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Patricia – Episode 1

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Story Written by Abdul Qodir Ishola








Patricia, a 25 years old pretty lady who lives in Mexico City. She lives together


with her mother (Sabrina), and her younger sister (Innocencia – 18 years old). They

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lack financial resources. Only Patricia was able to graduate from high school but


innocencia couldn’t.






Patricia P. O. V


At night, she is sitting together with her mother and Innocencia. “Don’t you worry mother. Things would surely be alright tomorrow. After getting the job, I’m certain our lives will surely turn around for the better. That I promise you mother “she assured. “I know that perfectly my dear. You see the stars shinning outside, they are all for you my dear. I do have trust in you. I know things will always go smoothly as long as we are together “said Sabrina. Then Innocencia brought up a

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joyous smile on her pretty face. “Yes mother. And did you really know what made me happy about all of these?…… I’ll be able to return back to school very soon


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“said Innocencia, as they all burst into a happy smile. “You know what mother, things would have been so better if father was here with us “she added, looking sad. “Common Innocencia, don’t get sad because of him. He is such a jerk. He can’t even stand up for any of us. It’s better if we don’t talk about him “said Patricia who is now facing Sabrina. “And mother, Don’t be reminded of father because because of what Innocencia said. He doesn’t deserve any of our tears or sadness. We can be fine without him “she concluded. “I’m really proud of you my dear. You’ve grown up to be a strong woman. I must say, any man would be lucky to have you as a wife “said Sabrina. “Oh mother, you’ve started all again. For now, I want to get a job so that we can all earn a living and get out of the state of poverty. My family is the only priority I have. As it is, I have no time for any man. And any guy who tries to play funny, I am going to punch them on their face. Trust me on that mum “said Patricia as they all smile. Then Sabrina stretches up her arm around her two daughters neck and dragged them closer to herself, joining her head with theirs. “You know what dear, a day will come when you won’t be able to resist from falling in love. And when the time comes, I would be the happiest mother in the world. Same to you too Innocencia my dear “said Sabrina as she kissed them both on their foreheads.


The next morning, Patricia dressed up herself gorgeously. Then she left after getting blessed by her mom. While waiting for a cab on the road side, a beautiful car passed by, and splashed water on her dress. “Oh my gosh! “she exclaimed. “What a jerk “she added, then the car parked at one side of the road. While Patricia was cleaning up herself with an handkerchief, a cute guy dropped from the car and walked towards Patricia. He was standing right there, looking Patricia right from her long straight hair down to her toe. Then Patricia noticed the guy is standing in front of her without saying anything. She lifted up her face as she began. “Hey mhizta, what are you looking at? Aren’t you going to say sorry? “she said furiously. “For what? Was it Intentional? Why will I say sorry when I haven’t even done anything wrong. In fact, you should be the one saying sorry to me. I could have hit you if not that am a good person. You should always look where you are standing “Ronato said arrogantly. “What? Are you trying to tell me I am the one at fault now? You’re so rude you know. What kind of person are you? “said Patricia, in a more furious state. “A good person obviously” he replied. “Well I don’t think so “said Patricia, eyeing at him. “Then you are free to think whatever you want “said Ronato. “You know what, it’s useless talking to you. You are such a



bad omen for me today “said Patricia. “Same as you “he replied back. “Get lost you old fool “said Patricia as she left the spot. “You too get lost “said Ronato, but in her absence. “She is such a bad catch. I shouldn’t have come down in the first place. I just wasted my precious time because of her. She is not even pretty. As ugly as a goat” said Ronato as he got back into his car and drove off the spot.

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On her way back home, she’s very furious while talking to herself. She didn’t even notice people were staring at her. “He is so arrogant. Who does he think he is? I will make him pay for all of these. Whenever I see him again, I’ll make sure he doesn’t get away with it. That I promise “said Patricia

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