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Made To Love – Episode 10

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Chapter 10


Authoress Isabel…









Troubles with a wife and a secretary… Jenny in my home



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The door opened as a light skinned beauty entered…


She wore a short black Palladio dress with heels…


She could easily be mistaken for a model artist but her beauty can’t be measured together with Anna’s…


Anna has a natural beauty that cannot be reformed… Just like a beauty queen.


I watched her sit down beside Anna..




She said winking her eye at Anna without minding the position she met her



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Anna replied her without knowing anything.. She was even smiling.. Cute innocence..


I didn’t know what to say as I picked up my phone to call May.


She need to explain some stuffs here…


The phone rang for about three times but she didn’t pick up..


I decided to call mum


She picked up on the first ring….


“I’ll be back”


I said to Anna as I winked at her before entering the restroom…


“Hey son”


Mum’s smooth voice creaked into my ear


“I prepared some side dishes, mind telling your driver to come to get it?” She continued…


“Mum, what’s all this?”


I questioned her curiously




“Who’s Jenny?”


I asked almost running crazy


“Oh! I wanted it to be a surprise”


She laughed over the phone




I asked in anxiety


“Jenny is your fiance, the daughter and heiress to MB Groups”


I stared at my phone without saying anything


MB groups?




Those we have been trying to partner with?


No wonder her face looks somewhat familiar




I asked properly


“Yes, we made an agreement! She’s gonna explain better”


“Mum, what’s all this? Did you seek my contest?”


I asked bitterly


“Consent ? You weren’t making a move! I only helped”


She hung up immediately


Oh my goodness!


Why’s mum behaving this way?


Does this mean a contract marriage?


I walked out of the restroom as I met Anna already standing…


Did she grasp a bit of the situation?


I walked towards Jenny as I faced her like a green eyed monster..


“Can you explain what’s going on here?”


I asked her eying her


“Well, I’m Jenny Amanda”


She stood up


“I know”


“You must have heard the reason why I’m here”


She stood up to me


“I heard it, but didn’t understand a bit”


I said as Anna watched on in surprise


“It’s a contract marriage, I know of how you wanna be partners with my company. Become partners and let’s get married”


She bursted out as my gaze went straight to Anna


Her face was expressionless..


She looked as if she saw a white ghost fr Canada


Her facial expression looked like one who just saw a goblin..


I know of how she feels..


I can understand


Giving her virginity to man getting married straightaway…


I can feel myself in her shoes..






I asked to be sure


“You’ll have access to every contract in our company and you’ll have the genuine


and legal right to goods”


She picked up her handbag




“Let’s get married, that’s what I want”


She stared deeply at me as I thought if this was a joke…


“Please excuse me”


Anna finally said something but Jenny stopped her


“Please wait, can you help me together to his house?”


She asked facing Anna




She Stammerer before giving a reply that surprised me




I called her sharply


“Oh, your name is Anna?”


Jenny asked smiling


Why’s she trying to be nice?


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“Yes, Annamah”


Anna replied her


“Can we go?”


She asked facing me


“Says who? Did I agree to your devious contract marriage?”


I asked eying her


“You didn’t, but you would eventually”


Anna led the way as Jenny followed her


Oh jeez!


This is shit!


Mum probably didn’t know I love someone…


I took my car key as I followed them…




I dragged Jenny’s luggage as I opened the door to the guest room


“This is your room”


I said giving space for entrance



“My room?”


She asked with moving a step


“Till I settle this, I’m not getting married to you!”


She eyed me before entering..


“Call me if you need anything”


I closed the door immediately as I rushed downstairs


Anna must be hurt


I’ve hurt her feelings


I met her standing near the door






I walked towards her as she faced me


She turned to my chest as she covered her face in my arms


She drained out her emotions


I’m so surprised she cried…

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I called her silently


“Marry her”


That was the least I expected her to say




I was shocked


Here I was, trying to avoid the marriage but…


“For the company, it will be a great deal”


She wiped off her tears





I called her not believing all what she’s saying


“You can’t risk your company for personal feelings”


She held hands


“And what does the company mean to me when I can’t fight for the woman I love?”


I held her hand to my chest


“It beats for you Anna, please.. I’ll avoid the marriage somehow”


I pleaded with her


“Mr Davis”


“Sleep here tonight”


I said holding her waist


“I can’t, you have a visitor”


She shake her head twice


“It’s nothing,just sleep here, in my arms”


I hug her passionately…


She hugged me back more tighter…


We were already getting drowned in our feelings and emotions when she called out


my name…




Oh goodness!!!




Is Jenny an intruder or not?


.Made to love

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