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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 5

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Season 2 {MISS COOK }







[Silver House]


Mona Lisa watched him walk away and used the staircase leading to the last floor which is the top.


That last floor is like a large hall. Then outside it is the top roof.

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The large room was specially built for her father’s dream of having a small top roof school where he’d teach kids about being an architect and pursuing one’s dream. Of cos his dream of being a teacher came to pass for two years. When his business began failing and there was nothing left of him but his silver house and his family. Parents collected their children from his school and they never came.


Now, that school room had been transformed into a studio and rehearsal room.


If only she could see how it has been transformed.


But Mona knew she can’t go in there. Even if it’s her house. Of cos it can’t be ‘was’ it’s her house and will forever be. Her father’s only property can’t be sold out, never.


Best’s door opened and he came out.


His pink hair all scattered.


He still look sleepy.


He had a black crazy jean on with a ash colored sweater with ‘Spark IV’ written on the front and a white canvas. He wore no earring or rings.

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What Mona admire most about him is his ‘lips’ apart from that, he look too cold. Fine he is handsome, nice voice, cute body but he’s colder than she thought. He is second after Michel.


None of them can beat Jeff. He deserve an award. Especially from her.


Then there’s TedyA.



Even if he was cold at her at first. He look really friendly and playful too. He love Ramen and she is best on that.


Mona Lisa sighed as she got hold of herself.


Why’s she even thinking about all this?


She should be thinking of how to get silver house back and not worrying about how to serve them.


“What is wrong with me?” she mumbled, came out and shut the door. And Immediately, Jeff’s door opened and he came out, at the same time, J guy’s.


Everyone knew that TedyA is up already and is already waiting at the rehearsal.


Michel met him there. Only Mona had no idea.


Her eyes and Jeff’s eyes met and a little smile appeared on her lip but her heart didn’t beat. She thought it would.


Why? She thought she is having a crush on him?


Or isn’t she?


Jeff had a red hair that fitted him perfectly. His small cute lips matching perfectly to his pretty eyes.


He had a nice looking body that Mona had seen his six packs on some occasions during their stage dance.


Even though she Stan Spark5 so much and admired all of them but her crush and bias was Michel but uhm! Not anymore.


It’s Jeff now. Michel is just a proud arrogant jerk!


Even though she us grateful that he helped her get back to south Korea but it was never easy.


If it was Jeff, she was sure he wouldn’t let her speak twice before he help her.


“Good morning Oppa” she greeted both of them.


“Hi Mona” J guy said and used the staircase.


He had a white short and a white and blue dots sweater with the hoodie on.


J guy is really cute too.


Jeff walked closer to her. “You okay?” he asked.


She nodded. “I’m fine. Thank you.”


He gave a quick smile. “Going up for rehearsal. Can you dance?” he asked.


Of course she can but she can’t say ‘yes’ she feels he would ask her to show him and she would really mess up.


“No no I can’t. No” She answered quickly.


Jeff shrugged. “But you look like you can. Anyways, help us make breakfast. We should be done in two hours or so,” he said.


She nodded. “Alright. I will.”


He quickly climbed the staircase and disappeared.


She exhaled. “I might have lied, I’m not really good at cooking. I’m only best at cooking noodles. I cook but I’m not that good. I just I don’t make mistake.”






[Leo residence]


For more than thirty minutes since he woke up, Leo’s thoughts had been on the pretty blonde hair girl he met at Thailand.


“She look sweeter than anything in the world. Her smile was exceptional. Her eyes, more than gold. Her body, irresistible. She’s a beauty. With her, who the f**k is Li Sugar? I want that girl. I want her and I have to find her.” he soliloquizes.


A call came on his phone. It was his manager, Bryan.


He picked up the call and placed the phone on his left ear.


“Hello Bryan?” he spoke first.


“Leo, SunMovies just called. They said Kim Jane have declined the role.” he said.


“So who’s gonna take up?” Leo asked.


“Lee Anni”


“What? No, I can’t act those nonsense with Lee Anni. You know that I dislike that girl! They should find another actress for it. Like Jun Hara. Park Sona. I’m not taking up that role with Lee Anni or whatever she is called. Tell that to sunmovies. Unless they want me out of their industry. A good number of industries are lined up, waiting to get in contract with me.” Leo hurled angrily.


“I know you’ve never dreamt of having a romance role with Lee Anni. I told them that already but they said the other super actresses are occupied with work already, like Park Sona.” Bryan explained.


“Well they are hundreds of actresses in this country. They should find one but you should also list them the ones I can’t act such with. If Sunmovies don’t want to loose me, then they should act fast.” Leo said.


