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ICE – Episode 9

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Imogene felt attracted to Michael.



Even though he has beards now and look a little bit old, she felt fireworks in her head while stirring at him.


“Gosh he is handsome”.


She thought.


“You brought a soldier with you? ”


Marcus asked.


“No this is Imogene”.


Nana said and helped Imogene to remove the soldier cap from her face.


“You brought that evil witch daughter with you”.


Michael said.


Imogene felt hurt by that word. Especially when it came from Michael.


“Imogene, this is Marcus, Michael and Ashton”.


Nana said pointing at them.


She forced a smile at Michael.




She said.


“She is smiling now, but I know she is cunning”.


Michael said.


Imogene stopped smiling.


“Nana am going to my room, am sick of this place. Its irritate me”.


She said and left.


“What is wrong with me? What is this am feeling. Thy are related to my enemy, the chosen one. He is a guy, a man, so why falling for him. Remember you said you will have nothing to do with men. Better stop whatever feelings it is”. Imogene said to herself after coming out of the dungeon.






Marcus looked at Nana.


“Is that the sword? ”




“Maren don’t know? ”


“Yes. I did not tell her about imogene been the sword, she would have killed her. I


don’t like how Maren treats people, how she rules. I want peace between the


supernaturals. Imogene have decided to go to earth, and am going with her. I will


help her to see the truth then”.


She said.


“Brilliant idea”.


Marcus said.








“All passages going to LA in Ba5667 should please go onboard as the plane will


take off in ten minutes”.


A voice said.


“Let’s go”.


Mi so said.


They both stood up.


Carlisa looked round her.


She is leaving her home, leaving Korea for good.


Her cap mistakenly fell to the floor.


She bent to pick.


“Miss Carlisa you are under arrest”.


An officer said pointing a gun at her.


She slowly stood up while Mi so turned shocked.


Two officers handcuffed her.


“Mom go”.


Carlisa shouted not looking at Mi so so they won’t arrest her too.


“I will catch up with you. Trust me”.


She shouted.


The police left with her.


At the entrance, Jihee stood in front of Carlisa.




She called smiling.


“You think you can run. Now you will spend the rest of your life in jail”.


She said.


Carlisa looked at her shocked.


“What are you saying? ”


“I was the one who made the police arrest you with the drugs. And I knew you


where going to escape and leave korea cause I know you more than you know


yourself. And I was right. Now I will show the police your mother, she will get


arrested and sentenced too”.


Jihee said smiling.


“Am going to rip you apart”.


Carlisa said angrily.


“Go ahead, with handcuffs ”


Jihee said.


“Police officers, I will take you to her mom who helped her escape”.


She said.


One of the police holding Carlisa left her and left with Jihee.


Carlisa smiled.


“They made a mistake leaving you with me”.


She said and hit the police officer holding her.


The police in front came to her but she use the vase close to her to hit his head. She carried the keys of the handcuff and released herself and ran to the direction of Jihee and the officer.




She yelled.


She punch the officer hard on the face.


Jihee carried a gun but Carlisa been smarter and quicker than her used the handcuff she was holding to tighten her neck.


“You bitch”.


She said.


“Carlisa, lets go”.


Mi so shouted from afar.


Carlisa released Jihee and gave her a punch.


She ran to meet her mother and the both ran off to the departing plane and luckily


for them, they made it.








Imogene stood from her bed to try a new spell she just learn from Nana.


She raised her hand up and chanted.


‘Seva appearos”.


And immediately a vase appeared.


“Wow this awesome”.


She said smiling.



“Now I will defect the chosen one and make my parent proud”


She said.








The plane took off.


Miso was happy that her plan worked.


She looked at Carlisa who was looking towards the window.


“What is it? ”


“Jihee, I never believe she will do this to me. She is a bitch”.


Carlisa replied.


“In life, some friends are meant to betray. You must encounter them in your life.


That is one of the thing you pass through growing up”.


“Mom where you ever betrayed? ”


“Why would I? ”


“Cause you just talked like someone who they betrayed over and over again. Like a million times”.


“I wasn’t instead I did”.


“Huh? “.


“Just forget it. I need to sleep now”.


Mi so said and close her eyes.








Eliza and Elma stood under the full moon holding hands.


“Are you ready for this? ”


“Yes. Always ready”.


Elma said.




‘Earth change your coast. Moon shine on us and show us eighteen years ago. Show


us the sword”.


Eliza said.


She kept quiet for some time then opened your eyes.


“Elma I saw a vision now. We are not doing this cause it won’t work. Its your destiny to look for her yourself. I can’t change it”. Eliza said.




“How will I search for her? ”


“You will know yourself”.


Eliza replied.













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