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Diamond In The Rough – Episode 20

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Episode 20



Madison’s POV



I ran inside the house and slumped on the ground resting my head on the door,why is so hard to let him go,I really love Romeo-yeah I admit but we can’t work,he has a girlfriend and I can’t be tagged as a home breaker,I want a peaceful and stress free life not a life where I’ll wake up only to be bashed by the public


I really wanted to tell him that the kiss meant a lot,that I really love him,that I want him but I couldn’t,I don’t want to bring unnecessary burden upon myself,i’ll just have to accept the fact that we can’t be together and also,i have a competition to win so I have to put all these things behind me,I don’t want any complications for my life


As long as I stay off Romeo and Tania doesn’t try shit with me,then I’m okay


I rose up and cleaned my tear filled face,I made for the bedroom and I buried my face in my pillow,crying profusely…I’m sorry Romeo,i do want you but…it can’t happen


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I hope you forgive me..I’m really sorry



Romeo’s POV


I kept laughing and laughing and laughing at myself as I gulped the last shot of the 8th bottle of Vodka I’ve been drinking,I should have known it was too good to be true,I thought maybe she felt the same but no,she called my kiss a mistake,no one has ever said that


For once I thought I’ve found true love,I felt the way I’ve never felt before for a girl-not even Tania,instead of me to kill the feeling,I nurtured it thinking she wants me,thinking she loves me like i love her but no,she took my heart and crushed it The feeling of being loved by someone,the feeling of being someone’s only thought,the feeling of being someone’s only thing to wish for-i thought I found that with her


If she doesn’t feel anything for me so why did she kiss me back,why does she look at me like she loves me,why does she say “I miss you”like she can’t do without me Why why…the fu.ck WHY!!!


As much as it hurts,I still want her,I still wanna beg her to give me a chance,we can make this work,I don’t care about Tania,she might be a pain in the ass but I can get rid of her..I’m Romeo Grande for God’s sake why can’t she see that Gosh


I tried to stand up but I ended up crashing into a shelf,I cursed and stood up,holding the table for support


I staggered out of the cellar crashing into whatever was beside me

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“Young master,let me help you”a maid said and i glared at her



“Get away from me”i growled




“Get the fu.ck away from me”i thundered at her and she flinched,running away in fear,I hissed and staggered to my room,I can’t count the amount of times I feel down while taking the stairs,I think I even hurt my head,well who cares anyways,the pain is nothing compared to how bad I feel right now


I ruffled my hair and fell on my bed,I switched on my phone and I groaned at the picture displayed as my wallpaper-its her


I curled under the duvet and I closed my eyes,I hope when i wake up tomorrow,I’ll be in my right state of mind






“Romeo..get your ass up”


I felt someone tapping and calling my name and I reluctantly opened my eyes slowly


“What are you still doing in bed?its five minutes past seven for Christ sake”mum said and I groaned


“I’m not going”I mumbled


“What?Romeo Grande get up your lazy butt and go dress up”she snapped and I scoffed as I stood up


“And what is the meaning of all those empty bottles in the Cellar?”she asked and I walked close to her


“Why don’t you go ask Abigail”I said with fury and I walked out on her,she must be mad at me now.well,who could blame me?I’m not okay at all



Abigail’s POV



“You know you’re gonna regret shutting him out of your life,Abby the guy loves you a lot,I’ve known Romeo for almost 5years and this is the first time he’s falling in love,think about how hurt he is feeling right now”Crystal said and I sighed


“You guys should try to understand me okay,its not that I don’t love him,I do..a lot for that matter, its just that I’m…


“Scared”Bianca completed my statement and I looked away


“Look,we understand you and we respect your decision”Bianca said and Crystal tried opposing but she shut her up


“Its you decision and I’m sure you know what you’re doing,you’re old enough to differentiate from right and wrong but let me just say this,sometimes,the right decision isn’t always right..sometimes,taking the wrong decision is always better..just think about that”she patted my back and I nodded


“Thanks guys”


“Let’s forget that for now,I heard today is a Diva’s birthday”Crystal screamed and Bianca squealed


“Happy birthday hunny bun”


They both wrapped me in a tight breathtaking-literally-hug


“Awwwn,I thought you guys forgot”


“Forgot?Girl,I can never forget that,wait till the competition is over and we celebrate you”Bianca said with a lot of enthusiasm and I squealed


“Should we sing or…”Crystal said


“What are we kindergartens..oh please”Bianca chipped in and I smiled


“Its 7.45,we should go to the hall,the principal would have been waiting for us”Bianca said and we all left the lab


We got to the hall and Ken came in as well did



“Good morning guys”he greeted and we replied


Where’s Romeo..I’m not asking because I wanna see him,I’m just asking because he’s late and we should have been on the road by now..