“Okay, I will report to them immediately,” Bryan said.


“Good.” Leo said and ended the call. He dropped the phone angrily, and got out of his king sized bed to the ensuite.


“When I was happy, thinking about the beauty in my dreams then comes the beasts. Lee Anni indeed!”







[Silver House]


Mona Lisa tasted the food for the tenth time.


“It’s better. Much better. Did I put so much focus on my food for the first time?” she asked herself.


The flower boys were still upstairs rehearsing but she couldn’t hear even a tiny sound.


That hall was never sound proofed by her father. She was sure it got sound proofed by Spark5.


She took out dishes, arranged them in large trays and began dishing out rice, vegetables, soup, and in different dishes just in the Korean style.


She served each person his on one tray, and placed spoon and chopsticks beside.


It was a perfect view. She hopes that it taste very better in their tongue too.


She had never put so much effort on a meal before like she did this morning.


The gate bell rang. She left the dinning and rushed to the monitor at the sitting room to see.


It was the three maids, Zara, Mi soo and Shin hye.


Mona pressed on the ‘unlock’ button and the gate was unlocked.


She went back to what she was doing. Anyway, she was through already.


She covered the meals with covering clothes and exhaled. “Ready..”


The entrance door opened and the maids walked in.


Mona turned to them. “Hello, welcome” she greeted.


“Hey Mona, how are you doing?” Zara asked.


“Hello Mona” Mi soo joined but Shin hye said nothing. She was angered about Mona being in the house, and worse preparing the idols breakfast.


After answering to Zara and Mi soo’s greeting, Mona turned to Shin hye. “Hello Shin hye.”



“You know my name already?” Shin hye asked with an offensive glare which was noticed by Mona and Zara.


“Yes, of course… Since it’s a Korean name. It’s quick to remember” Mona answered…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


Shin hye rolled her eyes. “Ain’t that confusing? You bear an English name but can’t even speak the simplest English.”


Mona laughed. She wasn’t angered by that. Shin hye wasn’t the first to tell her that.


Lots and Lots of people, especially in High school did.


“Oh that? My parents thought I looked like an English person so they preferred I go by an English name. Actually I looked like my grandmother. My mom’s mother was from Swahili.


“But Swahili isn’t an English country.” Shin hye said.


“Oh.. Shin hye let’s get to work. Our masters mustn’t see us arguing about nothing here.” Zara said and pulled Shin hye along as they followed the way to the kitchen.


Mi soo was behind so she turned to Mona. “What about the idols?” she asked.


“Still rehearsing.” Mona answered.


“Okay.” Mi soo turned and went away with her colleague.


Mona Lisa shrugged and turned back to the dinning. She joined her palms together in prayer. “I hope you taste good. I need to get silver house back and if it would start with a good meal, that would be great. Yes.”


An idea immediately popped into Mona’s head and she rushed to the kitchen. Her emerge startled the girls.


“Meow” cried Blue that was in Zara’s arms.


“What’s the matter?” Zara asked.



“I want you three to taste this food. The truth is that, I think I must have added much salt.” Mona said and immediately dished out the meal.


Zara was the first to taste it. “Oh… It’s a bit too spicy.”


Mona gasped. “What??”


There was a chuckle and it came from Shin hye.


Mi soo tasted it. “It’s nice but spicy. Ahh I need water.” she said and rushed to the fridge for water.


“I Can’t taste that.” Shin hye said.


Mona was disappointed with her cooking skill. But she thought it was very okay.


“What do I do now?” Mona directed the question to Zara.


“Well, I don’t know” Zara shrugged. “Sometimes they need something spicy. It’s not really a bad meal.” she said.


“No no, I have to prepare another one” Mona said.


Just then they heard footsteps and noises.


“Well, there’s nothing you can do now. They are out.” Shin hye said.


Mona sighed. “I can’t believe I cooked trash for the flower boys.” she said with almost tears in her eyes.


The thought of Jeff not liking the food.


How would he look at her. Maybe in an ‘it’s okay’ way


Then there’s Michel, that one might turn the table upside down.


TedyA will sure kick off a mockery laughter.


That cold eye Best would only send her into the ground with his cold looks.


J guy would spit out every bad compliment.


Ahh what would she do. It’s already late.


She walked out of the kitchen and took two steps out behind a wall and peeped out.


The others followed behind them. Shin hye kept chuckling.


TedyA was the first to eat, and he instantly threw it out on a serviette, grabbed water and began drinking.


The four others looked at each other.


Even though Mona was worried about Jeff, her eyes were fixed on Michel.


He doesn’t look like he was going to taste the food anyway.


