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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 12

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Episode twelve
Kyung seok’s pov
I raised my head to see alexa coming towards me. Black bitch i said and the class turned to look at us while she ignored and went to her seat.
Finally twas lunch time and i saw alexa leaving the class obviously going to the cafeteria. I called my friends ji soo and nam shin. She’s the girl i told you guys about, the one i met in africa lets follow her i said and they nodded.
Alexa’s pov
I ordered for chili crab in the school cafeteria and went to an empty table. So kyung seok was the surprise mom had for me i thought and scoffed. I ate my food silently and saw kyung seok and his two friends walking towards me.
Black bitch he called and the two guys behind him laughed i tried ignoring them but the laughing from the guys behind him got me irritated. Could you please take your dumb ass outta here i said to kyung seok who looked taken aback,and you two i said referring to the two guys behind kyung seok. Did he just say anything funny i said.
You guys are so pathetic excuse me i added standing up. I walked two steps and turned back to see the guys still staring at me.
And you two i said again to the guys behind kyung seok. I’d like to give you some advice, make use of some paste and tooth brush before laughing your breath stinks i said again and walked off.
Kyung seok’s pov
Now i believe all what you told us was true ji soo said.
Woah she’s sassy but cute thought he said and earned a glare from me.
I only left her today cos she’s new here, tomorrow we’ll seek for revenge i said with a wicked grin.
⏩Fast forward⏪
Mom came to pick us after school. I hopped into the passenger seat while alexa sat at the back seat. How was school today mom asked. Twas bad i replied quickly, was this wench the surprise you had for me today i asked mom.
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How dare you call me wench you pervert alexa snapped. I never remembered mentioning your name rude ass i replied. Your mouth stinks like your friend it smells like poop alexa replie covering her nose dramatically. Enough mom yelled. U guys will make a good couple mom said and smiled. What i’d rather marry a lunatic than marry this pervert alexa said. And i’d rather marry an imbecile than marry this wench i replied. Wow an imbecile suits u perfectly just your type alexa replied smiling enough mom yelled, i wonder if there’s gonna be peace mom said

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