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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 4

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Episode 4


The Amandi’s family were gathered at the sitting room for the morning devotion. Mrs Amandi opened the floor with praise and worship assisted by their maid. Pastor Charles shared the bread of life while David led the prayer session. The devotion which lasted for an hour and half finally ended and everyone went about their daily chore. David was about to leave for his room when his dad called him. “David, have you got the topic for tomorrow’s sermon? ” Pastor asked as he studied the bible.


“Have been working on it but haven’t been able to find one sir ” he replied.


“Why is it taking you so long? I thought you would hand me the whole text for


review this morning. ” The Pastor said.


“Am sorry sir. ” He apologized.


“I need to see it before the day runs out. Is that taken? ”


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“Yes sir ” when he realized his father had nothing more to say, he left for his room.



Omolara woke up feeling so tired. She glanced at the wall clock and realized the time was a few minutes past ten. Her tired body demanded for more rest but she couldn’t afford it , there was a huge heap of work available for her to do. She got up and walked to the bathroom to freshen up.


Inside the bathroom, she stripped herself na.ked and turned on the shower. She felt so relieved as the chilled water touched her skin. Picking up a bar soap she started scrubbing it all around her body. She stopped when her hand touched a scar on her left breast. She bursted into tears as she remembered the day the wound was inflicted on her.


Carlos had told her about a big politician in town who would be happy to have her company overnight in exchange for a whooping sum of money. She went to meet him in an hotel. She sprawled herself on bed in anticipation for the romantic invasion but was stunned when the man demanded an anal sex. She refused and explained to him that she wasn’t into such type but the man wouldn’t listen. He pulled her down and forcefully had his way. While handling her roughly, his long nails pierce the skin on her bosom.


Omolara locked up the terrific memory, turned off the shower and dried herself with a towel. She opened a hidden hole on the wall and brought out a small substance wrapped in a black nylon. She opened the wrap and poured a tiny portion of a white powder on her palm. She sniffed it into her brain and returned the rest.


David was lying on the bed with the pen on his hand dancing furiously on his diary. He had an ear plug on his ears to keep off all sorts of distractions. The door creaked open bringing in his mother .


“Hello my boy” She called demanding his attention.


“Good afternoon mom ” David greeted pulling off the ear plugs .

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“Here is the topic for the sermon tomorrow. ” She said handing out a book in her hand.


“Thanks mom but I don’t think that would be necessary anymore ” He replied. “Why? ”


“I already chose a topic on my own. I was developing points on it when you came in.”


“Oh is that so? Let me have a look.” She demanded and he handed her the diary. “Whao “Faith” is an interesting topic and I can see you have broken it up quite alright.You will make a fine Pastor like your father. ” She praised. “Thanks so much ma .” He replied before his mom left the room.



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