covering my na.kedness* the ritual is done.


Me:thank you Baba *I signal to Sam. For us to go* so how many hours was I bored like rice.


Sam: is three days oohh.. *that witch said I should meet her today*


Me: you can drop me at my gate.


I called D.P.O to send for his best five men,


I picked my car key and drive to the location


she sent me making sure the police car


behind me is following up. face to face


with the she devil on black.


Me: here I am *I opened my arms wide* why do you want to ruin my life?


Deborah: hahaha*she laugh wickedly* the sins of thy father shall visit his generation.


Me: sin of father *I know say that man na suspect* what do you mean by that nonsense you are saying?


Deborah: your dad impregnated my mother and killed her *see wahala oohh… how em take concern me*


Me: I am not my father, I think we have no business. I should be on my way. *five boys appeared from nowhere*


Deborah: I’d have let you go but you are a hot breed dog, that f**k everything wearing pant. just that you are wise enough to use condom. You are worse than your father.


Me: thank you for your compliment, can I now leave? Cause you… *she signal her boys to get me*


The hiding police men open fire against them,


I duck beside a big iron machine breathing heavily.


Deborah: oohh! You even came with some useless police men.


the gun battle ended in an hour later.


Deborah: where are you baby? *coming to my direction* I know you are there

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I throw a stone behind her to distract her


from coming to the direction, she turned


and that gave me a chance to pick up


a stick. Immediately she turned to face me


I hit her the stick on her hand the gun


she is holding drop to the floor, I rush


to pick it but she dived me and we rolled


on the floor till am ontop of her. Goodbye


sex to her won’t be a bad thing, I covered


her lips roughly with a hot kiss. I grab her


two soft melons underneath, squeezing


them roughly moan escape her mouth and lust ignite In her eyes.


Na me go win this battle crook or hook


I must win jare!








Mr irresistible






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