Speak of the devil,he walked in with an expressionless face and I looked away from the door


He took a seat beside Ken and he mentioned his straight face-void of any emotion


“Welcome Mr.Grande,we were just waiting for you..anyways,we have less than 7mins before we hit the road so,let get over some stuff..as usual,the team leader is Mr.Grande or is anyone taking his place this time around?” When he saw that no one answered,he took our silence as a no


“Okay,then its settled,let’s get going”


We all walked to the drive way and wow,there are up to 8 white beautiful buses parked,they are really long buses,I’m sure each of them can contain up to 35 students


I glanced at Mr.Sandro and he was having a sort of meeting with 4 other teachers


I looked back and I saw Ken draw Romeo to a corner


I looked away and turned my attention to my phone



Romeo’s POV


I was standing,trying my best not to glance at Abby or call her name when I felt a hand pull me


“Ken,what the..


“Shut up..”


He left my arm and I cleared my throat


“What do you want”


“I want explanations..what is wrong between you and Abby”




“Romeo start talking”


I sighed and ran my hands through my hair


“Well,after the incident yesterday,Abby took Tania’s words to heart”




“So I went to her house after school and she..she told me she doesn’t feel anything for me,she doesn’t want me,the kiss we shared was a mistake”


“Wow..are you okay dude?”


“I’m not,I feel like shit right now,i just wanna get through this competition thing and fly out of the country,far far away to get my life together,I can’t bear having feelings for a girl who looked into my eyes to tell me she doesn’t love me”


“Oh..Romeo,she didn’t mean it”


“She did Ken…she fu.cking did”


“So..you’re just gonna let go,you won’t do anything about it?”


“What is there to do?..its her decision and I respect it because I love her,if me staying away makes her happy then I’ll gladly do so because I once told her I’ll do anything for her as long as it’ll make her happy so for now,I’ll just..try to you know..leave her alone and please don’t try to talk me out of it”I said taking one last look at him before I left the corner he pulled me in


I walked out and I saw Abby,today is even her birthday..I promised I would get her something and I’ll surely do that,I sighed and walked towards the bus



Madison’s POV


We all got in the bus and we were driven to where I assume the competition will hold,its a very big hall..camera flashes in our faces as we walked in the gigantic building,the mini competition is this tight,only God knows how the main competition will look like



We went in to the building and wow..this place is crowded,I looked around and I saw different faces,I looked ahead and it seems the teams from other school were already waiting for us


We got close to them and the teachers shook hands with the other team coordinators


you know we don’t have a chance beating these guys right



we just have to have faith



Gosh look at Romeo..as hot as ever



who’s that girl i’ve never seen her before..is she new



where is Tiana,isn’t she supposed to be here



maybe she didn’t get picked this time


I heard different things among the other people and I rolled my eyes..bunch of gossipers


In no time the competition kicked off..the announcer picked the mic and cleared his throat


“Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Alexa Grande’s cooking competition,as we all know,this is just a mini competition to decide who will represent our dear school in the world’s annual cooking competition.Now before we start I’ll like to introduce a special guest who has come to witness this day with us,she’s always absent during this contest but today,she decided to be present,without further delay I want you to give it up for the best chef in the world,the Golden Spoon winner,our mother,our very own Alexa Grande”


The crowd went wild with applause blasting at every corner,Alexa stood up and waved her hand which made the crowd to go wilder


“Yeah,now,let’s get to the competition without any further delay”


We all settled at our various cooking stand ready to kick off



“You all know how this works right,this is the first round so you guys should get to work after the sirens blasts,that big screen over there shows the time count down from 1hr,when the clock hits zero,you all gotta stop what ever you are doing,got it?”




