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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 6

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Mark was fuming, he just couldn’t believe what his uncle had done. How could he honestly overlook him and pick Azure for the biggest story that their media house had received? He banged his hands on the table as he continued to think about it, in his heart of hearts he wished that the old man could just collapse and die so that he takes over the company.


He picked up his phone and decided to call her, he knew she loved him and she would give him the story with the right tactics. After realizing how he had treated her whilst in Solwezi, he dropped the line but instead called a restaurant she liked to reserve a table for them that evening.


He called a florist and arranged for flowers and lunch to be dropped at the office, anyone would be taken by such and he knew that in no time she would be giving him the story.


Azure was in her office when Smith walked in, he was like the father she didn’t have. Growing up without any father figure in her life but only a mother to look up to, meeting him had changed and turned her life around.



‘I see you had already started packing.’ He said as she unpacked the boxes that her secretary had packed

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She laughed warmly, he was a charmer even in his old age and she wondered how he had managed to stay faithful to his wife of forty years.


‘Well it looks like I will be here a long time.’ She said with a smile He walked over near her table and sat just opposite her desk.


‘I have something big for you.’ He began handing her some documents She got them and perused through them


‘Wow.’ She said


‘I know right.’


She continued going through them then put them on her desk


‘The government wants their story out there, divide and conquer.’ She said He smiled, he had taught her well.


‘The President sent his Chief advisor, you will be working closely with him.’ ‘But Sir.’

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He eyed her


‘Smith.’ She corrected


‘Yes Azure.’More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘Isn’t this a big story? Don’t you think it would be better if you wrote it?’ He smiled at her


‘Azure I am not getting any younger, most days I can feel death coming and if I die; I want to make sure that I left a legacy behind.’


She looked at him trying to process if what he had just said was exactly as she had heard it.


He laughed obviously at the expression on her face


‘Azure I don’t want to leave this company in someone’s hands just because they carry my blood, I want to make sure when I leave; I live it in capable hands. In the hands of someone who is selfless, someone who will go out of their way just to make sure that the country has the truth about a story. And you Azure, strike me as such a person.’


She sat dumbstruck reading every word he said and not believing it.


He dropped a card on her table.


‘That is Mr. Mtonga’s number, he will be in touch with you soon so that you can start the story.’ He said as he got on his feet


She stood up too.




‘Yes Azure.’


‘Thank you for believing in me.’ She told him honestly


‘You made me believe in you.’ He responded with a smile


‘And before I forget, you need to visit your mother soon.’ He said


She rolled my eyes and he walked out laughing, she loved her mother to the bone but seeing her only meant she would start preaching about how she wasn’t getting any younger and had to get married. Plus her second dad, her husband wasn’t Azure’s favorite person.


She was half way into unpacking her things when her phone rang, she sighed upon seeing the caller ID. It was Mark, in my head she had already broken up with him. ‘Hey beautiful.’ He said


She knew instantly that there was something he wanted.


‘Yes Sir.’ She responded


He laughed, that laughter that once melted her heart but now it didn’t do as much. ‘How is my beautiful lady doing today?’


She sighed.


‘With all due respect I am quite busy Sir, if there is anything you want; you can pass it to my secretary.’ She said formally


He laughed again.


‘I don’t mean to take much of your time, I have reserved dinner for us at your favorite restaurant. I will have someone pick you up at 7pm.’


She wanted to protest but he dropped the line just in time.


Just then her door opened, it was Tasheni. The only person who had guts enough to enter her office without knocking


‘I am starving.’ She said sitting on the office couch


‘I am good thank you Tasheni, how was class?’ Azure asked Tasheni rolled her eyes


Tasheni went to Azure’s mini fridge, removed her cold salad and devoured into it. Azure watched her eat, she couldn’t just get used to this behavior and each time it looked like the first.


‘What?’ Tasheni asked with food in her mouth Azure laughed then passed her a napkin


‘Thank you.’ She responded putting the last chunk in her mouth


She went over to the fridge, removed some cranberry juice and poured it into two glasses.


‘What can I do without you?’ Tasheni asked taking a second sip from her glass ‘You would lose weight.’ Azure said


She laughed



Tasheni was a beautiful person, both inside and out. Born an only child like Azure except whilst Azure’s mother was dumped upon hearing that she was pregnant; Tasheni’s parents were happily and richly married. Spoiling her rotten but one would never know where she came from because she was not the kind of person to splash her parents’ money. They were both twenty four but she was still in school studying to be a doctor. Something she loved with a passion. She had wanted to do it from abroad but her parents were staunch believers that the country could offer the same education that was being offered out there. So here she was, studying at University of Zambia; Ridgeway campus in her third year.


‘I am done with Mark.’ I said dropping the grenade just like that She looked at me then screamed her lungs out with pleasure.











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