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Money Love – Episode 3

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(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)


Episode 3




In the past two days, Jovita was at her husband’s neck.


“Since we got married, you have never made 1 million naira at a go , you are always taking loans to meet up with our bills and here we are talking about a deal for 3 million and you are saying no, any sharp man that knows what he is doing, will grab this opportunity”; Jovita entered




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“Jovita, can you hear yourself talk? Why are you so obsessed with money that you don’t reason properly anymore, how can you ask me to do this? You my own wife, any sensible wife will turn down this unholy deal




what’s your problem? Why are you bent on troubling me with your insatiable quest for money, please count me out, I’m not interested” Henry replied but finally, somehow Jovita got through to her husband, Henry who loved his wife Jovita so much, gave in, just to make her happy. Jovita was so excited.


‘I love you so much” She told her husband as she kissed him.




The next day, Rhoda handed 3 million naira to Jovita in cash and she almost ran mad.


“It’s all yours” Rhoda told Jovita as Henry stared at them speechlessly.


Jovita came closer to her husband and planted a kiss on his lips.


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“My love, I will deposit 1 million into your account, while the remaining balance into mine” Jovita said and Henry was speechless still. He felt pity for himself, he remembered how his mother warned him sternly not to marry Jovita, now see.


“This woman would have used me for money rituals, if I had refused to play along with this unholy deal, I have never heard of such in my life, Women don’t joke with thier husbands but mine is hooking me up with another woman for money. sometimes, I wonder why I love her so much, Jovita doesn’t deserve my love” Henry thought




Later that same day, Rhoda took Henry to her wealthy father and she introduced Henry as her fiance.


The old wealthy man liked Henry immediately he saw him.


“You are welcome my son” Rhoda’s father said as he exchanged greetings with Henry.


“For how long have you known my daughter?” Rhoda’s father threw in


Henry stared at Rhoda before he replied


” a year sir” and Rhoda nodded in smiles.


“And why did it take you this long, to show yourself?” Rhoda’s father added


“I’m just waiting for the right time, Sir” Henry responded.


And Rhoda’s father smiled.


“I like you, you should consider yourself lucky because you have just gained a father in me” Rhoda’s father added and Henry smiled nervously




Rhoda fell more deeply for Henry as he defended their fake relationship in the presence of her father,


“I must make him mine” Rhoda told herself within.



As Henry was fulfilling his own part of the deal, His wife Jovita was spending money lavishedly on expensive things, that she barely thought about her husband and what he might be going through.




Two weeks passed, and there was no sign of Henry, Jovita had called Henry’s number uncountable times and it was turned off. She became very anxious when she also called Rhoda’s number and it was switched off as well.




Out of anxiety, Jovita almost gave Blessing, Henry’s sister, a call but when she wondered how she was going to explain the situation to her, she ended up not calling her.


“How can I explain things to Blessing, I was the one who introduced the deal to Henry, I hope my husband is okay, I don’t know Rhoda too well, I only knew her as my customer, I don’t even know where she lives” Jovita thought in tears.




With time Jovita began to regret every thing, She kept trying her husband’s phone number and it was still switched off.


Jovita almost died of guilt and that was when it dawned on her that her obsession with Money may end up ruining her life.


Where is Henry? Where is my husband? I hope he is okay, oh God what have I done?” She had thought Her children were not helping matters as they kept asking for their father.



Few weeks later, Henry’s boss called Jovita to know why her husband had not shown up for work and why his phone was turned off.


“Your husband’s leave is over, why has he not report to work” Henry’s boss said at the other end of the phone and Jovita was speechless but she managed to dismiss her husband’s boss with a filmsy excuse.


“My husband is not feeling well, please sir, he will call you” she had responded




Then one-day, Blessing’s call came in and Jovita picked up at once and the first thing Blessing asked was


“Is my brother there?, I have been trying to get hold of him since yesterday but his phone is switched off, where is he?” And Jovita’s heart sank.




( A Story By Christabel Nwoko)


End Of Episode 3


To Be Continued

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