“All clear”


“Let’s get it”





” ”


The siren blasted and we all started our work


“Okay so we are making,Huevos Rancheros,Chicken and bean enchiladas,Mexican tomato rice and for dessert we’re going with Chocolate chilli cake and baked Alaska


Now,Ken and Crystal take up the desert,Bianca you’re in charge of the ingredients and also,you’re gonna help Abby with the Rancheros and Tomoto rice,I’ll go with the Chicken and bean enchiladas now go go go


Romeo gave the orders and we are started our work,Bianca did a very great job in


bringing the right ingredients,she also helped me with my dish,Romeo looks so


professional in cooking,He’s really fast,now I know why he’s the best,well I’m


gonna show them what I can do


“Bianca scooper”


She passed me the scooper and she scurried to the freezer to bring tomatoes among all the teams competing,we are the one that looks most calm,we aren’t rushing and we aren’t slow,every one is at rest,even Ken is dancing as he cooks,it surprises me how he and Crystal aren’t crushing each others head


I’m almost done with the dish and Romeo seems to be at the middle,well,the dish he’s making takes a lot of time,it’s very complex


Bianca is already cleaning up and washing the used dishes,wow,we’re so coordinated


I finished cooking and I dished it out in four different plates



” ”


The sirens blasted and I looked up to the big screen,the time as already counted down to 0″


I looked at my team mates and wow our stand is so neat and clean,even everyone looks relaxed,we are all done with our dishes


I looked at the other teams and-let me not talk-most of them are so messed up


“Now the team leaders would present the dishes”


All team leaders presented their foods,and so far,the judges have only smiled 6 or 7 times,the rest got disgusted faces,some even burnt their tongues because they were to spicy


Its finally our turn and Romeo took our dish to the judges,they tasted my tomato


rice and Rancheros and you know the expression -it was the “holly molly this food is exquisite and unique” type of expression


Romeo’s Chicken and bean enchiladas got a wow from the judges,even our desserts got them speechless


My team mates didn’t give a surprised expression when the judges got wowed by our food,they has the “what did you expect”expression on,like its their thing to always get their expression-well,durr


“Bow the best 10 would be chosen so before then,the competitors should take a break”


We all breathed out and went backstage


“I can’t wait to get out of here”Bianca said


“I know right,its boring”Crystal added


“But..I can’t wait for the main competition,oh my God,its always fire”Ken screamed


“Or you mean the girls are always fire”Bianca said


“Yeah exactly”he said with a wink


“And..oh,I almost forgot,happy birthday sweetheart”Ken said as he came to hug me and I hugged him back



“Thanks Ken”


We pulled out of the hug and he pinched my cheeks


“We’re gonna celebrate right..because 20 is a special number”Ken Said


“Yup,after we’re done here”



“The competitors should please get back on stage please”


“Let’s go”


We all got back and the audience clapped


“Now,after an overall decision,the best dishes were taken but,we only got 5best dishes,we couldn’t get 10 because the other dishes were you know..not up to the task..so the chosen dishes should be presented”


The dishes were presented and yeah,our dish is there,the other teams that weren’t chosen were disqualified


Well,the second round kicked off and we made a more simple but ravishing dish,it wasn’t so hard and of course we were chosen among the best three,we were given a break before the third round starts


“Its 3pm guys and by 4pm latest,we would be done with all these”Bianca said




“Abigail Maxwell”One of the coordinators called and I raised my hand


“Ma’am Alexa wants to see you”he said


“I’ll be back guys”


I followed the coordinator to where Alexa is and he excused us


“Good evening ma’am”


“Good evening my dear,come seat”she pulled a chair close and I sat down She reached for her bag and brought out a parcel and stretched it to me



“Happy birthday dear”


I covered my mouth with my hands and collected it from her


“Thank you ma’am,thank you so much”


“You’re welcome,open it”


I smiled before tearing the parcel open and…


“Oh my God a phone..and its my dream phone”I squealed like a little girl gifted her favorite candy


“Thank you so much ma’am..thank you”


“That’s not all”


She reached under her desk and brought out a bag,like a shopping bag


“I know your friends would want to take you out for your birthday so…I bought you a outfit,your special type of non-girlish outfit”


I Looked into the bag and I brought the clothes out,its a black and white ripped high waist jean and white tube and a black crop top jacket with black ankle boots-that is so me


“Ma’am this is beautiful”


“I knew you would like it”


“And also..


She reached for her phone and pulled a call through someone


“Yeah bring him in”


The door cracked open and Mr.Max came in with…


“Mitchell”I squealed and he came running to me


“Mama”he squealed wrapping his hands round my neck



“Well,you can’t leave only him at home while you go have fun so…I decided to baby sit him for you”


“Oh..no ma’am my neighbors daughters can..


“Let me do it,I’ve been craving to have a little baby like forever,sometimes I wish Romeo could go back into being a little boy” I laughed and she chuckled




“Yeah..so,let me babysit him”


“What do you say baby,do you want her to babysit you?”


He looked at Alexa and he smiled out his dimples


“She’s pwetty”


Alexa awwned and she carried him


“You love games?”she asked him and he nodded


“I love games,and and..my rhymes and..um…dance,and..mama and ancle Jay and…um….


