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Living With Him – Episode 9

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(Fake Act)








( Elizabeth’s POV )


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I laid on the bed and closed my eyes Raymond did the same.




I’m sure he has a lot going on in his mind — well so do I.




I need to find a way to chase Rejoice out of this house at the same time make Raymond fall for me.




I took a glance at him and it seems he’s already sleeping I moved closer to him and wrapped my hands arround his body and slept off.


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( Raymond’s POV )




I woke up and removed Lizzy’s hands arround my body.


I don’t feel disgusted touching her again — infact I feel confortable arround her.




I head to the bathroom when i remembered I didn’t have any nightmare.




Oh my Gawd!


Does that mean Lizzy is the solution to my problem!?




Yes! I knew it Lizzy is not ordinary.




I thought as much.




I always knew that girl is up to something, I mean how can something that has been bothering me for more than five years just stop whenever I’m close to her?




That is impossible!




( Rejoice’s POV )




I woke up.




Then I remembered that Raymond left my yesterday.




I knew that my mission wasn’t gonna be an easy one, so I came prepared.




I opened my bag and took out a fake blood.I carried the fake blood and went down stairs.




I threw my slippers down the stairs for it to make noise.




I ran down applied the fake blood on my toe and yelled.




“Argh” I yelled and started shedding fake tears.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




I know Raymond hate seeing blood on someone’s body — it is his week point.




“Rejoice! how can you be so clumsy!?” Raymond yelled while Lizzy stood behind him watching.




“I was just coming down the stairs and I fell” I lied crying.




“Can you stand up?” he asked.




“No” I replied like a baby.




Raymond came close to me and helped me up.




I placed my hand around his shoulders.




I know he wasn’t comfortable but who cares.




He helped me and sat down on the bed and brought out his first aid kit.


“Can you get me water” I asked and he nodded then left.Elizabeth followed him.




I quickly cleaned the blood and wrapped my leg with bandage before he came back.






( Elizabeth’s POV )




I knew this girl is up to no good; how can she lie that she fell down from the stairs without any cut on her leg?




I’m very sure of that.




She is just deceiving Raymond and he is too blind to see it; she has been on Raymond’s neck since morning.




—”Raymond my back hurts”




—”Raymond I’m hungry”




—”Raymond my leg hurts”




—”Raymond I’m in pain”




Blah blah blah.



Raymond hates girls but since he has been with Rejoice right from childhood and before the incident which I don’t know what really happened, he is a bit comfortable with her, just when I was happy that my plans.




We where begining to fall in place and now since morning Raymond have not even looked at me.




We normally watch movies after breakfast but now Rejoice didn’t even give him a breathing space.




It’s been a stressful day and it’s night already and Raymond is with Rejoice.




I just wish he comes back and sleep here tonight and it happened Raymond walked into the room looking really tired.




He went into the bathroom took and shower while we lay on the bed quietly without saying a word to each other; I was already making move close to him to cuddle him when we heard a loud scream — Rejoice is at it again!




Raymond and I ran to the room.




“Rejoice what is it?” Raymond asked.




“I had a really horrible nightmare I can’t sleep alone” she said and I knew she was faking it again.




“Don’t worry Riri just go to sleep” Raymond pleaded and she went back to sleep.


That was not what I expected.




We left her room and went back to ours immediately I and Raymond layed on the bed.




Rejoice ran in again and laid in the center clinging to Raymond.




This girl is just something else!




Soon she was asleep so did Raymond and I.




I woke up some minutes past 12.




It’s late at night, I felt pressed as i stood up; i looked at the bed and noticed that Raymond was no longer there; it was only Rejoice and I.




I pee’d and went out to the other room; on entering I heard a loud scream from Raymond.




He was sweating profusely.




I ran to him and hugged him tightly it seems he had a terrible nightmare.




“It’s okay go to sleep I’m here for you” I whispered into his ear and brushed my hand through his soft hair and soon we slept off cuddling each other.








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