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I Love My Enemy – Episode 23

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Episode 23




Ella’s POV:


He carried me from the bathroom after we’ve taken our shower and took me to the room gently dropping me on the bed.


He covered me with a kiss and laid beside me, I couldn’t bring myself to look at him because I’m so shy.


“thank you for everything Ella. For your understanding, love and forgiveness, I wish I had met you earlier” he said.


I finally looked at him and saw sincerity in his eyes, “I think I have you to thank instead for accepting and loving me. You could have rejected me or made my life difficult by using your power to take away my baby and hurt me but you didn’t. You’re a good person and will be a great father to William I know it, so thank you Gabriel ”


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He smiled and kissed me again,” tell me what really attracted you to me”


“well… First time I saw your pictures, I fell immediately for your eyes. I couldn’t believe someone could look so pretty. I started following you even though you didn’t notice me, I was also scared to talk to you.


But I kept hoping and dreaming you’d be mine one day, and when I heard you were


coming to the party I got excited…. ”


He stopped me.


” you came to that party because of me.?” he asked surprised.


I smiled, “I’m not really a party kind of girl… But that changed the moment I heard your school was coming. I had hoped to meet you and I did, my heart leapt with joy the moment I saw you walk through the door”


He wanted to say something but I stopped him, “I’m tired of hearing you say sorry. What I want to hear is that you love me, I never get tired of hearing you say that” “I love you so much…. I’ll never get tired of telling you that” he said. “I love you more darling”


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He kissed me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened it.


He fondled my b**bs, I let out a soft moan. He trailed kisses round my neck, then he resumed to feeding on my b**bs.


I felt his hardness prodding against my tighs, I gasped. He moved to my V, he gently slipped two fingers in..


I bit my lip at the sharp pain I felt, a scream came out like a moan. He did this before in the shower and each time he’s doing it I don’t want him to stop. “I love you” he said before kissing me, then I felt him enter.




We got up early, it wasn’t easy getting up but he helped me up and ready.


I can’t even walk properly because of the pain I feel in between my legs, and he said he was going easy.


So it’s supposed to be worse than this.


I will just have to endure everything because I don’t want to lose him to any other girl again, especially that bitch Louisa.


We go to the hospital and went straight to meet our parents, Gabriel held me by my waist so our parents won’t notice how strange I’m walking. “good morning moms” we both greeted.


“how was your night darling?”. His mother asked. “it was fine mom… How’s William?” he asked. Mom smiled, “go see for yourself”


We looked at each other and hurried to the ICU. I can’t believe what we saw, now I know why mom was smiling.


We wore uniforms and entered the ward, a nurse was with him. The sight brought


tears to my eyes, my baby is well.


He’s awake, alive and kicking.



I hugged Gabriel, I can’t contain my happiness. I’m so overjoyed I can do anything. “you must be the baby’s parents… Your baby is very strong and healthy, congratulations ” she said smiling.


thank you nurse” I replied wiping my tears. She smiled again and went out, I noticed she keeps looking at my boyfriend.


I smiled at my baby, “thank you for coming back baby. I love you so much, mommy is sorry for everything. I promise to be a good mother from now on… Just don’t fall sick again”


He only giggled raising his little hands for me to carry him, so cute. “and I promise to be a good father from now on also “.


We both laughed and hugged each other again, I feel so elated. Perhaps my life isn’t so bad after all.





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