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A Week With Her Boss – Episode 15

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NOTE: This Chapter Is Rated ????????????


if you’re not comfortable with erotic scenes please do not read further.





we broke the kids after a long time only to catch our breath.


mr lamant stared at me. his eyes dark… full of lust. I know that look very well.


“let’s go home” he said then resume driving.


we barely manage to open the door before our mouth attached each other. no need for instructions, we pulled at each others clothe


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in minutes I was na.ked. mr lamant pushed me away abruptly.


I stared in disbelief. is this nor what he wants.


we had gone too far than stopping now. then he talked.


“why did you lie to me Cara?”


oh!.. that..




I.moved closer to him.until our body are touching. my na.ked body displayed in front of him.


“spank me sir!”


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I can see the shock in his face. who would think that is what I would say. he didn’t move so I talk again


“Punish me, sir. Then you can teach me to be better.” The way he’s looking at me, so insatiable, I wonder if he’ll devour me instead of spank me.


Tugging my head back, his face nuzzles my neck, and I whimper for more when he breathes in deeply and growls against my skin. “If that’s what you want.” I shake my head gently. “It’s what I need.”


I start falling, tugged off balance, and with a thud, I land over his lap as he sits on my bed. Flailing arms barely find purchase when he stills me with a heavy, hot hand in the center of my back.


“You’re such a bad girl, cara.” His hand runs down my spine, just enough pressure to not tickle. “If you think you can be a good girl, a good listener, I know how to help you.” Long fingers drift down to my ass, fingertips teasing at the heat between my legs. “You’re terrible. I think you wanted this all along. But that’s fine, I’ll teach you how to mind me, if that’s what you need.” “Yes!” I groan. “Please, sir.”


He hums, considering me, and then the hand he had been caressing me with disappears.


“There’s no going back after we do this.”


I nod, hiding my face against his leg. I need him to get on with this.


want more—need more—than teasing. I don’t understand any of these desires going through me, but I surrender myself to them.


“Very well, my naughty cara. You can be my good girl, can’t you?”


The slap of his hand on my ass jostles me, pushing me harder into his lap. Pain blooms a moment later. Yelping, I wriggle away even as the second spanking lands on the other cheek.


“You should see the lovely pink glow your ass is getting.” A third and fourth blow bloom the pain out across my skin. “Spread your legs a little for me.” Another slap connects as soon as I do. “Good girl.”


It’s starting to hurt, and I squirm away from each spanking. A heavy hand holds me still, pressing me hard into his lap.



“Hold still. I’m not sure you’ve learned your lesson yet.” His fingers dip between my legs, and there’s no resistance. I’m so wet, ready for whatever else he might ask of me


. “You are a dirty girl, aren’t you? I think you’re enjoying your punishment.” His hips lift, and the hard-on beneath me tells me that he’s just as into this as I am.


I push down, rubbing my stomach against Richie’s erection. This time the spanking is on my labia, and I squeal, earning me a chuckle. “Do you want me to touch you here?” He parts my slit with two fingers, trailing them in my wetness down to my clit, circling it once before withdrawing his hand.


He spanks me again, hard and fast until we’re both panting. “So red.” I can feel the heat rising on my skin as he gently runs his hand over my ass, admiring what he’s done to me. “Oh, cara, my good girl. If you could see how gorgeous you look like this.” Taunting me, he rubs between my inner thighs, not quite giving me what I want.


“I could spank you every day just to look at you across my lap, taking what I give you. It wouldn’t be for punishment, just to admire all your charms.”


Wetness seeps through his pants from the head of his cock, smearing on my belly as he explores the edge of my pussy


“Touch me, please,” I whine.


He chuckles, making us both quiver. “But I am touching you. Can’t you feel me?”


His fingers rub along my spine and then over my ass. “I thought I was touching you nicely. Oh!” he exclaims in mock understanding. “Do you want me to touch you


somewhere else?


Here, maybe?” His hands drift over my back and shoulders. “Or here?” My legs now get his gentle, probing massage.


I let out a frustrated sob.


