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Loving You – Episode 9

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Episode 9


© Simrah Saeed


Ian Tristan * ⃣


Its been two months since Tessa left and I have become nothing but a mess. I don’t go to work, all I do is get drunk, cry my eyes out and end up sleeping on the floor. That’s been my daily routine ever since thou Nita has been of great help. Still that doesn’t mean I have a soft spot for her . I hate her .


What bothers me most is the hot conversation I had with dad 2days back.






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Why are you here ? The lady you despise is gone so what did you want this time around Mr Tristan?” I called.


Mind your language Ian , anyways that’s not why I’m here. You know Tessa is gone for good and now I want you my son to settle down in a month’s time” he said while I gave a hearty laugh


“Me ? Settle down? You are kidding me right? I will settle down within a month and that’s if Tessa is back ” I replied coldly


You are getting married to Nita amd that’s final” he said


Haven’t you controlled my life Enough? I’m never going to marry her even if heaven fall on Earth I will never marry a spoilt brat who my heart doesn’t belong to


I spat angrily


Then be ready to stop being the CEO of my company!”




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You heard me right? I will strip you off my properties Ian ”


I can’t believe he said that to me . My father threatening me? But that’s funny you know? I don’t need his money to succeed in life .


I have lots of investments on my own.



You can go to hell with your company and money, I rather remain poor than to get married to a bitch ” I yelled to his face and left leaving him shocked.


Chloe is 100times better than Nita when it comes to considering one for a house wife .





I sigh and drank more alcohol. I believe my Tessa will come back for me one day but it’s taking too long .


I stood up and staggered back ward but Nita caught me .


” Let go off me b**ch” I yelled .




Nita’s POV


Let go off me b**ch” he yelled. I won’t let his words affect me right now because I have to make sure I take advantage of his drunken state .


You are drunk Ian let me help you to the room” I said


Don’t touch me, only Tessa can” he said and smiled .


I’m happy that girl got tired and left and now my problem is getting him to fall in love with me .


He’s been a hard nut to crack .


I ignored his comment and dragged him along with me to his room with both of us falling in his bed.


Perfect timing! I will make him sleep with me and you know what that means .


Gosh! He’s very drunk! I sat on him and began kissing him .


Tessa !” He smiled victoriously


You are back , I miss you” he said. I have to play along with him right now .


He hugged me to himself and kissed me like never before, Goodness ! I felt heaven .


I need you almond” he said and withdrew from out interlocked lips only to strip me and himself na.ked .


He began thrusting in to me and I can’t help but moan in ectacy .


It feels good !


And my mission accomplished.


No way out for you anymore Ian” I smirked .. The last thing I heard him murmured was


I love you Tessa”


I shouldn’t worry because his next word will be


I Love you Nita, and our baby too” I laughed devilishly.




Ian Tristan


I woke up with a hangover and my head hurts .


I couldn’t bring myself to stand up as it seems some hands where wrapped around me .


I turned to see the worst shock of my life .


Tell me nothing happened with this slut..


I jerked off her hands around me making her to wake up.


My love you awake” she called irritatingly


I’m not your Love Nita, what are you doing with in the bed with me?” I hope it’s not what I’m thinking else I’m doomed


What did you mean?” She asked frowning


You beg me that you want me yesterday and as I good fiancee, I was submissive” she said and shrugged as I felt a pain in my chest.


This is not happening.


For fu.ck sake I was drunk Nita couldn’t you use your sense?” I snap while she flinched.


I only helped and I see nothing wrong in it , anyways have a nice day Mr Ian Tristan” she winked at me and left.


Many things can happen after now .


I’m sorry Tessa I betrayed you” I said as tears threatening to flow Nita is evil and I know she has motives .


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Somewhere in the land of the immortals ..


Smoke ouse out from a certain direction as everywhere was dark and shallow. Lady Tessa was sitting with mother seer and it seems they were discussing something important maybe


You’ve done well daughter and you have to go back to where you belong” mother seer informed


Thank you mother”


You are welcome, now you are human and you have to go back to earth which is your place and not here, you were able to bring back your soul and Grant you a second life . Go and Excel” she told her


Goo! Go back to your love one , he has waited for so long. You must go to him after some days you are on Earth, you might find your self in other part of the world but faith already brought you together. And you both must create a history” She said and began doing some rituals and in no time lady Tessa disappeared in to the air …




Nita is a devil’s daughter.


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