“What’s that?” J guy asked TedyA


“I can’t believe how spicy this meal is. I’m going for Ramen.” he turned to Michel. “Hyung, don’t try to taste that. The Ramen was super good. What happened?”


J guy rolled her eyes. “Does this look like Ramen?”


J guy and Jeff tasted next but Jeff glanced around to check if Mona was somewhere watching, when he didnt see her, he ate from his plate.


J guy coughed his out but Jeff ate it down but grabbed water immediately.


Best dropped his spoon. “I’m not even tasting.” he said.


Michel haven’t even taken his spoon so he just stood up and left upstairs.


“Ain’t you going with him?” J guy asked TedyA.


“I’m hungry. I’m not going that upstair without breakfast. You have no idea when I woke up today.” TedyA lamented.



J guy chuckled. “What does waking up have to do with hunger?”


“It do, a lot.” TedyA said.


Best took his phone out and dialed Mr Park’s line. He picked up.


Jeff went to the meats but they are also spicy.



Hello Manager, we need a good breakfast.” Best said into the phone. But what happened to the lady?”


Get us meals and be here in an hour time.”



Alright, I’m on my way already.”



Best dropped the call, stood up and walked to the sitting room, he turned on the television and put the channel on sports TV then changed it to a movie channel.


J guy joined him…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


“Have they finished up with the ‘A Dark Rainbow?” Asked J guy.


“No, I think those two are new characters.” Best said.


Mona had came out to the dinming and faced down. Only Jeff and TedyA were still at the dinning.


“I’m sorry it was spicy” Mona said.


“I might accept that but my stomach can’t until it eats something.” TedyA said.


“Oh my God!! Ryan is dead!!” Shouted J guy from the sitting room.


TedyA rushed up to the sitting room. “What? It can’t be?!”



Jeff and Mona looked at each other.


“Is that “A Dark Rainbow?” Mona asked.


“Yes.. Do you watch it?” Jeff asked.


“Yes.. It’s even an old movie.” Mona Lisa said.


Jeff gasped. “Really? Can you narrate all that happened in the movie?” he asked.


Mona nodded.


Jeff got up and grabbed her hand. “Come with me.”


He dragged her to the sitting room. “She can narrate the movie.”


“Really? Did Ryan die?” TedyA asked.


“No of course he didnt.” she answered.


Jeff sat down.


“Then what happened?” J guy asked.


“It was all a plan to retrieve kill Gon Jok” Best asked.


“Did he kill him?” J guy asked.


“Yes he did. Gon jok ordered for his dead body. Gon Jok took out his own strength and was trying to collect Ryan’s strength not knowing it was The Onan power. Ryan had already lost his strength when he used it to kill Samora but no one knew….”


“Onan power? How did he find Onan?”



Mona scratched her head. “The movie is quite long but I will narrate it all.” she said.


“Yes, do that.”




Fifteen minutes later, she was done with the narration.


“You are so good at narrating a movie. I’m so happy now but hungry tho.” TedyA said.


“Do you write?” J guy asked. “Because most people who are very good at narrating movies are writers”


Mona coughed. What made her cough?


“Are you okay?” Jeff asked.


The gate bell rang and Mona quickly stood up to check.


That have saved her.


It was a Mr Park’s car.


“Your manager.” she told them.


“Oh better.” Best said.


Mona walked back to the dinning to clear the table.







[On the Plane]


Li Sugar have been sipping on her Apple juice when she suddenly turned to Angel and said.


“I don’t think I can hold back again.”


“What’s that?” Angel asked.


“Michel. I can’t stop thinking about him every second, every moment of my life.” Sugar said.


“What about Leo?” Angel asked.


“We broke up.” Sugar said.


“That can’t happen now Sugar, you know that? You can’t have Michel back. You hurt him, you know that.” Angel said.


“What do you mean I can’t have him back? I’m Li Sugar and Michel have no other choice. I know exactly how to take him back.”


“With what? And I know Leo haven’t accepted the breakup yet.” Angel said.


Sugar looked at her suspiciously. “Did he tell you anything?”


Angel raised her brow. “Like?”


Sugar waved her hand. “Never mind. Nothing.”


“Talk to me Sugar.” Angel said.


“Nothing really. Leo accepted but one a condition which I haven’t accepted anyway.” Sugar said.


“What’s that?” Angel asked.


“That we still meet secretly.” Sugar said.


“You know you can’t accept that Sugar. You are a public figure. You can’t put your fame at risk cos of Michel, Leo or whatever.”


“I don’t care Angel. If I don’t have Michel back then I can’t live.” Sugar said.













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