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Made To Love – Episode 3

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Chapter 3






I walked into the compound as I closed the door hard. I dropped my bag on the table as I found my way upstairs.




Oh Lord!


I’m so tired!


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Davis stressed the hell outta my life today. Stupid bastard!


I pull off my clothes and shoes as I landed my self on the bed.




I can’t even go in for an ordinary shower.


laid asleep fast…






I thought I was dreaming when I heard someone calling my name not until I heard the door to my room opened up


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What does she want!


“Sleep like a log of wood and behave like a dumb idiot”


She slapped me on my butt so hard




I screamed out intensively


“You wanna complain?”


Oh goodness!


“Why did you barge into my room? Have some manners sister”


I shouted at her not with the fact that she barged into my room but because she disrupted my sweet slumber


“The bastard!”


She eyed me as I raised my eyebrows. How does she knows my boss’s nickname?


“What’s with the bastard?”


I asked still eying her


“10 missed calls.. You missed the calls ten times Anna”


I stood up immediately as I widened my eyes




I stammered not finding my voice


“Who’s that?”


She asked sitting comfortably on my bed


“My boss!!!”


I screamed out


“Then you’re screwed!!”


She laughed out so hard


“This is why you’re so stupid! Laughing when it’s not funny!”


I eyed her as I thought of what to do


“Face your business and leave me all alone!”


She stood up but stopped


By this time I was already dialing his number back Different thoughts ran through my mind


Did I do something wrong ?


Did I input a wrong information?


Did I…




His voice creaked in fast breaking into my thoughts


“I..I..missed your calls sir”


I tried to use the right voice


“Did your phone go on a vacation?”


He asked sarcastically


“I was sleeping”


I tried explaining




He laughed long hard as I felt confused


“While I’m here searching for different documents!!”


He harshly shouted


“What! Documents?’


I asked in shock


I’m expecting you in the office now!!” He sternly said


“Office? But…”


I looked at my time..




“You don’t wanna come?”


He asked as his voice suddenly change


I know that voice


“I’m on my way Sir”


I hang up immediately


I fell on the bed as Tracy already left


I stood up, dashed into the bathroom for another quick shower.


Wore a shorts, crop top and a small jacket.


Picked my phone and bag and I hurried downstairs


“Tracy, tell mum I’ll be back very soon”


I never waited for her reply because it won’t be useful so I dashed out of the compound to catch a cab.




I walked into my office as I entered his own.


I was expecting to find his office scattered but it was neat than ever




“I’m here Sir”


I tried calling him to notice my arrival


“I’m not blind”


I eyed him secretly


“But the documents..”


He stood up as he dropped a black box in front of me


“Search them, search for the yearly overview for 3 years ago”


He said as I stared in shock



“Yearly ?”


I tried protesting


“You can’t do it?”


“I can. I will”


I said but I wanted to tell him it wasn’t kept here But he won’t listen


I checked the time




Oh jeez!


The box is damn big!


When will I search this finish






I yawned as I checked the time out


Mr Davis already walked out since leaving me to my fate.


I couldn’t find any yearly overviews not to talk of one


What sort of shit is this?


Oh goodness


With the air conditioner on, I was still sweating like a Christmas goat about to be killed


I was about to picked the other set of files when the door opened


“Sorry… I found it already”


He smiled mischievously


“Can I leave?”


I asked in anger




I picked my bag as I walked out of the office Can you imagine?


He intentionally let me go through stress..


I walked as it was morning already


Where do I find a cab?


How do I reach home?




His car suddenly stopped by my side


“Hop in. I’ll give you a ride”


I was tempted to enter but no!


“No, thanks”


I kept walking as he followed me slowly


“Beware of kidnappers and rapists”


He said almost driving off but I stopped him


“Wait, I’ll enter”


I was scared of rapists…


I opened the car as he drove off!!






She entered as she drove off.


I thought she was proving stubborn earlier


I smiled to myself


I know the way to her House as It wasn’t the first time going there


I got to the entrance of the black gate as I stopped!


“Thank you for the troubles”


She eyed me as he wanted to open the door but I grabbed her hand


I stared at her as she turned back in surprise “Troubles?”


I asked her as I looked at her


“Of course”


She nodded her head twice


“What will you call this?”


I asked as I landed my lips on hers




I kissed Anna?


She struggled for a bit but finally gave in as I sucked her lips hard


My hands found their ways towards her jacket as I unbuttoned it.


I pulled her closer still in a passionate kiss


I touched her butts as they felt hard!




Then all the way to her boobs..


Wish I could have a taste of them


Suck them like my life depended on it..

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I pulled her crop top up as I……








Mr Davis oo

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