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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 17

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Episode 17


Jeremy’s Pov


Oh my goodness!


I really couldn’t believe what I saw at the mall


I got home petrified and hot angry, so was that child really for the guy I saw Nadine with?


No, a DNA test was taken already, and it says the child is mine


But what if there’s a mistake somewhere?

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No, the child’s really mine


Why am I even feeling jealous on seeing her with another guy? Why?


Something needed to be done, yes, something must be done


I’m really hopeless now and in desperate need of a child


I have to act fast, it’s either she agrees and owns up the child to me, or I will take her by force




Stephanie’s Pov



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I noticed since the day we came home from the mall, Jeremy had been acting strange


Always withdrawn and thinking, something is wrong


But who was that lady?


She made my husband leave me all of a sudden, and I began looking for him


Only to see him talking with her


The lady seems familiar but I can’t really place where I’ve seen her


Even if I’m not on good terms with Jeremy, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t take action once I notice he’s not faithful


I have to find out who that lady really is


I walked up to him in the sitting room, he was standing by the window, lost in thought as usual


“Who was that lady?”, I startled him


He jumped and turned to look at me in fright


“Which lady?”, he asked


“You pretending right? The lady at the mall”, I glared at him


“I…….she…..”, he stuttered obviously not knowing what to say


“Oh! So you mean to tell me that you have started keeping female friends, it’s not even up to half a year since we moved to LA, and you are already keeping female friends right?”, I shouted at him


He scoffed



“Excuse me?”, he said, “I mean, we don’t even see ourselves as spouses, the love isn’t there, so I think you shouldn’t get jealous when you notice something like that”


I stared at him, mad and angry


“Is that so? That’s what you think right?”


He turned to look out the window, ignoring me


“Even if we aren’t living the way we are supposed to or something, I can’t stand you falling over someone”, I said and walked away


I must find out who that lady was, must


And then, put her in the position she’s supposed to be


Nadine’s Pov


I got home exhausted and tired from the day’s walk


I still couldn’t bring myself to believe what I saw at the mall




The so called wife, that made Jeremy break my heart, was not even giving him an iota of respect




I laughed


Sounds kinda funny


But this Jeremy is really getting on my nerves, trying to claim Zoe is something I can’t fathom at all Gift


He’s still damn serious about it, yes, I saw the seriousness in his eyes


I have to do something, I won’t sit, fold my hands and just watch


I have to take action, or he strikes soon


What the hell?


Tomorrow, I’m gonna meet Zoe’s teacher, yes










I yawned as I got up from bed the next morning The sun was already up and shining “Oops, I’m late”, I said


I got up and rushed to the sitting room, to meet Zoe at table, the nanny was feeding her


“Good morning ma’am”, the nanny greeted “Mummy, good morning”


“Morning….. morning”, I replied and walked up to Zoe, ruffling her hair


“How was your night sweetheart?”, I asked “Awesome. Mummy?”, she called “Yes baby?”


“I’m eating, didn’t you say that we mustn’t talk when eating?”, she pouted


I smiled


“Smart kid”, and I turned to the nanny


“Leave her for me, I will take her to school today”



“Ok ma’am”








Soon, we hit the road, on our way to school

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Zoe talked a lotta things on the way and I wasn’t even listening to her


My mind was on Jeremy


He shouldn’t even dare to claim my sweetheart, he shouldn’t


We got to the school and negotiated a bend towards the parking lot I halted the car, and we alighted


“Mum, candy”, Zoe exclaimed on our way to her class “Not good for your health baby”, I said to her She put up a frowning face and I smiled


We got to her class and her teacher came out “Morning Mrs Blake”, I greeted “Morning ma’am”, she replied


Zoe had already ran off and joined her friends “I have something to tell you” “Okay?”


“Please I need your help, do not let anyone, anybody at all apart from me and the nanny to take my daughter home ok?”


She nodded


“That’s okay by me”


“Ok,thank you”


“You are welcome “, she replied


And I left the school full of hopes.


Now the next thing is to get connections with any of my numerous clients, and ask them for help.


I’m determined as he is not to let any being closer to my baby.



To Be Continued


Ya humble author


: Ndozi Nuellitta


Stay tuned for the next chapter



Love y’all


Crazy Baby



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