“No,” he laughs. “I think my good girl wants me to touch her sweet cunt and make her feel amazing


. Is that it?”


He’s waiting for something; I know what it is. “Please,” I moan, “let me come. Make me come, I can’t take it anymore!”


He makes a low, deep growl that causes my belly to tense. “Alright, I’ll touch you.” He delves into me, stretching me with two fingers, and I arch down onto his hand.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been touched like this, and toys just aren’t the same. “Needy, aren’t you?” His pinky finger brushes my clit, hitting the bundle of nerves with gentle taps as he thrusts another finger into my pussy.


My ass throbs with each lifting of my hips, not letting me forget the spanking he’d given me. But each motion gets his fingers deeper inside me, probing for my g-spot and rubbing until I squeak.


“Is that the spot you want me to touch?” he teases. He rubs a bit harder, faster, and pressure builds stronger than I’ve ever felt. It’s never been this intense. He holds me there, on the precipice of coming, somehow easing back just enough to keep me from climaxing. “Not until you promise me, cara.”


“Anything!” I would promise him anything just to let me come.


“Promise you’ll do better, not oversleep, not lie and do everything I say.” He flexes his fingers out inside me, bordering on too much pressure, and I love it. “I’m your boss and need you to obey me in every way, to trust me to know what’s best for you, for me, and for our company.”


“Yes. I swear! I’ll be better. I’ll be your good girl, sir,” I promise.


“My beautiful, good girl. Come for me.” He rocks his fingers across my g-spot, working it until I can’t stop moving with him. Reaching around me with his other hand, I’m held in a horizontal embrace as he finds my clit with two fingers, rolling it between them.



“Fuck!” I’m swept up and over, chasing the pleasure as it crashes into me. A rush flows through me, a floating sensation as my body releases, and then he’s gasping along with me. My clitoris tingles; he massages it once more until I squeak. richie laughs slightly, before pulling his hand out of me. “You taste so sweet,” he mumbles around his fingertips. “I’ve never made a woman squirt before.”


It takes an extreme amount of effort to lift my head and look over my shoulder at him. My pussy clenches at the sight of him licking his fingers. Flustered, I relax back down over his legs and try to think about all that just happened. First, I really liked the spanking more than I thought I would. Second, earning that “good girl” affected me a lot. It was more than just sexual. I liked pleasing him, doing things right. Third, richie is really fu.cking good with his hands.


I didn’t expect any of this, not even after what happened at the hospital.


His demeanor changes, hardening with resolve as he stands, dropping me to the floor in the motion. “On the bed. Now,” he barks.


Scrambling, I climb up onto the bed, not daring to question what he wants. He’s on me before I can even brace myself to turn and see what the next command is.


Hard, wider than his fingers, his cock pushes into me.


“Ung!” He grunts out his pleasure as he thrusts in to the base, his balls slapping between us.


I hate it when he withdraws, cold air rushing between our bodies as he leans back, and I don’t have to see him to know he’s watching as the blunt head of his cock parts me to claim me again.


Harder, faster, he thrusts like he can’t get enough, and I don’t know if I’m coming or if it just feels so damned good to have his dick inside me.(Join Group) More stories @ www.generalloaded.com His fingers clench my hips; I’m going to have bruises. The slam of his pelvis on my ass is a spanking of a different sort, and I cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.


His shaft swells—na.ked without a condom. I know this is risky but the hard reality of that only heightens my excitement. I want to be close to my boss, I want to feel every cell in his body. My pussy milks him as I orgasm abruptly, the sensation sharp, making my vision blur.



“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” richie tightens his hold on me and collapses onto my back, filling me as he comes. I didn’t think I could feel more soaked, but his warm seed thickens in me, coating the inside of my pussy, my labia, my thighs




We stay locked together for a few moments before he withdraws and goes into the bathroom. He’s back before I can really miss him, and a warm cloth covers my sex.


richie gently turns me to my side and draws a blanket up over us as we breathe. His fingers seek out my sore ass, and he rubs the heated skin, soothing it with his touch


then the tears started. mr lamant start to cry.











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