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The Prince Maiden – Epilogue

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Allison’s POV




“Tyler you can’t leave me here” I screamed ” what if I fall?”


We are currently skating on ice and Tyler left me standing, skating fast holding our five years old daughter and he knows fully well I’m not good at skating


He turned back and laughed “Okay, I’m coming” and made to come back to me me but my five year old daughter stopped him.


“Daddy, carry me” she raised both hands up.

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“Wait let me meet mummy first” he cajoled


She shook her head “mummy is biiiiiiiig” she demonstrated ” and strong, she can not fall dhown”


Tyler burst out laughing, “okay Cindy” he carried he on his shoulder and winked at me.


I groaned and feigned annoyance “mummy isn’t big and strong, she’s just like you.


Let daddy help her” I pleaded to my bby. She’s obviously the boss here.


Tyler was hell bent on naming our baby after a Disney princess and he named our second girl Cinderella.


As you all know, my first baby girl died.


I miss her and at the same time, I’m grateful for everything that happened.

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I know had it been she was alive, seeing her everyday would bring back memories no matter how strong my love for her is. It’s just something that can’t be helped.


But seeing Cinderella, my heart bursts with joy and more love because she reminds me of the sweetest romance.



I ain’t afraid to make love to my husband now, he gives me all pleasure and there’s nothing I could ever ask for.


The Cinderella I watched in my childhood is very gentle and generous but my Cinderella??


She’s stubborn, troublesome and rarely on her best behavior. If she doesn’t want something, she doesn’t. There’s nothing you can do about it.


I wonder whom she takes after.


She can be very funny at times. Especially when she does something wrong.


My mum and the queen are currently in our suite looking after my twins, a boy and a girl.


I was told to go for a break this night.


How the h*ll am I supposed to get the break now when my five year old daughter won’t let my husband teach me how to skate!!


Tyler had name our twins Kelvin and Pocahontas. Weird name combination. “Come on, let’s help mummy, she’s small” Tyler pinched her little nose


“If mummy is small, why is she not like me? She’s very biiiig..” Cindy asked She asks questions a lot, maybe she would be a journalist when she grows up “You understand later, do you want mummy to fall down?” Tyler asked


“If she fall, will mummy cry like me when I fall down?” Cindy asked “Yes” Tyler nodded.


“If mummy falls down, can I tell her sorry?” She asked again


“Yes” Tyler replied.


I wonder what she’s getting at and I don’t make it another 10 secs on my feet or rather skating shoes.

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“Cindy let Daddy help mum”


“Daddy, if mummy falls down, will I fall down too?”


“No baby you won’t” Tyler replied


“In two sec……..” I started saying but fell with a thud.


Tyler ran to my side quickly and drop Cindy gently so we won’t slip.


“Are you okay?” Tyler asked putting my head on his laps.


I nodded looking at the sky


“Daddy, why isn’t mummy crying?” Cindy asked “Do you want mummy to cry?” I asked.More interesting stories at


She shook her head “if mummy cry, I cry too and say sorry” her lips wobbled like she was already imagining me cry.


pulled her gently to the floor and laid her on my chest. “Mummy won’t cry so that her princess won’t cry too” “Mummy, am I a princess like in those stories?” She asked “Oh no” I groaned internally.


“Yes you’re a princess” Tyler replied


“No I want mummy to answer” she protested



“Yes darling, you are a princess” I said in resignation.


“Come on get up, if you continue lying there, you’ll catch a cold” Tyler said.


“I want to stay a bit longer”


“Mummy, where is the sky going to?” Cindy asked.


“I don’t know Cindy but don’t ask another question so that the sky would go to where it’s going to in peace” I replied


“Will it stop if I ask anoth


er question?”


“Yes, so keep your mouth shut”


“Okay mummy.”


Tyler laid beside me and slipped his hands under my waist, drawing Cindy and I closer to him and forcing us me to turn to him while Cindy laid in our middle with pursed lips, trying hard not to talking.


We both looked silently into each other’s eyes, my mind raging with different thoughts about how our journey had began.


I’ll forever be grateful you gave me a second chance” he said I smiled “I’m glad I did, thanks for not giving up though”


“I would never give up on you because I don’t want any other man near you. The journey has been rough but we scaled through. Thanks for forgiving me and also for not giving up on child birth”


” How could I give up when I want a family with you”


“You know I love you right?”


“You do?” I asked

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“I really do and I don’t think anyone can ever take me away from you” he looked at me sincerely, his eyes filled with love.


My heart overwhelmed with love, What more could I ask for, I have a loving husband and three children.


I have good in-laws and a male best friend, Mr Francisco.


“I love you too, so so much” I replied.


He kissed me lightly on the lips.


We stood up and tried skating once more, laughing each time any of us falls.



The End

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