He kept mentioning and mentioning and Alexa kept smiling broadly,this baby sure knows how to brighten ones day


“You have like 20mins left before you go in for the final round,how about you take him to your friends”Alexa said




I carried him and made for where the others are


“Hey guys”I called as I approached them


“Hey Ab..who is that”Crystal asked,I took a seat beside Bianca and I balanced Mitch well on my laps


“My baby”I said



“Wait…your son?”Crystal asked and I nodded Bianca squealed and snatched him from me


“He’s so cute”Bianca cooed and Mitch giggled


“Is she always like this with babies?”I asked Crystal


“Yeah,anytime she she’s cute and adorable babies,her brain switches to baby mode”Crystal said and I laughed


“Truth be told,He’s so adorable,look at his cheeks”


Crystal said caressing his cheeks with her thumb


“What’s your name”Mitch asked Bianca


“I’m Bianca”










“Bianca…yay Bianca”


Mitch squealed clapping his hands together


“I like his energy”Crystal said


We went back to the hall for the final round and long story cut short,we won,as promised,Alexa took Mitch along with her and Mitch seemed really excited After the competition,we were driven back to school and to my surprise,Bianca and Crystal had extra clothes in their cars,Romeo drove home as soon as we got back,I wanted to talk to him,to hug him to see him smile to me again but I had to control myself



Ken didn’t get to follow us for my birthday because he had an emergency at home but he promised to make it up to me


I feel bad because Romeo didn’t come with us,even if we won’t talk I just wanna see his face,its so hard trying to avoid him


So,Bianca,Crystal and I went to many places,we went to the arcade,we played many games,we also went to the park,rode almost all the rollercoasters,Crystal puked 6 times in a row


I had a really great time with them,really fun time,I felt so happy


The whole fun ended 8pm,seems I won’t be able to pick Mitch from Alexa’s place,thank God tomorrow is Saturday


I slumped on my bed as I got in and breathed out with a smile,I checked my phone for any missed calls but to my disappointment,there were non


I really wished Romeo would call,to wish me happy birthday,why didn’t he wish me happy birthday,is he because if what happened?


*ding dong*I heard the door bell and I groaned before I stood up from the bed I walked to the door and opened it but to my surprise no one was there,I looked down at the pavement and..oh my God


I bent down and I carried the big bouquet of beautiful flowers,who could have dropped it by my door step


Wait a sec,there’s something else,a big..


“Teddy bear”I squealed as I carried the big black and white fluffy teddy bear Its so beautiful


I also saw a basket of chocolate and I card too..


I looked around to see if I could find who dropped it but I saw no one,I carried them all into my bedroom and I took out the card that has Happy birthday written on it


I opened it and oh..something is written there,like a letter




Hi Abby,if you’re reading this,that means you got the presents


I don’t even know where to start because there are a lot of things I wanna say,first of all happy birthday,I promised you i would get you something for your birthday and here it is,I didn’t break my promise right?


Even if I’m not myself anymore,even if it really kills me to see you everyday and I won’t be able to talk to you



All these you’re reading are supposed to be oral but,I had to respect your decision,even if its hard to let go


To be honest Abby,I miss you,I really miss you so damn much,I know you probably aren’t missing because I’m nobody to you but its fine,I’m okay with that You did great today,you were a diva


I wanted to take you out today you know,just the two of us,no one else,I really pictured today as us going to wherever you wanna go,have you in my arms while we watch the moon glow together


Sorry there’s a scratch on the paper,my tears fell on it making it to tear Anyways,that Teddy bear is me,so anytime you need me-which I don’t think would happen because I’m nobody to you-just hug the teddy tight and you’ll be fine Happy birthday Abby





I couldn’t stop crying,I kept cleaning my tears but more were coming,I miss you to Romeo and you’re somebody to me not no body,you mean a lot to me You’re like everything to me,I’m sorry I made you seem like a nobody


I sniffed and glanced at the teddy on the bed and I laid beside it,hugging it tightly


“Don’t be sad Abby,I’m here,I’ll always be with you”


I heard Romeo’s voice from the teddy and I smiled out tears










I feel for Abby…


I wanna say something o..I read the comments of the previous episodes and I was laughing seriously


You know apart From Tiana being a Lesbian and a possessive freak,she actually has the right to cause that hallway scene


How would you feel if you’re in a relationship with one guy and you find out he loves another girl and he’s giving the other girl more attention than you and worst still moans her name,I’m sure mist of you would do worse than Tiana





Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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