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Lucifer’s Chef – Season 2 Episode 11

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(Make love to me)



Lucifer’s POV


I want to give her some privacy, that’s the least I can do for her at the moment.


But I could feel it, she was hiding something big from me and I don’t want to find out by reading her thoughts.


I want her to tell me willingly. Can she do that?



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“I miss you.” She whispered for almost the hundredth time this afternoon.


I kissed her neck and buried my head at the croak of her neck.


I miss her too, it’s funny but I do.


“Do you….do you still love her?” She asked. I’m not supposed to be told whom she


was referring to.


“She is my wife Calla.” I responded harshly. Okay that came off too harsh.


“Look, I care a lot about you Calla. You’re my mate and I cares a lot about your well being.” I said, she raised her eyebrow and chuckled.


“That’s it? You care about me because I’m your mate, is that all you feel for me? Don’t I have a place in your heart at all?”She asked, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.


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Oh shit!


I’m not ready for any drama.


“Calla listen, just…..” She climbed on top of me and removed my shirt which she


was wearing leaving her bare breast on my face.


“What are you doing?” I asked. She bat her eyelashes and scoffed.


“Make love to me.” She whispered and started kissing my neck. I sucked on my breath and sigh.


“We should talk about this, Calla I…” I trail off when she started losing my belt.


I grabbed her hands and placed it on my chest.


I flipped us around and lay on top of her.


I smashed my lips on hers and started kissing her, I released her hands and continue kissing her.


I broke the kiss and lash on her neck, she moans out and held me tightly to herself.


I grabbed her b**bs and tugged on it, she yelped out.


“F**k, I missed touching you.” I mumbled and grabbed her ass in my hand, feeling the softness.


She brought her hand to my belt and started loosing it. I smirk and watched her as she struggles to free my cock.


She loosen my belt and pulled down my jean trouser then my boxers.


Her hand trail from my hip to my cock.


I stiffened when she touched me. It felt good.


I lo……


I like this woman a lot.



Calla’s POV


Lucifer pulled off my short and trail my p**sy lip with his fingers.


His eyes were constantly on mine, he didn’t give me the chance to look away when he sink his finger inside me.


“F**k.” I moans out, he added the second one and started finger f**king me. Did I complain? Oh no!


Do I loved it? Oh yes!


He keep f**king me with his fingers, hitting my sweet spot repeatedly until I came all over his fingers.


He kissed me, sucking on my bottom lip like he want to bite it.


He kissed my neck, his teeth grazing on it. Not his normal human teeth, but a teeth, a long one what is it called?


Fangs, oh yes fangs.



“I’m going to bite you now sweetheart, it’s gonna hurt a little.” He said, bite? How? Before I could ask what he meant his teeth sunk into my neck.


I grabbed tightly on his neck as he keep sucking on my neck.


The pain I felt was soon replaced by desires, I felt like I needed him more.


He slipped his d**k inside me causing me to moan loudly.


His cock stretched me out beyond my imagination.


He was big, fat and long.


He started me bing, his fingers playing with my already hard nipples.


“Go faster, please.” I begged him, he increased his pace causing relieve/ pleasure to wash through me.


I can’t just stop loving this man, no matter what. Somehow I feel like I can’t do without him. A darkness is all I saw all this days.


Something is about to happen..


I want to spend this moment with him and also enjoy it.


I felt myself getting closer to my orgasm as he keep pounding inside me.


“I’m…..I’m finna cum.” I groaned. I stared at him and he was also doing the same.


“Same here sweetheart, cum for me.” He commanded. I let it all go, I released all the tension of the love making.


Shortly after cumming he shot his cum inside me.


He pulled out of me and I looked between my leg, some of his cum were dripping down my lap.


He lay down beside me and pulled me closer to himself.


“I enjoyed it.” He whispered, I smiled to myself then shook my head.


It supposed to be, ‘I love it.’ Not the other way round.



“If Vanessa isn’t here, will you consider starting something with me?” I asks him, he sigh and stopped his massage on my hand.


“Her coming back haven’t change anything, have it?” He asked. Like seriously? Is he really asking me that stupid question.


“Yes! I miss the opportunity to stay with you in private, I miss you holding me like this, I miss our little teases. I just missed you.” I replied and took the stepped out of the bed then walk inside the bathroom to clean myself up.












(Loving the devil)




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